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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Golden Dawn Offices Bombed

Bomb attack on Golden Dawn's offices near Athens

And people still think that we face a problem coming from the rise of the Right and a threat from right-wing fascism.

The worst, real fascists are in the Left.

Golden Dawn, the Greek ultra-nationalist, right-wing party that has been very successful in the last election in June, winning 18 seats in the 300-seat Greek parliament with 7 per cent of the vote, has seen its offices repeatedly attacked by anarchists and leftists in the past.

Golden Dawn enjoys great popularity among the Greek people because, among other things, it helps them in practical ways to face the dire economic situation they are in and protects them from violence by immigrants doing the job the police neglect to do. Recent opinion polls by independent polling companies show that the popularity of the party has risen since the election, with support for Golden Dawn standing at 14 per cent in October, making it the third most popular party in the country.

Digital Journal:
Media reports linking Golden Dawn to violent attacks are frequent: less reported are the attacks by the extreme-left against Golden Dawn.
Today, at 4am, a bomb exploded outside its offices near Athens, the latest in a spate of bomb attacks.

A makeshift bomb explosion ripped through a wall and smashed the windows of an adjacent building, causing no injuries but extensive damage not only to Golden Dawn's offices but also to a store on the ground floor and to adjacent shops and houses, according to the police.

The Telegraph:
A police official, who declined to be named, said the attack was most likely carried out by a far-Left group. "It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage," he said. "It looks like [domestic] terrorism."

The device packed with dynamite was placed outside the party's local offices in Aspropyrgos, an industrial suburb west of Athens.

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