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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Female Genital Mutilation Is an Islamic Practice

Another macroscopic, gigantic example of media cover-up regarding the reality of Islam.

The London Evening Standard yesterday carried an article, London’s challenge to stop girls’ mutilation, in which it managed never to mention the words "Islam" or "Muslim" once in the entire piece while discussing FGM, female genital mutilation, the removal of part or all of the external female genitalia (vulva) to prevent sexual pleasure.

The dhimmi newspaper Independent (from reason and reality), which in past articles by Robert Fisk, a journalist personally recommended by Osama Bin Laden as a messenger of al Qaeda's propaganda, has shamefully demonized the Egyptian and Syrian Christians for not supporting the Islamist "revolutions" which for them spell persecution, has gone even further.

For this British rag's columnist Sadaf Qureshi, FGM, far from having an Islamic dimension, does not even have a cultural one: to believe it has, one can safely assume, she would probably consider a sign of racism.

For her "Female genital mutilation (FGM) isn’t just something that’s carried out in the deepest, darkest recesses of the globe. It's a UK problem too." I wonder in what mysterious ways it became a UK problem.

The most interesting part of that article is outside the article, in this illuminating comment:
Of the 31 countries with a proportion of Muslims greater than 90% of their population, the following 15 appear on the list of countries where FGM is prevalent. Afghanistan Iran Mauritania Yemen Tajikistan Iraq Turkey Somalia Niger Comoros Algeria Palestinian territories Saudi Arabia Djibouti Libya Pakistan Senegal Gambia Egypt Syria Bangladesh. Of the next 12 with between 70% and 80%, a further 8 are on the FGM list: Bangladesh Indonesia Oman Guinea Qatar United Arab Emirates Sierra Leone Sudan. There are only 53 countries on the FGM list.
That the practice of FGM pre-dates Islam is true but irrelevant. Islam has perpetuated and continues to perpetuate through its teachings this savagery, that Christianity never ever condoned. In fact, in many African countries like Kenya and Tanzania Christians are actively campaigning against it.

The mutilations carried out in London today do not have a "cultural" origin, as the Standard falsely says, but an Islamic one, brought as they have been into this city which did not know them before by Muslim immigrants, now settled here in great and increasing numbers.

As Jamie Glazov points out:
Naturally Muslims are not the only ones who perpetrate FGM. Of course, FGM is practised outside of Islam, including under non-Islamic African tribal cultures. I never said anywhere that FGM is only practised by Muslims. But the key issue here is that Muslims are the principle religious group that practices this sexual violence against women. And the reality is that if you are a victim of FGM, then the chances are very high that you live in a Muslim household and in a Muslim culture.

Now within the context of Islamic FGM, the barbarity is kept alive and legitimized by Islamic theology. This is the case in Egypt, where this crime against girls is waged on a massive level. The Egyptian government banned FGM in 1996, but an Egyptian court overturned the ban in July 1997 because of the ferocious uprising of the Islamic clerics, who fervently pointed to Islamic teachings to re-implement this war against women’s sexuality. The Muslim mutilators pointed to traditional Islamic teachings that sanction FGM, which include the Prophet Muhammad’s instruction that circumcising girls is “a preservation of honor for women.” Also, a legal manual of the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence, ‘Umdat al-Salik, which is endorsed by Al-Azhar University of Cairo — the oldest and most prestigious university in the Islamic world — states that circumcision is obligatory for both boys and girls.
Here is the whole quotation from the text mentioned by Glazov, The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law ‘Umdat al-Salik by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri:
Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called HufaaD).
Recently, the largest Muslim organization of Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, defended FGM as a "human right".

Nonie Darwish's book about Sharia law Cruel and Usual Punishment (Amazon USA) , (Amazon UK) says:
In Indonesia, the practice had previously been unknown before Shafi'i Islam was introduced into South-East Asia. The claim that female circumcision is not a religious practice doesn't hold up.

