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Monday, 1 June 2015

Only White Christians Abolished Slavery

Slavery in Africa

What is unique about Western nations is not that they practised slavery, but that they abolished it.

Slavery was practised by all peoples of all continents of all ages, and in some places, particularly in the Islamic world, still is.

But only Whites, spurred and led by Christians in their midst, abolished it.

I'm reading the book Conquests And Cultures: An International History (Amazon USA) , (Amazon UK) by Thomas Sowell, who, despite being a neoconservative, is a reasonable person and good historian. The fact that he's African American doesn't prevent him from describing the fight against slavery as a conquest of White Christians, especially the British.

His being neocon, his currently being the Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, and the various prizes he won from Jewish-related outfits - from the Francis Boyer Award, presented by the American Enterprise Institute, to the Sidney Hook Award from the National Association of Scholars - may be what stops him from analysing the historical importance of Jewish role in slavery.

Nevertheless, his book is to be recommended, for describing in detail many circumstances which are too often overlooked. White slave traders were not involved in the capture of black slaves, with all the cruelty and violence it involved, because they would not survive the diseases they would encounter in the African interior.

The capture was performed by Africans themselves, often of other tribes, and by Muslims for their own trade. The African enslavers then would sell their human merchandise to Western ships on the coast.

The Muslim slave traders would lead their captives, mostly young women to be sold to the harems of the Middle East, across a journey on foot across the Sahara desert, which would last for months. The suffering was enormous and the casualty number astronomical. Skeletons were aligned along the sand
 dunes. A Western observer witnessed this scene, then recounted in a book. A young mother couldn't carry both her infant and her luggage. A slave merchant took the baby from her hands and smashed his head against a rock.

When Britain abolished slavery at home and in the British Empire, its example was soon followed by other European countries.

But Britain encountered a fierce resistance from both Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims, who saw no reason to renounce a lucrative trade, not accepting the moral motives that had made European Christians give up this enormous source of profit.

Britain had to engage in violent conflicts and wars in order to impose the abolition of slavery on African and Asian peoples and enforce it.

The British navy would scour the seas and oceans of the world to intercept any ship carrying slaves and seize their human cargo.

In this way other countries were obliged to stop their slave trade. The last country to abolish slavery in the Western Hemisphere was Brazil. When a Brazilian vessel saw a British ship, it quickly threw its slaves overboard in order not to be found out.

A reasonable account of the true(r) story of slavery can be found here, although the author seems to have Leftist tendencies.



    The greatest haven of democracy and the galaxy is doing better to reduce the number of white sex slaves. Can't afford to exercise the State Department too much, not when we've got other things we wan't it to do.


    Bidders clearly not Arabs. Jewish malfeasance has been white-papered out of contemporary narratives. Look to medieval art for a clue as to its prevalence.


    Never forget!


    Farrakhan - despite his many flaws and anti-white world view - has written a good work on the hidden role Jews played in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.