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Friday, 1 August 2014

Top Economist: Immigration Hurts Us All

UK Border Controls

Top Left-wing Cambridge economist finally admits that immigration hurts all of us.

Cambridge University is traditionally strong in economics subjects. Now Professor Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Cambridge University and a longstanding adviser to Whitehall departments, said that, while the economic advantages of immigration are "unlikely to be very large", the disadvantages - from building on the green belt to overcrowding in cities - are great and will be felt by the UK population for generations to come.

For many years the totally-unrestricted immigration policies, first championed and introduced by Tony Blair's New Labour government, have been peddled to the public with claims of the major economic benefits that they would bring to a native population that was either too old to work or, if young, too lazy to do so.

The counterevidence to these claims was clear for everyone to see, and became even more obvious over the years.

More recently, we've witnessed quasi-desperate attempts by the government, the BBC and assorted Leftist media and academics to produce and divulge studies that allegedly empirically confirmed the benefits of immigration for British economy.

Some of these studies used faulty methods of research, and they were exposed for this, for example by the think tank Migration Watch UK.

Maybe the time has come when even Leftist academics find it difficult to deny what is before everyone's eyes: that Britain has become a worse place due to immigration.

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