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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Now We Must Apologise to Muslims for Our Dogs; What Next?

A Scottish terrier dog during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

That Muslims don't like and don't want to have direct contact with dogs - simply because their prophet Muhammad hated them and instructed them to consider these animals "unclean" and "impure", like pigs - many people in the West know by now, from the many stories going back at least a decade about Muslim taxi and bus drivers in our countries refusing to take passengers with dogs, even disabled people and blind persons with guide dogs.

Now comes the news that Malaysian politicians and "religious" (we know which religion, so the media could have just said "Muslim") leaders have attacked the use of Scottish terrier dogs during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, claiming it was "disrespectful to Muslims", "shameful" and "offensive".

Around 40 Scottie dogs, all wearing tartan dog coats with the name of each team on them, were used in the opening ceremony in Glasgow last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park.

The Scotties were a much loved touch, except for the followers of Muhammad.

Apparently making things worse was the fact that the Scottie supposed to lead the Malaysian team, Jock, sat down and refused to move, so that he had to be carried by the team representative.
Mohamad Sabu, the deputy president of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said: "Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve and [sic] apology from the organiser.

"This is just so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims – especially as it happened during Ramadan. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organiser should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue.

"It is hoped this incident can teach other Western countries to be more respectful in the future."

Dato Ibrahim Bin Ali, a far-Right politician, former MP and founder and president of Malay supremacist group Perkasa also called for an apology.

"I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough – especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilised society like Britain," he said. "It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world."
And people still refuse to acknowledge that Islam is a supremacist ideology.

Now we are supposed to apologise to all the Muslims of the world, no less, just for keeping dogs. What next?


  1. This is great news, it's great because Dogs are so popular with British culture, in fact we have the British Bulldog. Because of this, it is an attack on British culture, and so many Dog lovers means this at least as slim chance of the ignorant majority noticing something not quite right, although I suspect it may take dogs being killed by enough people from the same background before anything is done, and even then it won't be much.

    1. Dear Ian, it is forbidden to kill any animal even an insect in Holy Koran.
      islam says keep them in safe take them home and feed.For an instance, Our prophet says:" A cat is your guest when she appears at the door and invite her and share anything you're eating or drinking.We are the followers of a religion that the one should not awake a cat when she sleeps on the rug on which you worship.There are many instances inside islam.I suggest all ones here to read a translated Holy Quran and comment then.Thanks and May God be with you.

    2. Yeah Mohammad really liked cats didn't he? You could say he treated them like people but regarded dogs as mere utensils(was scared of black dogs ffsake). Don't try wash over something that you know to be true. On the other hand all muslims I know are fine with dogs so don't believe everything you hear.

  2. This was a simple fix - have a Scottish event aide pick up Jock and put on a big smile and walk with the leader of the Malaysian team in the ceremony. Really simple, everyone happy. Almost all cultures of sky fairy worship have somethings they don't want to do - imagine being in China and the organisers of an event served roast cat or lizard for the opening dinner? Or chicken feet? I think many of our athletes would also throw a hissy in

    1. No, respect for animals is an achievement in the moral progress of human beings - like that for women and for people of other races.

      It is not good to accommodate those who don't want to accept those forms of respect.

  3. Basic knowledge of Islam would clarify that the complaint comes from an ignorant extremist. Islam simply states that when you have been in contact with a dog you should ensure you wash and clean your clothes before praying. Many muslims do keep animals too. I think its time we all let Muslims know reapect is earned and does go both ways. Perhaps if they show more reapect they will get more. Just my opinion and I do know many muslims who would agree with me on this. Sad that things always have to be blown out of context and make the world go crazy.

    1. Well said Friend!!!!!

    2. agree with you %100! Islam says protect all animals keep them in safe and feed. Feed them with anything you eat and drink.Animal Rights are mentioned in Quran.

  4. when Brits colonised the sub-continent and beyond they enforced their system on to the locals, side lining their religious practices and tribal systems. In India and Africa the Brits behaved like dictators and enforced a White Christian, UK bigotry on the locals, often by second rate Britishers who has failed at home. You could say we are now getting a taste of our own medicine ?

    Native Brits must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The needs and demands of the Muslim community are different from those of natives. Muslims are in Britain not to give up their cultural heritage. They must integrate in their new home country, learn new languages and apply for political representation -- without forgetting their cultural heritage. It is important to learn Standard English, but their languages should not be neglected. They need Masajid and grave yards. Muslim children not only need halal meat or Eid Holidays but they need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their development period also. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.
    London School of Islamics Trust

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