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Monday, 29 October 2012

Obama and Democratic Party Voter Frauds Uncovered

Another pre-election scandal related to the Democratic Party that the mainstream media have not been very happy to report, although the HuffPo and some others have mentioned it.

The above is an undercover video by the organization Project Veritas, which has uncovered many voter fraud episodes this year but, as the presenter says, "none directly implicating a sitting Member of Congress".

The Member of Congress in question is Democratic Representative for Virginia Jim Moran. His son Patrick Moran, who has now resigned over the affair but at the time of filming held the salaried title of Field Director for his father's congressional campaign, is caught on tape offering advice on how to properly commit massive voter fraud to an undercover videographer who claimed to want to do that.

Patrick Moran explains how to forge documents like utility bills and how to impersonate pollsters, all for the goal of circumventing voter ID laws in Virginia and casting fraudulent ballots in the name of unsuspecting inactive registered voters within the state for Barack Obama. He assures the undercover reporter that "committee" lawyers will defend his fraud if the forged documents "look good".

Following publication of the video, Patrick Moran was investigated by the Arlington County Police Department and resigned from the Moran for Congress campaign.

Congressman Jim Moran is a controversial politician who has been criticized for his collaboration with prominent Muslim activists with ties to terrorism. The book Muslim Mafia "documents Moran received thousands of dollars in donations from several Virginia Islamists under federal investigation for financing terrorism".
Last year, as WND reported, Moran headed a fundraiser for the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations along with an imam tied to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who urges the violent overthrow of the “filthy” U.S. government and the establishment of Islamic law.

The banquet concluded a day-long leadership conference offering workshops on subjects such as “counteracting Islamophobia,” “challenging scapegoating of Muslims in the 2012 election” and countering “the anti-Shariah campaign,” referring to state legislative efforts to ensure Islamic law is not implemented in the U.S.

...Fierce opposition to Moran among his constituents is reflected in the website Retire Jim Moran.

Along with charges of corruption, the website highlights Moran’s affinity for radical Muslim interests, including his advocacy for moving six al-Qaida-trained Chinese Muslims to Northern Virginia and his insistence that it was “un-American” to oppose the idea of trying 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad on U.S. soil.
Only earlier this month, in a similar case of election fraud discovered by Project Veritas in Houston, Texas, Stephanie Caballero, a salaried Regional Field Director of Organizing for America, Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, was captured on video helping an undercover reporter cast a ballot for Obama in two states.

Stephanie Caballero was fired shortly after the Project Veritas video was released.

The USA is not the only country where parties on the left are usually the ones committing more electoral fraud or using more deceitful methods of electioneering.

During the last election for London mayor in the UK in May, the Labour Party sent to potential voters, including me, a scam letter pretending to be sent from a disaffected Conservative, about which I alerted Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph's London Editor, who posted my scanned letter on his blog with his and my comments not exactly flattering for Labour.

That time Tory candidate Boris Johnson was elected mayor of London. Will now be Romney's time to be chosen?

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