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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hard Left Tries to Assault Farage

Nigel Farage of UKIP under siege

They don't assault - unless prevented by the police - only the English Defence League (EDL) now. The extreme Leftists have been attacking even the moderate UKIP, showing that nothing short of Leninism satisfies them.

Two days ago, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was in Rochester, Kent, with the new candidate for UKIP in the upcoming by-election in the constituency of Rochester and Strood, Mark Reckless - who defected from the Conservatives to Farage's party on the last day of UKIP's conference - for a day of campaigning in the constituency.

Reckless will resign his Rochester seat as a Tory MP and fight the by-election as UKIP candidate rather than imposing his choice of party on constituents.

Breitbart London reports that UKIP members gathered outside Rochester Castle and made their way to a local pub called The Crown.
“There was an organised protest by the Conservative Party,” Mr Farage said, “including Craig Mackinlay who lives in Rochester and who was beaten to the Conservative nomination by Mark Reckless.”

“Part of the extreme left who have been busy on social media after they were notified that I was in Rochester today decided to turn up.”

“Because of that I had to be removed quickly from the situation,” Mr Farage said, adding, “Kent Police were excellent”. He explained that the situation would not be taken any further.

There has been an anti-Farage group set up in South Thanet where the UKIP leader has been selected as the UKIP candidate.

At its core are members of the Socialist Worker Party and other left wing extremists who were involved in violent scenes earlier in the year which resulted in a magistrate finding Andrew Scott guilty of common assault.

Mr Farage and his security team have made it clear that they will continue to hold public events despite the threats of violence.
One of the Leftist protesters ran into the front of the pub and tried to attack Mr Farage but was halted by his security team:
Socialism is dying, so it’s no wonder the foot soldiers are starting to appear on the streets, now. Everything will be done to prevent its demise, including much worse than what we see now.
Blogger Ian Thorpe comments:
It is notable that as is the case with EDL and Britain First demonstrations, it is always the left that start the fighting. Are these people so insane they can't control their anger when anyone disagrees with their fascistic world view ... or are they just a bunch of rent-a-mob thugs who are trying to suppress free speech.
This is not the first time. In January, Farage was attacked by Stalin's heirs in Kent, and even physically assaulted with a placard:
The "Nasty Little Nigel" protest was organised by Bunny La Roche who recently resigned from a full time rent-a-mob job with the Socialist Workers Party where it appears she was thoroughly detested by her comrades to form a militant group called Kent International Socialists. Comrade La Roche is the Kent branch of the fascist UAF and has links to other extreme left wing groups. Her Facebook profile lists her "inspirational people" including the mass murderers Lenin, Trotsky and Marx. She attracted criticism even from her own comrades when she shouted "when are you going to die" at a 75 year old BNP councillor.

Comrade La Roche was helped in organising yesterday's violent protest by communist Green Party councillor Ian Driver, perhaps inspired by his party's MP, Caroline Lucas, who was arrested for her involvement with a violent protest against a fracking company last year by left wing extremists. The violent protest also attracted support from the fascist UAF, SWP and Labour activists.

Nigel was left shaken but unhurt after being hit on the head with a placard - an attack that could have had serious consequences as he is still recovering from an operation on his back for injuries sustained from his plane crash in 2010.


  1. For some reason, the aphorisms of Eric Hoffer came to mind while reading this, reminding me what an explicit confession of weakness - the subjective sense of personal, internalized fear - is displayed by the individuals who so quickly flee toward a compact group and united action when their comfort zones seem threatened. If a man is known by the enemies he keeps, Mr. Farage is opening a neglected frontier, and taking the appropriate arrows.

    Hoffer would additionally remind us, vocal and angry as they are, there is a tremendous pool of recruits to be found among these hecklers. UKIP need only supply united action and some sense of inevitability, and many of these same knuckleheads will readily leave stale and angry Marxist-Socialism behind and become the world's best grassroots organizers.

  2. Wherever anyone appears who advocates freedom, liberty, and from from the EU, and asserts that national sovereignty comes first before any collectivist suicide pact called the EU, there the enemies of freedom will turn out to bring him down. One thing I was surprised by is that, according to my British contacts, this incident was not reported in the British national press.