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Thursday, 17 October 2013

What Eid Teaches Moderate Muslims and Their Kids

Two days ago 15 October - the date changes every year - was the wonderful Islamic festival of Eid-ul-Adha, celebrated by Muslims worldwide by sacrificing fully conscious animals.

Of course, considering that this is a multi-million-animal slaughter - on Eid, 7.5 million animals are sacrificed every year in Pakistan alone -, by the theory of probability some incident or another is bound to happen.

Like this in Gaza, where some poor, oppressed (sob) Palestinians showed their great kindness of heart - why, they would never hurt an Israeli, promise - when, not content with simply butchering the animals, started torturing them and were attacked and wounded by the cattle.

A few reports are coming from Italy, where Muslims are - alas, oops I meant Insha'Allah - rapidly multiplying. Il Giornale di Vicenza, a local paper in the region of Venice, says about the halal slaughter on Eid:
The ceremony takes place in front of the family, with the children in the front row: it is not considered a macabre spectacle because Muslims witness it from an early age and it's part of the religious tradition.
But a grandad disagreed. An Italian man, Salvatore Cipolletta, whose daughter Cristina married young Yemeni Haidar Rohay Ahmed Al-Tawil, shot dead his son-in-law after seeing him butcher a lamb on the family's dinner table under his own grandchildren's eyes.

While in Italy the number of marriages, and in particular church weddings, has reached historic lows, mixed marriages between Italians and immigrants have steadily increased.

These, however, often don't seem to lead to happy families.

The climate of violence that surrounds Islam in so many of its doctrines, characteristics and rituals can only generate more, interminable violence in an endless cycle.

During a festive family celebration having, rather than a visit to a theme park or a trip to the cinema, an animal slaughter show without the benefit of pre-stunning as entertainment and education for the children is likely to produce adults who will not abhor blood and savagery but will find them normal: which may be what the original intention behind these rituals actually was.

Hat tip to Vale Ramone.

Photo by (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0).


  1. I listen to Wafa Sultan, Mosab Yousef, Maryam Namazie. There is Muslim terror and violence, nor do you have to look far to see it, Muslims killing each other in Syria, all over - gays hanged, stoning and whipping women, female genital mutilation, amputations as punishment, Ramadan's self-harm parade, sorry, but there are demands for blood that I do not see in any other religion.

  2. Michael Copeland17 October 2013 at 20:47

    "The tree of Islam is irrigated with blood, not with water"
    Child preacher in Egypt.

  3. Enza, you should leave Italy. They will sweep up into Greece, Italy, and on to France before they're finished. Go to South America, only safe place.

  4. The muslim "religion" is not a religion. It is some sort of vile perversion truely sanctioned by Satan. The hate everything and are cruel to everything on earth. If you are a dog or any other animal, women, girl, gay person, anything that they find beneath them they will hate and torture you. Why anybody would come to the US where they could escape this shit and still remain a member of this vile religion escapes me.