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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Church Burning and Jewish Settlers in Israel

Published on The Occidental Observer

by Enza Ferreri

Israel’s unfair treatment of Christians continues. At the end of June, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Greek Orthodox Bishop Atallah Hanna during his peaceful participation in a march protesting the illegal seizure and subsequent sale of Beit al-Baraka hospital, which is part of al-Baraka church, north of Hebron.

A month ago Palestine News Network reported:
A delegation from the Presbyterian church as well as international and Israeli activists participated in the march against the sale of Beit al-Baraka, a hospital which provided medical services to Palestinians as part of al-Baraka church services. The sale is illegal under international and canonical law…

Israeli newspaper Haaretz last month leaked details of the seizure of Beit al-Baraka hospital by a Jewish billionaire, the sale having been allegedly made through a fake Norwegian real estate company. Days after publication of this illegal seizure, the sale process halted, however Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, subsequently decided that there was no legal impediment to the sale of the building.
The previous week saw one of the most serious episodes of violence in recent memory against Christians in Israel.

Five teams of firefighters were necessary to put out the flames which at dawn woke up Tabgha, the area on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in northern Israel, where Jesus fed the 5,000 with the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes (Mark 6:30-46) and where Jesus appeared for the fourth time after his resurrection following his Crucifixion (John 21:1-24).

A fire broke out at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish, built on the site of the miracle, in the middle of the night, “causing extensive damage to the inside and outside of the building, said Israel police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.” A monk and a church volunteer were hospitalised from smoke inhalation.

A spokesman for the fire brigade said that the blaze broke out in several places inside the limestone church, evidence that it was started deliberately.

Hebrew graffiti had been spray-painted in red on a wall outside the church, reading "False gods will be destroyed”, a passage from the Aleinu Leshabeach, a prayer recited by practising Jews at the end of each of the three daily services, suggesting that Jewish zealots were responsible.

So much for the much-vaunted "Judaeo-Christian tradition". These Israeli Jews didn't get the memo.

Police briefly detained 16 young Jewish settlers, all religious Jewish seminary students visiting the Sea of Galilee area from settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. They were freed within hours. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that 10 of those detained were from Yitzhar, which is known as a bastion of extremists and where some residents have been involved in previous hate crimes.

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish is one of the Holy Land’s most famous Catholic churches and one of the places most visited by pilgrims to the Holy Land, with more than 5,000 people visiting it daily. The church had to be closed for a few days due to the fire damage.

Nahum Weisfish, a Jerusalem rabbi, said the site might have been targeted because it housed a synagogue some 2,000 years ago.

The site is owned by the German Roman Catholic Church, and Berlin's envoy to Israel Andreas Michaelis said he was "shocked" by the incident, adding: "Religious institutions must be as well protected in Israel as they are in Germany and Europe."

That’s exactly the point. If Israel wants to be considered as a Western democracy, it’s no good to argue that Christians in the Jewish state are not butchered and tortured with the degree of barbarity we find in Muslim countries and Muslim-controlled areas. The difference pointed out between Israel and other Middle Eastern nations is true, but the right object of comparison for a country which claims to be part of the West should be Western democracies.

Zionists have to stress how concerned they are about the fate of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of murderous Muslims to keep the Evangelicals supporting their cause. That doesn't stop Israel from secretly helping the worst murderers of Christians: ISIS.

Tabgha had been subjected to a previous attack in April 2014. Father Matthias Karl, a German monk at the church, explained that a group of religious Jewish teenagers had pelted worshippers with stones, destroyed a cross and threw benches into the lake.

In April, vandals smashed gravestones at a Maronite Christian cemetery near Israel's northern border with Lebanon.

In recent years, many mosques and churches have been vandalised in both Israel and the West Bank.

The attacks are often attributed to extremist Jews, particularly from West Bank settlements, but, despite condemnations and promises of crackdown on religiously-inspired hate crime by Israeli politicians, few have been convicted.

The Rabbis for Human Rights group says there have been 43 hate crime attacks on churches, mosques and monasteries in Israel and the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since 2009.

Many of these are so-called "price-tag" attacks, carried out against Israeli security forces as well as Palestinian property, both Muslim and Christian, in reprisal for Israeli government’s action against the Jewish illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The name indicates that these attacks are the price to pay for anti-settlement activity.