While many say there is nothing in Islam requiring female circumcision, one of Sunni Islam's 'Four Great Imams', Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (from whom the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence takes its name) quotes Mohammed as saying, "Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women".
The practice of FGM, moreover, is perfectly aligned to the whole message of Islam with its subjugation of women. So, linking the two has a much deeper significance than associating, for example, as the media disproportionately and misleadingy do, Catholic priesthood and homosexuality or paedophilia, as both of the latter are antinomic to Catholic teachings.

It is abominable that Islamic apologists and their leftist allies continue to try to exculpate Islam with assertions like: Muhammed was not a paedophile because in those days it was ordinary practice to marry prepubescent girls, or: FGM is not Islam's fault because it is "cultural". And all this nonsense is daily repeated by the media: no wonder the resistance against Islamization makes such a slow progress in Europe.


  1. I really appreciated Leyla Hussein’s programme about FGM last night on Channel 4. What a brave person. However I felt she herself fell into the political correctness trap. Whilst FGM is not exclusive to Islam the reality is the vast majority of victims are Muslims. In the Hadith Muhammad is reported as acquiescing to FGM, furthermore none of the 4 main schools of Islamic thought criticise or forbid FGM and some encourage it like the Shafi’i school. I was therefore disappointed that she did not use this programme to challenge the power brokers in the Islamic communities like Imams. Leyla seemed to prefer to focus responsibility mainly on government agencies to intervene, I think an opportunity was missed; consider the deafening silence of organisations like the MCB on the matter

  2. This is very sad just to watch!! This has nothing to do with Islam!! O people, all you brave souls out there fear Allah. This is not Allah work this are against Islam. How can you make any changes to a body that Allah created!! What makes me more upset is that these individuals call them selves Muslims. You who does this you are an AMINAL not an human and not a Muslim. If you were a Muslim you would know right from wrong. Forgive me Allah for what I have to write. But I wish all you who have done this to young women, children that you will be burning in endless fire with Devil beside you. Forgive me Allah, I know we cant hate and there is no Evil in Islam but if I had a chance I would kill these indivuduals with my own hand for making these innocent people suffer. Allah forgive me about writing this. How can anyone allow themselves to play GOD. SubanAllah How can you even think that you are right in adjusting what got created. These individuals who called themselves Muslims are the same Even individuals that make people suffer in every part of the world. September 11 was not act of an Muslim, this is not an act of an Muslim. O people fear GOD and read what you want to know. This upsets me because this gives NON-Muslim a bad picture of what Islam is about. All this is an act against ISLAM. I'm a Muslim and there is no Other got but Allah. But these people don't know of him. please don't call you self a Muslim if you are capable to hurt an innocent individual. I just which people would get more educated before they start writing anything about Islam.

  3. There is NO FGM in the Islam:
    1. FGM is not mentioned in the Quran
    2. FGM not mentioned in Hadiths (Books written by scholars etc)
    3. 1 Hadith mentions prophet Muhammed PBUH disapproving of FGM
    4. FGM is currently practised by over 350 religions, tribes, cultures over 2/3 of the world
    5. There is over 5 methods of FGM, 4 are deadly or cause life long issues
    6. FGM is 3000-5000yrs old
    7. Misconception by a minority of Muslims:
    1 Hadiths mentions prophet Muhammed PBUH telling a non-Muslim lady who performs FGM. NOT to perform FGM! She refused so the prophet pleaded. She still refused so the prophet asked her if she is going to continue with it? Firstly God wont be pleased, Secondly if she does perform it, then only do a slight tiny slit which will heal quickly and not cause life long effect.

    1. Malik, there is no FGM in Islam, but there is FC- Female Circumcision.

      The proper form of female circumcision aka hoodectomy where only the prepuce of
      the clitoris (the equivalent of the foreskin in males) is removed benefits women, both in terms of hygiene and sexual pleasure.

      See this lovely article:

    2. Removing anything on or in the female genitalia has no medical benefits except under certain medical conditions such as cancer. Neither is it more hygienic. It is psychologically destructive as well as physically destructive.
      Any form of damage of the clitoris is akin to damaging the most sensitive part on a male sexual organ. Removal of the clitoris is akin to cutting the head off the penis.

