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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rolling Stones Mock Pro-Palestinians and Honour Israel's 65th Birthday

I've always loved the Rolling Stones. Now I know why.

The Rolling Stones openly taunt pro-Palestinians.

Despite a barrage of attacks and even threats from European and American anti-Israeli groups, Mick and co. maintained their planned concert in Jerusalem for Israel's Independence Day on 15 April 2013.

Mick Jagger said that they received many criticisms and provocations, but that only made them resolve to have two concerts rather than one.

A pro-Palestinian activist retorted that this was a huge mistake by the Stones, and threatened that they would lose much money and fans, many of whom support the boycott of Israel.

When Jagger was asked if indeed this move could damage the Rolling Stones' image or career, he answered that he is not a businessman.

It is an important gesture because they are prepared to lose fans over this, and they are a role model to many. If many more people in the West had their courage or at least defiance for group-think, things would get better.

There have been accusations that the above picture has been photoshopped with the addition of the Israel flag, but the news remains true.


  1. How you like them now?

    1. Served with chips and tomato sauce. I don't see the meaning of this question.

  2. Good on them, viva Israel!

  3. This story is a HOAX... lol... OMG!!



  5. Anonymous 3 and 4 (unless of course you are the same person), as I wrote in my article I knew that the photo had been photoshopped (because I had seen the photo without the Israel flag), but that is totally irrelevant.

    The story is not a hoax. The news is 100% true. Follow the link in my article, search the internet, go beyond just looking at pictures and read.

  6. Pretty desperate and ridiculous to photoshop this flag on the stones.
    And a picture is worth a thousand words.

  7. Desperate pretence from state practitioners of genocide, (as defined by Article 6 Rome Statute, International Criminal Court), to be a, "Purim prank",as exposed by Mondoweiss.

  8. Time for them to retire, they suck live nowadays anyway. Their Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago was awful.