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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Himalayas Are Melting. Or Maybe Not

Mount Everest glaciers

Mount Everest's Ice Is Melting, Live Science headlines an article that begins with "Earth's global thaw has reached Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak", pointing to the fateful global warming syndrome.

But if you then carry on reading the report you'll find:
The researchers suspect that the glacial melting in the Everest region is due to global warming, but they have not yet established a firm connection between the mountains' changes and climate change, Thakuri said in the statement.

While Everest isn't the only Himalayan region seeing the effects of climate change, not all of the region's glaciers are melting. The Karakoram Mountains, on the China-India-Pakistan border, are holding steady and may even be growing. But shrinking glaciers in the rest of the Himalayas have drawn significant global attention, because the glaciers provide water and power for roughly 1.5 billion people.
Shrinking glaciers always draw more attention, because they fit in with the anthropogenic global warming theory, whereas new glaciers being formed or growing, which are just as numerous, contradict it.

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