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Friday, 28 November 2014

Ferguson Mob Stops People Going to Work

The situation has got out of hand. The protests about the Ferguson verdict have become absurd, resembling a mental asylum, and the protesters have lost all sense of reality and proportion.

In the video above, dozens of students blocked I-5 North, a major thoroughfare near San Diego, California.

The protest blocked thousands of commuters, stuck in traffic and unable to get to work, who angrily started shouting.

One of them in particular, caught on the video, badly pushed a protester to the side of the road and stole his megaphone. Furious, he explained that if he couldn't go to work he would be fired and he had six kids to feed.

Other drivers voiced their frustration, amidst calls for the arrest of those obstructing the highway. A woman in nursing scrubs said: "We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives here."

The crowd dispersed only when the police arrived. Nobody was arrested.

A commenter, replying to the question of why no-one in the mob was arrested, said: "It's liberal democratic controlled California you really don't expect them to get arrested do you?"

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  1. Every one of those protesters should've been arrested and book for obstructing a public way and for reckless endangerment.