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Saturday, 15 December 2012

UK Comic Frankie Boyle Donates £50,000 to Help Guantanamo Inmate

The only good news in this article is that buffoon, oops, comedian Frankie Boyle is retiring.

It doesn't surprise me that he is involved in this:
But Frankie Boyle is now using his fame, and wealth, for more serious ends, by donating tens of thousands of pounds of his money to help Britain’s last inmate at Guantanamo Bay to sue the MI6.

Yesterday the Glaswegian comic announced the £50,000 compensation he won from a recent libel victory against the Daily Mirror newspaper, would go towards a landmark legal attempt to sue Britain’s security services over accusations they have defamed Shaker Aamer, the only British resident still languishing without charge in Guantanamo.
There are just about billions over trillions over zillions of better ways to spend one's money than to help a man whom the US military Joint Task Force Guantanamo believes led a unit of fighters in Afghanistan, including the Battle of Tora Bora.

Repeatedly, ex-Guantanamo prisoners have led militant groups and have been suspected of terror acts after their release, including Sufyan bin Qumu, who may be involved in the attack on the Benghazi U.S. Consulate that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans on the last anniversary of September 11th.

Even Boyle seems to realize there is something "random" about this whole affair:
Even Boyle, who is best known for his performances on BBC panel show Mock the Week, admits his involvement in the case sounds a little far-fetched. “I remember reading [the US pop star] Usher crashed a hot air balloon into something, and I thought ‘this is just a random word generator’”, he told The Independent yesterday. “It feels a bit like that.”

Clive Stafford-Smith, the director of Reprieve, admitted the libel action untested legal formula but said there was important legal ground that needed to be explored.

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