      Anyone who has a brain can tell this is a barbaric practice no matter how much pseudoscience one puts out or justifications one makes.

    3. then why is it widely accepted by medical societies (Asia, mordern indian sub continent and Japan) that circumcising may prevent sexually transmitted diseases? and had a hygiene tag that it removes the rough skin which traps pathogens, while smooth skin can facilitate cleansing.

  4. South East Asia has Muslim population of 240 Million. Muslim countries east to India i.e. Malaysia and Indonesia also have huge populations. FGM is unheard of in these countries. It is mostly prevalent in African Countries who also happen to be the countries where Islam spread westwards in early days. FGM is documented as early as 2000 years BC in one of the Egyptian documents.

    1. In Indonesia … 97.5%...of the surveyed females from Muslim families … are mutilated by age 18.
      Female genital mutilation … is prevalent in Malaysia, where 93% … of females from Muslim families (at least 57% of the female population…) have been mutilated.
      Female genital mutilation is prevalent in parts of the Philippines….The communities that practice FGM call it … sometimes Pag-Islam, and include Tausugs of Mindanao, Yakan of Basilan and other Muslim communities of Philippines.
      Female genital mutilation is practised by the Malay Muslim community in Singapore.
      Sri Lanka: Female genital mutilation is practiced by the Muslim minority.

      From Wikipedia (all accurately referenced)

      You are a liar.

  5. In the last few days, Reza Aslan accusing Maher on CNN of unfairness to Islam, by denying that FGM is not a Muslim problem, but a "Central African" one:

    "It's a Central African problem. Eritrea has almost 90 percent female genital mutilation. It's a Christian country. Ethiopia has 75 percent female genital mutilation. It's a Christian country. Nowhere else in the Muslim, Muslim-majority states is female genital mutilation an issue."

    Mr Aslan was carefully cherry picking to support a sweeping misrepresentation that harms millions of women who do not have access like him to CNN. ALL countries with an over 80% rate of FGM (all North African countries) are vastly Muslim majority countries, except for Ethiopia. These countries are: Somalia (98% FGM, 99.8% Muslim), Egypt (91% FGM, 90% Muslim), Sudan (88% FGM, 97% Muslim), Mali (89% FGM, 90% Muslim), Guinea (96% FGM, 85% Muslim), Sierra Leone (88% FGM, 71% Muslim). Eritrea, by most estimates, is at least 50% Muslim.

    See then country Wikipedia pages for Muslim population stats. ALL African states with over 50% FGM prevalence, except Ethiopia and Liberia, have a majority Muslim population, obviously brought about by the Muslim invasion into Africa. The rest of Central African countries where FGM is practiced have much lower rates and correspondingly much lower rates of Muslim population.

    The Wikipedia article goes on to state the high prevalence of FGM in Saudi Arabia, Iran (60%),and Iraq (72%), and in all the Middle East except Israel.

    If we fail to diagnose the cause of oppression of women, we are bound to see billions of women lead greatly diminished lives burdened by great unnecessary suffering. Feminists in the West overturned once sacred religious views, too. Most Western prejudices against women came from Christianity. We have scientists and freethinking philosophers to thank for showing the world a better way.

    When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was circumcised. GENESIS 17: 1-27 When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise their girls, the message was given in a spiritual language and bore two warnings. The Israelis parent shall not sexually mutilate their daughters and fathers were commanded not have carnal knowledge of their daughters making them prostitutes. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead. Leviticus 19:28-29. Israelis girl child remained a land fenced, a spring shut up and a blessed fountain sealed in divine state. Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19. Israelis women remained lively and delivered goodly children easily a state known to Pharaoh and he agreed with the midwives reply. Exodus 1:15-22. Men can overturn the suffering girls go through in FGM over night when they are not habitually cheated on issues concerning FGM. The covenant of the flesh for a man child is with ease to behold with no ill feelings or regrets which require no medication afterward in life. Fgm is a satanic sacrifice to a girl child of secrecy with miseries and constrains of disgrace to behold accompanied by many cases traumatic child delivery requiring medication .Men with clear information concerning fgm will take a firm stand that girls atrocities in FGM resulting in life time suffering is not their joy and refuse sharing wives with Satan in FGM. Fgm is the satanic strategic morality sacrifice tragically endorsed by many parents across all social status around the world. Parents have their own zeal of faith in fgm and have established their own righteousness not according to righteousness of God in the knowledge of his Word. Roman 10:1-4. Parents spearhead the immoral act in fgm. Let all Children of Abraham by faith join in spiritual circumcision. When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. GENESIS 17: 1-27