The US State Department's 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism included price-tag attacks for the first time. It says: “In August, the Beit Jamal Monastery near Jerusalem was firebombed and spray-painted with the words “death to the Gentiles” and other slogans.”

It quotes UN figures of “399 attacks by extremist Israeli settlers that resulted in Palestinian injuries or property damage.” It adds that such attacks were “largely unprosecuted according to UN and NGO sources.”

Whenever there is mention of the UN, Zionists reject wholesale every one of its pronouncements or reports because it is "pro-Palestinian". The implication is that it is biased. They often argue that all Muslim countries, through the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), vote as a bloc in the UN, thus skewing the vote results in favour of the Palestinians and against Israel. OIC is a 57-member state organisation representing 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. As the largest Islamic organization in the world, it is quite powerful and the largest voting bloc in the UN.

Could it be that the UN is "pro-Palestinian" because of the right of return that Israel denies that people or the 3/4 of a million illegal settlers in Israel’s occupied territories?

Israel’s Joint Arab List party alliance, in the wake of the latest attack, that against the Church of the Multiplication, called for the immediate dismissal of Israel's police chief, Yohanan Danino, and for Right-wing extremist groups to be declared terrorist organisations. It also accused the government of doing nothing to control extremist Right-wing organisations:
"Netanyahu stands at the head of the incitement system against the Arab public in Israel, and he is guilty of the revenge attacks we witness in the morning news," the party stated. "A so-called price-tag attack is not an act by deviants, but rather an act by calculated, thinking people that are indicative of the existence and repercussions of institutionalized racism and oppression."
Prime Minister Netanyahu has used strong words against the recent unknown vandals, but it’s impossible not to notice that the perpetrators of this kind of crime have almost never been identified, captured and put on trial. Isn’t it a bit strange, in a country which has an impressive and efficient security and police apparatus?

In 2014, just before Pope Francis’ visit to Israel, in Jerusalem both the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Notre Dame Center, the large Christian complex just outside the Old City, were covered with offensive graffiti. Before that, the Franciscan Church near the Last Supper Room, the Dormition Abbey and a nearby Christian cemetery were attacked. In 2012, using methods similar to those employed in Tabghah, the Latrun Trappist Monastery had been attacked. People tried and sentenced? Nil.

With all the best will in the world, it’s a bit hard to see Netanyahu as someone who doggedly pursues Jewish vandals coming from the settlements. That’s because Netanyahu is and has always been the settlements’ number one supporter. When Ariel Sharon decided to withdraw from Gaza in 2004, Netanyahu left his government in protest. In the last twenty years the surface occupied by Israeli settlements in the occupied territories has grown by over 180%, and for at least half of this time Netanyahu has been Prime Minister.

The last act of the previous Netanyahu government, the one that led to the disintegration of the government and early elections, was its approval of the law that defines Israel as the "state of the Jewish nation", potentially discriminating against ethnic and religious minorities.

In short, all of Netanyahu’s political action has been in favour of the settlements policy. He has drawn a growing political support from it. The reality is that today the settlers are those who dictate the political trend in Israel. Their interests influence the agenda of governments. The intransigence of those who hold the front line, even risking their lives, is to be respected. The rest, including arsons, is just a consequence.


  1. What is interesting is the American Christians the US Israel lobby count on believe that a political ruler based in Rome will enable the Jews to rebuild the Temple on the Mount. Which is sacred to Muslims as the spot where the prophet ascended to paradise.
    Only catch is the person who makes this deal is the one who featured in the Omen movies.

    1. Qur'an:8:12 "I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
      them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle."

      The top sacred places for Muslims are Mecca and Medina.The holiest place on earth for Jews and Bible believing Christians is the Temple Mount, the place designated by Almighty God to Jews thousands of years before Islam was invented for the worship of our Glorious, Magnificent Creator.

      Muslims shake their fist at God and massively desecrate this holy place with constant violent attacks against Jews and Christians. Muslims are infamous for perpetrating violent attacks on infidels after Friday prayers and they do this often on the sacred Temple Mount.

