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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Zimmerman Attorney To Fight Prosecution over Withholding Evidence

Mark O'Mara, the attorney of acquitted George Zimmerman in the highly-politicized trial for the murder of black Trayvon Martin, said that his fight with the prosecution is not yet over.

America's career anti-racists, the Left and the mainstream media had convicted Zimmerman long before the trial, because for them it is axiomatic that a black must necessarily be innocent, so, despite all the evidence in support of the neighbourhood-watch volunteer Zimmerman (who is of mixed white-Hispanic parentage) and his plea of self-defence, in their prejudiced eyes he must have been guilty of murder.

But people with a bias don't have scruples about playing dirty. Defence attorney O'Mara pointed out the struggle he went through to get evidence from the prosecution team:
He cited the picture of a bloodied Zimmerman, taken the night Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, as an example.

"It is undeniable that they had a plan in mind, with the 15 months that we had to get ready, of keeping information from us, and I don't say that lightly, I really don't," O'Mara told the group.
A member of prosecutor Angela Corey's own team testified that prosecutors had kept evidence from O'Mara, for which he was fired and is now suing her office.
"You have this type of gamesmanship for the sole purpose of trying to deny a fair trial and, as it turned out, try to convict an innocent man," said O'Mara.

O'Mara has filed a motion that will be heard by Judge Debra Nelson.

He claims prosecutors purposely withheld evidence from him and the defense team.

Channel 9 has learned that O'Mara could go after Corey. She called Zimmerman a murderer on national television after the trial.

"He could bring civil action against Angela Corey for statement she made outside the courtroom. Also, he could file a grievance against her with the Florida Bar," WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said.

Sheaffer asked O'Mara whether he intends to drop the issue.

"I am not done with that motion. I'm not done with Angela Corey. And we are going to be seeing more of each other. We'll see how that turns out," said O'Mara. "This is because this is not supposed to be how we practice as lawyers."

Channel 9 contacted Corey's office for a response, but the call was not returned.


  1. Zimmerman did everthing to avoid shooting martin, including screaming for help. When Goode came out and said he was going to call the police, he should have pulled martin off Zimmerman. But he didn't. He probably was afraid martin was armed. But it was inexcusable for Corey to withhold evidence from the defense team and, I think, illegal. Calling Zimmerman a murderer after he was found not guilty, calls for her to be sued. Lord knows, the zimmermans probably need the money.Also Corey should lose her license.

    1. Quite right. Zimmerman has been treated appallingly.In the US blacks really have become a privileged group of society.

    2. Do better research before publishing your blog.
      Gladys Zimmerman's grandfather was African.
      George is mixed Caucasian, Peruvian, and Black.
      If (as the justice for crayon crowd insisted) Goerge were a murderous white supremist then he wantet to kill himself and his mom.

    3. It's always better to use a polite way of saying things, even when you are protected by anonymity.

      Read what I wrote a bit more carefully than you evidently did. It says: "Zimmerman (who is of mixed white-Hispanic parentage)".

      The word "parentage" means "The identity and origins of one's parents", not great-grandparents.

      George Zimmerman's father is a white American of German descent and his mother is Peruvian, so my description is accurate.

      If you really want to be pedantic, his maternal great-grandfather was Afro-Peruvian, not African as you say.

      Apart from that, I agree with the gist of what you say.


    When the Sanford, Florida PD investigated George Zimmerman 's claims of self defense all the evidence supported his claims. They handled the case exactly as they would any similar case.

    When a mob appeared threatening to burn Sanford to the ground Sanford's gutless and spineless City Commissioners and businessmen told the chief of police to throw Zimmerman to the mob, we don't want our windows broken or our customers scared away. The chief stood up for the law, as he was sworn to do and they fired him. They demoted the lead investigator because he would not lie for them.

    The noise reached Tallahassee, and more gutless spineless politicians, and they threw George Zimmerman to the mob.

    Everything was right on track, George Zimmerman would be jailed until his trial, be defended by a public defender against all the power of the state, be convicted, and sent to prison. The mob would go away and everyone would soon forget George Zimmerman.

    The problem is things didn't go that way. George Zimmerman found people eager to help defend him, got the finest defense team in the world, and won his freedom.

    The State is livid and the mob is enraged, justice has been done, they must have really wanted something else, the mob is still there, and it still wants blood.

    George Zimmerman was offered up as a sacrifice! If there has been any violation of civil rights in this case those violated rights have been George Zimmerman's. Just as soon as the case detoured from established legal process George Zimmerman's rights were cast aside.

    I watched that trial, every single second of it. The protests are coming from those who could not have watched, they know nothing about what actually happened, what was demonstrated. They hate a man based only on gossip from the street.