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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Not Much Hope but Lots of Hate

I don't know if you'ever heard of the extreme Left group Hope not Hate (HnH).

I hadn't, until I joined the party Liberty GB. Because all the activity of this group consists of is attacking political organisations that have different opinions from them.

The choice of its name is particularly unfortunate, especially the "Not Hate" bit, as hate for the holders of non-socialist views is what motivates the group and its only raison d'etre.

Not being an avid reader of its website, only yesterday I chanced to see a blog post in it, written before the last European Elections, in which the three Liberty GB candidates - Paul Weston, Jack Buckby and I - are scrutinised.

But don't expect analysis, or even comment, on ideas and political positions.

Hope not Hate doesn't waste time and the little mental energy it must have on such trivia as the ideolological foundations for a party manifesto policy or the arguments supporting a political stance.

In the old electoral-campaign polarisation of issues versus personalities, this far-Left group has no hesitation in siding with the latter.

Ad hominem attacks is what it's specialised in, indeed not just in this post but in all the others in its website that I read.

The most paradoxical, if we were to take Hope not Hate seriously - choice that I don't recommend - and therefore consider it as a suitable object for a logical assessment of self-contradictions, thing I read was the part about me, since I am, as HnH nicely put it, a "Johnny Foreigner".

Here this group that prides itself for its anti-bigotry and open-mindedness showed itself - inadvertently, but then intellect is not its strong point - for what it is: exactly the opposite.

Here is what it says:

"This one is a woman and she is from Italy. Before you can throw accusations of bunga-bunga at the party, Enza Ferreri, the woman in question, has a name not too dissimilar to that of a flash sports car that rich people drive and she also has a degree in philosophy from an Italian University.

"Like Jack and Paul, it appears she is also very posh. She claims she used to write for the Italian magazine L'Espresso which is probably some kind of industry magazine for coffee lovers."

See how many national stereotypes and prejudices you can cram into a few sentences if you put your mind to it?

The "bunga bunga" reference is particularly telling, since only Italians are mindlessly and sweepingly associated with the sexcapades of their politicians, in this case former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

As Italian journalist and friend Alessandra Nucci said, Americans are not all painted with the same brush as Oval Office adulterer Bill Clinton.

So here you have it as clear as daylight: the self-proclaimed anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-xenophobic group par excellence is revealing its hidden bigotry, thus showing to be motivated not so much by pure and philanthropic ideals but by hatred for conservatives, as the entire focus and activity of the group - merely negative, attacking something or rather someone - also amply demonstrates.

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