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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Black Gangs: Memphis Police Giving Up on Public Safety

'Danger: Enter at your own risk, This city does not support public safety' billboards put up by Memphis Police Association

What's happening in America? A race war fought only on one side seems to erupt in its cities every so often, maybe more frequently than we hear about.

"Another Teenage Mob Terrorizes Southern Town: ‘Memphis Is Going to Burn if They Don’t Control These Children’" headlines The Blaze, echoing a similar episode of a few weeks ago.

As in the UK when paedophiles are Muslim and their victims white, so in the US the mainstream media try to underplay the fact that the gangs and the attackers are black and the victims they choose for their knock-out game, in a city like Memphis whose population is 62.6% African American, are predominantly white.

Hence WREG-TV reported:
Three people were attacked by a large group of teenagers Saturday night.
Can we be more specific?
“Hold on, they got a white dude,” exclaims the woman capturing the cellphone video.
Memphis' black youth gangs are so terrifying and crime levels are so high that last year the Memphis Police Association installed billboards saying “Danger: Enter At Your Own Risk – This City Does NOT Support PUBLIC SAFETY.”

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