Monday, 4 March 2013

France Will Be 40 Percent Muslim in 2030

Liberally translated from the French from Muslim Immigration to France. You won't Be Able to Say You didn't Know:

In 1968 the French population was 49.7 million people. Muslims in France were 610,000 or 1.23% of the population.

In 1988 the French population was 56 million. Muslims in France were 2,000,000 or 3.6% of the population.

In 2009 the French population was 67 million. Muslims in France were 8,000,000 or 11.94%.

These are official figures, which are likely to underestimate the real number of Muslims.

France's Muslim population has been multiplying by at least 3.5 every 20 years since 1968.

If this growth is not stopped or reversed, in 2030 the French population is projected to be 70 million people, of whom 28 million will be Muslim, or 40% of the French population.

Therefore, at the current rate of immigration, in just 17 years nearly one in two people living in France will be Muslim. This is shocking for a country that has no Islamic tradition and had no Arab population as late as 1930.

So what will the situation in France look like 20 years from now, since Islam is a conquering religion that rejects any coexistence with other religions?


  1. I have read a book on defeating jihad that the French will have to take extra constitutional measures and deport many of them to Morroco / Algeria. If they are not accepted France could go to war with Morroco / Algeria and force them to take them... I expect some trigger point in Europe to precede this...

  2. The French deserve this evil in their nation when they can't tell the difference between right and wrong through Liberalism. The French are the most stupid people on the planet and it shows.

  3. The question is not, "Will France become a Muslim nation?"

    Rather, the question is, "How bloody will the transition be?"

  4. Perhaps France can educate this bunch of infantile numpties. Religion is the last preserve of the arrogant. They think that by some weird association with a 'higher power' that makes them special.
    They must be told every day that their sick cult is based on lies,not one part of it is true.
    There are no gods we evolved from single cell organisms and they should frikkin deal with it.
    What kind of shitwit listens to the garbage spouted by freaks in dresses who molest boys and beat and enslave women? they have 1,000 years of evolutionary catching up to do- in the mean time let them have their stone age existence without the west's electricity,medicine,transport,sanitation.

    1. @Anonymous5 March 2013 17:57

      Religion isn't the problem, Islam is. France belongs to Catholics. Atheists in France committed treason against their own religion and deserve Islam. "the west's electricity, medicine, transport, sanitation" were all invented by Christians. If God created us through evolution from "single cell organisms" then that is the method God used. With "no gods", nothing matters except your next turn at getting drunk or at gay sex.

      Enjoy your parties while they last. We Christians will be the ones picking up the pieces to fight against Islam. You can join us if you so choose. We will even allow you to retain your non-beliefs and your lifestyle. The most irritating thing you will get from us is disapproval. Not so with Muslims!

    2. Islam is a conquering religion that rejects any coexistence with other religions?

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    3. If analysis and reason are keys to decision making then we should all think why, Muslim countries have a hostile attitude, these Muslims were fine when they were investing in Eur and US in the 70s and 80s, they were friends when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. We should analysis causes of such happenings and then point fingers. We cant clap with one hand there has to be reasons and need to be sorted out.


  6. why doesn't France promote an emigration from christian countries or those christians who are perscuted or murdered by radical groups?

    1. I agree. We in the West should do much more than we are doing at the moment - namely nothing - to help the persecuted Christians of the world. One solution could be the creation of an Israel-like country for Christians. What should be done immediately witbout even thinking about it is to stop all foreign aid to all countries that don't protect tbeir Christians.

  7. Fact #1: more than 33 percent of all French citizens under the age of 18 are muslims, in about 20 years, it will be fair to say, that 30 to 33 percent of all French citizens will be muslims.