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Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to Answer Muslim and Liberal Untruths

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This is the second part of a 3-part article by our new guest writer, Stephen St. George, a Catholic born in Iraq who now lives in the United States. The first part, in which he describes his early experiences in Iraq, is here: Let’s Throw Pebbles in the Ocean!


I’ve heard and seen many attacks directed at anyone who speaks the truth about the atrocities that Muslims are perpetrating upon innocent people all around the world. These are some of the attacks, untruths, insults and propaganda spewed by Muslims or their liberal defenders, and my answers to them.

Accusation: “If you speak against Islam, you are a racist and a bigot!”
Answer: This is a common liberal (and Muslim) strategy. Calling someone a name is an attempt to derail the debate and change the subject. Anyone who is trying to discuss the facts of violence, terrorism, beheadings, rape, etc., is taken off topic and put on the defensive. Besides, as you may have already heard, Islam is not a race, so I am not a racist for speaking against the violence carried out around the world in the name of Islam! As a matter of fact, if Muslims did not, with their own words and actions, threaten my way of life or my family’s safety, I would be the first to welcome them in my neighborhood and country.

Argument: “The West and the US caused or is constantly causing Islamic terrorism because we bomb them and try to steal their oil!”
Answer: The West and the United States did not exist 1400 years ago, yet Islam was invading many of the Arab countries, murdering and converting people to Islam under threat of death! Then they turned around, killed thousands of Christans who were visiting the Holy Land, and when warriors went to the Middle East to defend the Christians, we are constantly told that the defenders were the aggressors, but the first offenders were the victims! What made Muslims attack, slaughter, enslave, and take over villages, cities, etc. before they were ever “mistreated” by the “evil” West? This argument does not hold any water, the Muslims and their liberal defenders know it, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Then again, I am asking people who have no shame to be ashamed of themselves!!

Now, regarding the “stealing-of-the-oil” argument. If we were stealing oil, why are we paying close to $4, $5, or even higher in Europe? Shouldn’t we be paying something like 50¢ if that were true?

Argument: “Muslims and especially Palestinians act out because they are poor and have no hope in life, Israel is oppressing them and constantly destroying their homes and killing their children.”
Answer: Many Christians live in abject poverty all around the Middle East, but their faith in God and His mercy prevents them from acting violently against Muslims. Although Christians are being oppressed by Islam, how many news reports of Christian terrorism have you read coming out of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, etc.? Close to . . . none?

What about Israel bombing Palestinian villages? How would you like it if your neighborhood was constantly bombed day-in and day-out, to the tune of 2,256 rockets from January through November 2012? Since when is self-defense more criminal than the original attack or attacks?

And don’t even get me started on the Jewish and Christian origins in the area of “Palestine” since the Old Testament and through the New Testament! Why do you think Mohammed’s Quran demonizes Jews and Christians? It is so our holy books are struck down and true history of God’s people is erased and replaced by Mohammedanism!!

Argument: This argument is even thrown around by Westerners who are clueless, uninformed mental midgets, and by atheists who hate all religions carte blanche and so it goes something like: “All religions, including Christianity, are or were violent!”
Answer: Just open your eyes and read! Have an open mind and visit The Religion of Peace (just one of the hundreds of websites around the world writing about the problem of Islam). Spend some time (more than 5 minutes) to read about all the attacks carried out by Muslims JUST since 9/11/2001. Go into the archives, scroll up and down and read the articles!! If you are kept blind by the liberal media outlets that you constantly rely on for your news, do yourself, your kids, family, and your country a favor and read, really read some of these articles!! Do more research and let us know how the terrorism carried out by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, and Christians compares to Islamic terrorism. I’ll even give you that, if one or two rogue soldiers have killed innocent Muslims, I consider that evil and an act or acts that were not sanctioned by their military leaders, whereas I have read of so many Islamic clerics condoning mass murders of non-Muslims - as in the latest mall and school massacres in Kenya. Read about the reports, watch the videos of Muslim clerics inciting violence against all non-Muslims!!

Be honest with at least yourself and your conscience, so if you are uninformed about the violent origins of Islam or what Islam has done in the West in the Middle Ages, how Muslims slaughtered the Armenians, Spaniards, Hindus, Zoroastrians in pre-Iran Persia, and how they are slaughtering the Christians in Egypt, the rest of Africa, and Syria today, then please shut the hell up, and don’t put our lives in danger due to your ignorance!!

I do pray that Muslims save their souls by turning to the true God and Jesus Christ His son who came to Earth to teach us how to live in peace and defeat sin. Jesus did not tell us to kill anyone who did not believe in Him! He told us that we must love our neighbor as we love ourselves!

This is my pebble in the water, let me see how far you can throw yours, spread the word and let’s make the truth known!

What would I like you to do to save our civilization, our freedom, our tolerant way of life?

1. Get informed and stay informed. Do not depend on the liberal (treasonous) media that pushes the liberal and socialist agenda.
2. Inform as many friends and family members as possible by kindly pointing them to the truth.
3. Vote! The number-one reason we have an Obama in the White House, and socialists in all branches of government both in the US and Europe, is because good people either don’t bother to vote or are uninformed about how to vote for the right people who would preserve our democracies. I attribute much of this to their being misled by the liberal, socialist media!

The third part of the article coming soon.

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  1. Great article. I missed the first one and will have to look it up. Being American, I have never heard of Steven St. George, though I've spent 9 months in his land of birth a few years ago. (I'm a soldier) Anyway, thanks for posting this. Though I don't know if Mr. St. George was born a Christian or if he is an apostate, I do know former Muslims make for some of the best witnesses to the atrocities of Islam world wide.

    I look forward to part three.

  2. Whilst I applaud Mr St George for this and his other article, I think religions are a blight on the planet. It would appear that he practices his religion with the truest of intentions and I am appreciative of that but many religious people use their religion for warlike purposes. That said, I concur completely with his view of Islam and the fact that too many bleeding heart liberals are giving far too much credence to this vile political doctrine which masquerades as a religion.

  3. It is truly shocking how Western Europe step by step, quietly and voluntarily surrenders itself to muslim invasion. People are not allowed to utter the word of criticism against islam as they are immediatelly branded racists, while at the same time so many "European" muslims spit at our faces and openly and proudly (!) express their disdain and hatred towards everything Europe represents. We live in an extremely dangerous denial. Islam is not a religion, It's a totalitarian ideology which aims at controlling every aspect of human life and eliminating those who do not submit to it. It's such a tragic paradox that this entirely undemocratic system is slowly gaining a status of a privileged religion in the most democratic part of the world! My big thank you to people like you Enza who despite the terrorism of political correctness are not affraid to speak the truth! Greetins from Poland!

  4. Stephen St. George8 October 2013 at 15:40

    I would like to thank Enza for giving me the opportunity to express what many good people in the West think and feel about the creeping danger of Islam. Thanks to the above readers for their kind words. Good people (of all religions) need to stand up and speak the truth about the poisonous ideology of Islam, sans political correctness! We must put a greater value on what we have worked together and sacrificed so much for, like individual freedom, tolerance, and respect for each other's views and opinions, and fight political correctness which will destroy all of that that is valuable to us! The best advice I can give is to study what has already happened to any country or peoples at the hands of Islam (India, Iran, Lebanon, Africa, Spain, France, Sweden, the UK, and more). Don't be afraid to do your own research. God bless!