    The BBC report above, also manages to avoid mentioning the 'M' or the 'I' word.

    On a brighter note, the tide does seem to be slowly turning against all this political correctness.

  8. This is not an Islamic act! And Islam never support it!

    1. Try reading the article.
      It is a muslim activity and islam does support it in its most aggressive form.

  9. Female genital mutilation comprises all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, 1997). The WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Joint Statement classified female genital mutilation into four types (FGM Type I, II, III, IV).

    Now UK judge James Munby compares male circumcision with FGM – without demanding a ban on ritual circumcision of minors. Are fears of legalisation of female genital mutilation (FGM Type IV and maybe also Type Ia) in the UK unfounded?

    In the matter of B and G (Children) (No 2)
    Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division


    Germany (Ringel / Meyer; Tatjana Hörnle), bad enough, and unfortunately now even Great Britain are paving the way towards the so called “mild Sunnah” type, towards a legal FGM. We should stop this, any form of FGM or MGM should be banned everywhere.

    Judge Sir James Munby can know that the circumcision of girls is religion, part of several hadith and many fatwa. The Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) of Shafii madhhab and many Ulama of Hanbali madhhab regard FGM as wajib, i. e. as a religious duty. So khitan al-inath (sunat perempuan; FGM) is part of authentic Islam.

    Hadith. Muhammad said to the muqaṭṭiʿa al-buẓūr (cutter of clitorises) Umm ʿAṭiyya:

    أشمِّي ولا تنهكي
    ašimmī wa-lā tanhakī
    [Cut] slightly and do not overdo it

    اختفضن ولا تنهكن
    iḫtafiḍna wa-lā tanhikna
    Cut [slightly] without exaggeration

    Today several Muslim clerics promote a “mild sunnah” circumcision; who tells Judge Munby about this fatwa: What is the Ruling on Circumcision for Women?

    Circumcision is obligatory upon men and women according to us (i.e. the Shafi’is). (Majmu’ of Imam An-Nawawi 1:164) The circumcision is wajib upon men and women according to the rājih qawl of Shāfi’ī madhhab. Answered by: Sidi Abdullah Muḥammad al-Marbūqī al-Shāfi’ī. Checked by: Al-Ustāż Fauzi ibn Abd Rahman

    My real concern is that Europe will soon legalise some “mild” forms of the Classification of FGM.

    And again: any form of FGM or MGM should be banned everywhere.

    s o u r c e s

    A Cutting Tradition. By Sara Corbett. The New York Times. Published: 20.01.2008

    Inside a Female-Circumcision Ceremony. Photo: Stephanie Sinclair


  10. Whats going on with this world?? why is every single problem trying to target islam? FGM is a central African problem. which is mainly populated by christians. its always been human tendency to back fire when something good is against what they follow. To me islam is the only religion which has no racism and has the most tolerant society, which is one of the biggest problem faced in day to day life. i was born an atheist but want to live believing on mother nature and ultimate power on universe and i see Islam makes it very simple and has the same ideology. Be positive fellow earthlings... leave alone the fastest growing religion in world.. Islam would have been lost long ago if it was bad.. Believe it or not, if i had to choice a religion that would only be Islam.

  11. The majority of Muslims do not follow the quoted textual opinion of the stated jurist of one sect. One opinion does NOT equal ALL opinions.
    FGM predates Islam, is not exclusive to Islam cultures, is not universal among Muslims, & can be seen in many African Christian traditional tribal cultures too.
    Talk about simplistic selective & partisan hatred.