      I was outraged that Netanyahu allowed Muslims to CELEBRATE on the Temple Mount when the Muslims were firing massive rocket attacks on Israel. I was so distressed I wept over the evil, satanic desecration of the holiest place on earth. As a Christian, I long for the day I can worship in the rebuilt Jewish Temple. God declared in the Bible that the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt. God keeps ALL His promises.

  2. Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

    It appears, according to this article that my Precious and Most Wonderful Jewish Saviour, Jesus Christ, would be considered ILLEGAL and a SETTLER in His own God-given Jewish land. If Lovely Jesus had been born in our time, He and His family would be targeted for murder by Islamo fascists for being JEWS, living in their JEWISH homeland.

    As a result of intense pressure from Western leaders, in a significant victory for Islam, Arab Christians were placed under CRUEL OCCUPATION of PLO/Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces.

    Christian majority towns, Bethlehem and Nazareth are now majority Muslim - terrified Christians were driven out by cruel, severe Muslim persecution. Many Bethlehem Christians' homes and land were stolen by Muslims. The Christians who remain, live in constant fear.

    Listen to Liberty GB leader Paul Weston’s passionate plea: Islam’s Global War on Christianity

  3. The cruel ethnic cleansing of 10,000 Gaza Jews violated Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, broke Israel's Basic Human Rights Law and Clause 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Serving US/EU/UN/Totalitarian Colonizing Islam, Israeli leaders Destroyed Jewish Human Rights-patriotic Jews, including children, were evicted, brutally beaten and jailed. The 1976 International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, prohibits all forms of discrimination against people on the basis of religion and nationality.

    For the sole reason Jews are not Muslims, the US/EU/UN Demand Jew Cleansing from the Biblical, eternal Jewish homeland of Judea-Samaria and Jerusalem.

    If ruthless Western powers demand Jew cleansing from the Jewish homeland, how long will it be before Western leaders demand Jew cleansing from New York, Paris, London and Rome...?

    It was also unacceptable to God-hater Hitler and his vile Nazis that Jews lived and breathed in Europe. Muslims helped Hitler hunt down and barbarically murder both Jews and Christians.

    Shortly after the 1967 Six-Day War, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff submitted their report stating Israel can only be defensible if it retains Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan, the tip of the Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh and all of Jerusalem. Armed with this knowledge, the US/EU/UN are seeking a Second Holocaust via a Muslim terror state reducing tiny Israel at mid-section to 9 miles wide INDEFENSIBLE, Auschwitz borders.


  4. Subservient to Islam, Western ruling elites threaten our freedom by acting as if Islam is the only acceptable cult/political system on earth.

    Heroic Jews protesting against surrendering Jewish land to global Islam, are on the frontline, fighting for the freedom and human rights of all non-Muslims.

    On February l, 2006, in Amona, 12 miles north of Jerusalem, Israeli police savagely attacked Jewish innocents with night-sticks; trampled them with horses, inflicting broken bones and multiple head wounds. Over 300 Jewish victims were hospitalized. Because the victims were Jews, there was no international outcry. The 1976 International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, prohibits all forms of discrimination against people on the basis of religion and nationality.

    See article Former advisor to Minister of Police Col. (res.) Moshe Givati notes that the government "deliberately didn't bring policewomen.

    The policemen themselves had to evacuate the girls in a brutal way. During the confrontation, policemen put their hands into the skirts of the girls and held them in their very private places and told them, 'You whore. We are going to rape you because you don't want to evacuate this house..."

    Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad, former head of IDF military Corps, had his arm broken by police in Amona. Regarding the police, he said, "They were there in order to beat skulls and cut faces… to insult, to speak in language that I don't want to use - against young religious girls. They beat members of Knesset."

    Dear Jews. Your dreadful persecution is perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect you. Persecution inflicted because you are Jews and not Muslims. Thank you for your courage. You stood up for the rights of every non-Muslim on earth. And paid the price. No innocents on earth should be rendered homeless and their land confiscated because they don't worship the dark death god of Islam.

    Israeli Leaders WAR against patriotic Jews.
    AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic

    Israel and the Free World's patriots must not lose this battle! Or the long, dark night will descend upon all nations.

  5. INHUMAN Palestinian Authority Muslims CELEBRATE the Murder of 3,000 infidel Innocents 9/11. American taxpayers are immorally forced to support PA Muslims who intensely hate Americans and celebrate their murders. Muslims also celebrated in America


      Not the only ones to celebrate 9/11, a strategic victory that would ensure Western support for the Middle Eastern hegemon.


      Less a tragedy and more a dark comedy.

  6. INHUMAN Muslim God-haters were so DELIGHTED at the savage murders of 3,000 non-Muslim innocents that they celebrated again and again and again.
    Thousands of Palestinians again celebrate attacks, videotape suppressed
    By Ellis Shuman and israelinsider staff September 16, 2001

    On Friday and Saturday, thousands of Palestinians again paraded through cities in the West Bank and Gaza, celebrating the attacks on the United States.

    A Reuters report filed in Beirut stated: "Jubilant Palestinians took to the streets of refugee camps of Lebanon and the West Bank, waving Palestinian flags and distributing sweets to celebrate the attacks". "In Nablus, motorists honked their horns and gunmen fired into the air from assault rifles to cheer on the attacks."

    The AP film that was not aired reportedly shows "Palestinian policemen celebrating and shooting into the air, in addition to civilians dancing,". The film was reportedly shot in Nablus, where more than 3,000 demonstrators took to the streets, and in the Balata refugee camp.

    Maariv reported this morning that Arab students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem held a party Tuesday night celebrating the attacks and giving out candy to participants.

    Dear slaughtered brothers and sisters, we will never forget you, NEVER. You are always in our hearts. Rest in eternal peace with the angels.

    When the World Stopped Turning: A 9/11 tribute

    Inside The Twin Towers

  7. * PLO Leader: The Palestinian People Does NOT Exist - March 31, 1977
    PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein: “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.

    Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism - Dutch newspaper Trouw

    Deceitfully Called the Arab/Israeli Conflict, it's global jihad against Israel and the Free World. Aided and abetted by Western ruling elites.
    US/EU are fully aware that all Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of "Palestine" covering ALL Israel. Global Islam's conquest goal, shouted out and on banners in Muslim demonstrations in the West is: "Palestine From the River to the Sea".

    In 1980, PLO Terrorist Leader Arafat explained the peace process: "Peace for us means the destruction of Israel . We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations."

    Egypt created the PLO. The PLO Charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

    On the same day Oslo "Peace" Accords were signed in 1993, PLO leader, Arafat stated: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel."

  8. Desecrating Jewish and Christian holy places is a Muslim practice and very often, it is filthy and obscene. It is a Muslim statement to the HOLY ONE what they think of Him and His holy Laws. Islam calls for the MASSIVE breaking of God's Laws. In Israel's Judea and Samaria, Jews are often deeply distressed to discover their holy places have been desecrated by Muslims. When Islamic terrorists holed up in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity reportedly used the Bible as toilet paper. Catholic priests said that during the five-week siege, Palestinians tore up some Bibles for toilet paper...

    Only God knows the millions of times the amazing story of beloved Bible hero, Jewish Joseph, of outstanding character, has been taught to Jews and Christians as a role model we should emulate.

    At Joseph's Tomb in Biblical Shechem, Muslims regularly shot at, and lobbed firebombs and Molotov cocktails on the Tomb. Violent Muslim mobs attacked the Tomb with pickaxes, destroyed prayer books, set the Tomb on fire and killed and wounded IDF soldiers who guarded
    the sacred site.

    The ferocious Muslim attacks were attacks on both Judaism and Christianity and an expression of Muslim intense hate for our Precious, Glorious and Most Wonderful Creator.

  9. The article cites 'Palestine News Network' for their source. It's well known that Muslims are taught to LIE to infidels. Muslim deception - TAQIYYA was taught in the Quran by the founder of bloodthirsty Islam, pedophile barbaric mass murderer of non-Muslims and huge sex-slaver, Mohammed. Mohammed declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    Jews are violently attacked and murdered by Muslims in Israel because Jews OBEY God by living on the land God gave to Jews thousands of years before Islam was invented.

    Jews and Christians have always been attacked and murdered by the enemies of God because of their obedience to God.

    The enemy of our soul - the devil, wants us to disobey Almighty God, our Precious, Wonderful and Awesome Creator.

  10. I LOVE Israel. For Jews and Christians, Israel is the most special nation on earth. It is God's Holy Land.

    Article: Zionists have to stress how concerned they are about the fate of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of murderous Muslims to keep the Evangelicals supporting their cause.

    As a Bible believing Christian, I worship the BIGGEST ZIONIST in the Universe: Almighty God - to whom I owe my life and everything I have. My eternal gratitude to my Loving Heavenly Father and to His Beautiful Son, Amazing Jesus, my Precious Saviour who was born into the JEWISH line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Israel's most famous king, King David. I am forever in Lovely Jesus debt.

    Bible, Zechariah 1:14 Thus says the Lord of hosts, "I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion."

  11. As a Christian I'm deeply grateful to these kind and caring Jews in helping to rescue and free the Yazidi and Christian sex slaves captured by ISIS savage monsters.
    ‘Jewish Schindler’ Saves Dozens of Yazidis and Christians from Islamic State

    A Canadian Jewish businessman has spearheaded efforts to rescue Iraqi Yazidi and Christian girls from slavery after the girls were captured by ISIS troops, using money donated privately by business contacts.

    The businessman has cited Oskar Schindler, who rescued Jewish children from the holocaust, as his inspiration.

    Hundreds of thousands fled before them, but thousands more starved to death in the desert, or were captured by Islamic forces. Girls in particular were bartered for in the markets, standing naked while men bought them as sex slaves...

    Initially he turned to business contacts, mainly fellow Jews who he thanked as being “remarkably generous”, who donated tens of thousands of Canadian dollars to fund the efforts. Last month, he turned to GoFundMe in a bid to raise half a million. So far 120 girls have been freed, but around 2,700 are still being held.

    “The price of a child’s life to remove them from the hands of ISIS is between $1000-$3000. We, as avid consumers, spend that money on gadgets and tools. Why not spend that money to save a life?”

    Most of the girls and women held by ISIS are being used as sex slaves, raped up to 30 times a day by both Islamic fighters and local men, he explained.

    “Some of these children are as young as 8 years old. Not only are they at the mercy of the fighters, but also of the men still residing in Mosul; men of various ages, in some cases over 60 years of age.

    The rapes, abuse, and brutality they suffer at the hands of their captors are beyond imagination.

    “There are many reports of owners that have decapitated innocent children and women because they refused to perform certain sexual acts.

    Those who comply are repeatedly beaten and serve as sex slaves to their owners, as well as their friends and guests, hardly ever limited to one predator at a time.

    “Many young adolescents are sold to brothels, where they are raped 30 to 40 times a day by ISIS fighters.

    The U.N reports that ISIS militants have forced overly abused sex slaves to undergo virginity restoration surgery, up to 20 times after being raped and sold.

    This type of female genital mutilation is gaining popularity as these young girls may command premium prices on the market.”

    So far CYCI has raised nearly C$120,000, and freed 120 girls, with more being released each week. But while the campaign’s donations page has been shared more nearly 3000 times on Facebook alone, just 152 people have actually donated cash.

    And Mr Maman has told The Tablet that his appeals to more than 60 church organisations in Canada, including national bodies and parishes in Montreal, have failed to secure a single donation.

    “This is a finite problem that can be solved with money,” he said. “We need Christians to open up at the same rate as my Jewish friends have.”…


    Meet The Yazidi Women Enslaved By ISIS

    ISIS Burns Woman Alive For Refusing 'Extreme Sex Act'

    Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

    I'm waiting for Judgement Day.

    Every non-Muslim nation has a MORAL responsibility to rescue the sex slaves in Iraq and Britain.


    Pot meet kettle!

    ISIS is an Israeli-sponsored vehicle and the supposed beheading videos are photo-shopped.

  14. I simply can't believe what I am reading! You don't seem to understand what is happening there.
    For decades the Christians have complained that they are attacked, assaulted and threatened by PALESTINIANS, not by some conservative jews. To try and pit people against each other and pose as someone else when painting propaganda is nothing new with the Palestinians. Muslims constantly pretend to be someone else, while targeting people. They are experts at staging hate crimes.