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Friday, 27 September 2013

Anti-Halal-Festival Petition Signed by Thousands

A big thanks to the 3570 plus people who signed the petition started by Pete Williamson "Ban Halal Food Festival from taking place at London Excel".

An astonishing number of people in just a few days and in itself a great achievement, showing what we can do when we are well organised and determined.

Pete says: "Unfortunately we have not been able to stop the repulsive Halal Food Festival. What we have achieved is to heighten awareness of this wicked practice that is the Halal method of slaughtering animals. People from all over the world, as members of the British public, have signed the petition and left hundreds of comments. In fact I have decided to leave the petition open, if for no other reason than to display and archive all the wonderful comments."


  1. Many thanks for your kind words, I hope a few eyes have been opened to the hell these animals have been, and are being subjected to.The fact that Halal meat has crept into our food chain, in school meals, and at nearly every fast food outlet speaks volumes. We are being poisoned by this spiritually. I believe that consuming the flesh of animals that have been tortured is bad for the soul. Thanks again!

    1. Pete, thanks to you. My party Liberty GB has an ongoing campaign against halal:

      Would you like to join forces with us?

      We also have an anti-halal leaflet to download and print: