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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thanks Jews - Video


  1. are there evil Jews yes Soros for one. However you correctly have a blog saying that the West is based on the words of the most famous Jew in all of history..think BC snd AC
    Was jesus a jew and the son of God.?

    1. David Brown, this can go on forever and I have no time. Until you've got better, non-media-controlled knowledge of the subject under discussion, you are repetitively not making any valid point at all.

    2. David, the answer to your question anyway is pretty simple. What we - Kevin MacDonald, me, and many others - are saying concerns Jewish organisations and leaders and Jews as a group. It doesn't say anything about each individual Jew.

      Jesus and the first Christians were Jews. So are, to talk about something at a completely different level, current anti-Zionist Jews or Jews who have understood the negative role that Jews as a whole have played in many societies, including Western ones.

      I know many Muslims and immigrants who are sweet and decent persons. Should that change my views on Islam or unrestricted immigration?