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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hate, Racism, Family: the Left's Power Is in Its Changes to the Meaning of Words

About the recent Birmingham mosque stabbings of 4, including a policeman, the TV said that it is not considered as a hate crime.

This simply means that the suspect, a man of Somali appearance, was not a non-Muslim, making him a Muslim (sounds a bit circumvoluted but this is what circumvoluted ways of thinking result in).

But why? If you look at the way Muslims kill and massacre each other all over the world, especially those of rival sects, it looks like fellow Muslims are very much capable of hating a Muslim.

On the other hand, a non-Muslim could very well kill a Muslim without hating him, for whatever practical reason.

It derives from all this that the word "hate" has now acquired a new meaning, it no longer means a sustained emotion of profound aversion and distaste for someone, a sin in Christian theology. Instead it denotes a political sin that, unlike the Christian one, cannot be forgiven, the crime of thinking differently from what the ideological orthodoxy prescribes, the secular heresy par excellence, in short the guilt, more serious than murder, of having politically incorrect thoughts.

Atheists are not doing away with religion. Even they, despite all the hatred that they (at least in the case of militant, fundamentalist atheists) have for religion, cannot help confirming for the umpteenth time that humanity cannot avoid thinking in a religious way.

Atheists are simply replacing a religion, Christianity, where at least the principles, precepts, rules and values are clear and have required several centuries of rational thought to arrive at, with another, which we may call 'cultural Marxism' or 'political correctness', in which the principles are half-baked, the precepts are fluid, the rules are self-contradictory and the values have no solid foundation but change with the ideological fashion.

Religion is a way of thinking embedded in the human mind. That is why all societies of all places and times have always had a religion.

And religion does not even need to be theistic, namely include a belief in God, but it can also be atheistic.

And we cannot do away with faith. Everything requires faith, from the hope that the train will eventually arrive to the trust in your spouse when s/he declares to you absolute faithfulness, from the belief that political change for the better is possible to the credence that everything, the whole universe, was born out of chance or, alternatively, design.

Going back, the Left has highjacked the use of certain words or completely changed their meaning.

It has revolutionised the English vocabulary and, as in all revolutions, it has dispossessed someone, all of us, of it. It has self-appropriated, stolen the English dictionary, become its self-appointed master.

We cannot use the word "gay" any more, except in the particular sense that the Left has dictated. And incidentally it has appropriated for itself the rainbow as a symbol.

It has made the use of certain words (nigger, faggot, poofter, Paki etc) impossible, while at the same time made perfectly acceptable the use of others, swear words and expletives especially of a sexual or bodily nature, which were not allowed before.

It has utterly transformed the meanings of "hate", "racism" and "family".

This is where the power of the Left lies, these are its culture war victories.

The power of the Left is in its theft of the language for its own purposes: by controlling what words people utter and with what meaning, it controls what people think.


  1. Wonderful essay. Brilliant. Thank you, and may this be read widely. I hope it is re-posted over the years until its message no longer is needed.