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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Immigration: UK public was never consulted

It’s so odd that many British politicians, especially those of the Euro-skeptic variety, always go on saying that the UK public has not been consulted regarding Britain’s position in the European Union now that the process of European integration is political and not just economical as it was when the UK held a referendum on the subject in 1975.

It’s odd because no politician ever, at least in the mainstream political parties, has ever uttered a word about another dramatically important issue affecting British people’s lives much more profoundly than the country’s European membership.

I refer to the mass immigration, legal and illegal, of so-called economic migrants as well as political refugees and asylum seekers, genuine and bogus alike, that has inundated the country with a number of people from all over the world so large and so unmanageable that nobody knows exactly what it is.

I said it’s odd but in fact it isn’t. There’s a crucial reason why the decisions about mass immigration have been taken by the various successive governments from the post-war period to now without bothering to find out what the people actually wanted.

Because politicians know extremely well that the vast majority of the British population do not want this large-scale demographic experiment performed on their own skin, as all opinion polls clearly show.

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  1. roger in florida28 October 2013 at 18:00

    Ms. Ferreri,
    The roots of this insane policy go back to the aftermath of WW1. Many of the British political elite of the mid to late 20th century had served in WW1 and were appalled, even traumatized, by that "Great Catastrophe", for example Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden, Harold McMillan and of course Winston Churchill. The culprit for the carnage was determined to be the nation state, so supranational legal structures had to be created, the first attempt was the League of Nations, that so disastrously failed to preserve the peace that WW2 came only 20 years after WW1 and was much more destructive. it was apparent to that generation of political leaders in pretty much all the Western Nations that another round, fought this time with nuclear weapons, may well spell the end of humanity as we knew it. So Britain embraced the UN, and the internationalism that underpinned that organization. All political parties in Britain were determined that Britain would remain a relevant World power, and the single most important diplomatic and political factor in that relevance was the permanent British seat on the UN Security Council. To the British political, financial and business elite that status had to be maintained at any cost. Literally they were prepared to throw away the British nation for the opportunity to sit at the top diplomatic tables. They had to embrace the philosophy of "One World", "One Race, Human Race", in order to maintain credibility as a relevant world power. Endless arguments have been made that mass immigration is "Good for Britain". Just as many arguments have been made for the mass EMIGRATION that has occurred in post war Britain, to the political elite those millions who went to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. were carrying the flag and love of England in their hearts, instead of the fact of course that mostly we left because we were sick of the bullshit!
    This is why the British have never been consulted and their well known antipathy to mass 3rd world immigration has been ignored, it suits the elite.