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Monday, 31 December 2012

Racism and Sexism Exist

Do I believe that racism and sexism exist?

Yes, I do. Here I'll give one clear example of each.

Racism is when a public figure, a high-profile black woman like Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager Stephen, explaining the reasons why she chose to bury him in Jamaica rather than the UK, says:

'Then again, I don't think the country [Britain] deserves to have his body there anyway because they took his life'.

Who is 'they'? All the British people? This sweeping generalization, this condemnation of a whole country - which accepted and gave a lot to this immigrant family in search of a better life, although all the good things, all the immense benefits that European countries shower on Third World immigrants of their own free will, without any reason in the world to do so except their traditionally Christian generosity, are taken for granted as if they were entitlements, 'rights' - because of what was done by one or very few individuals is racist.

Sexism is when women, as is generally the case in Western countries, are treated more leniently than men for the same offenses by courts.

The most glaring examples of this kind of sexism are those of women acquitted of infanticide and murder for hormonal reasons like post-natal depression and pre-menstrual syndrome, whereas hormonal factors are not commonly used to excuse and justify criminal behaviours in men.

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  1. Thank you so much for those enlightening sources. The general public must really open their eyes more to the reality that sexism and racism still exist in the modern world. Yes. Maybe people are not as violent as how the Ku Klux Klan have acted before or other extremist groups, but we need to realize that discriminating someone based on their gender or their color, even as simple as slurs can really be very offensive.
    Christian Pearson