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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Enza Ferreri Euro 2014 Election Video. "Immigration and Islamisation: Let's Stop this Madness"

In all probability you wonder why you should vote for another new party, why this small party Liberty GB should make any difference, that others haven't made.

Yet, in all probability you are also one of the 70% of people in this country who want immigration to be reduced or stopped completely, and one of the many and increasing number of people who are worried about Islam.

You are right to feel that way on both counts. Immigration is causing great problems. Economic first: immigrants from outside the European Union take £100billion more in benefits than they pay back in taxes. This is not tabloid sensationalism or right-wing propaganda. It's the result of a 16-year study from University College London, the most far-reaching study ever conducted of the impact of migration on taxpayers, based on official and government figures. Non-European immigrants dig a deep hole in our finances: the amount taken in benefits and services by them is 14% higher than money put back.

What about European immigrants then? They pay 4 per cent more into the tax system than they take out, while British-born people pay in 7 per cent less than they receive from the state.

But this does not mean that, as the spin goes, immigrants – even if only of European origin – positively contribute to British society. It just means that European immigrants, although certainly not as ruinous as the non-Europeans, when they reach a certain number are still a big problem for British economy, as they take jobs that would otherwise be filled by British people, who in turn because of that have to be on the dole, which is a burden for taxpayers.

So, when all is considered, the contribution, even from hard-working, law-abiding and well-integrated European immigrants, is still negative for Britons. If natives did those jobs, they would contribute to the revenue the same amount of tax as the immigrants, instead of living on benefits.

The problems caused by immigration are not only economic, though. They are also social and cultural. British people forced into interminable queues for public services, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, public housing. Costs of accommodation, bought and rented, rising and making it difficult for young people to leave home or couples to get married, as housing demand outstrips supply and pushes prices up.

Muslim immigration, in addition to all this, causes special problems. Islam is not what the politicians want you to believe. Islam's holy scriptures are divisive and provoke violence, because the final goal of Islam is the imposition of its dominance and its laws on the whole of humanity, with whatever means available, peaceful if possible, non-peaceful if necessary. You can see this happening all over the world, wherever the number of Muslims reach a sizeable percentage of the population, which is soon to be Britain's fate as they out-reproduce the British natives at a very fast rate.

There are among Muslims non-violent and decent people, no doubt, but what they do or want doesn't count for as long as they remain Muslim, because they in the end have to accept the rulings of Islamic law, which is inimical to British civilisation.

Islam is not a real religion, trying to morally improve human beings, but it's a very real political ideology of supremacism.

You have already witnessed many manifestations of this impossibility to reconcile Islam with British life and values, from halal meat pushed down your and your children's throat to sex slave and paedophile rings – who are largely Muslim – raping young white girls; from British soldiers beheaded in the street to hate preachers and terrorists protected by mosques.

Despite this, Britain is becoming progressively Islamised day by day. One morning, it will be indistinguishable from Pakistan or Somalia.

But enough with the bad news.

The good news is that now YOU can do something to initiate a change, in the simplest possible way: with YOUR vote for Liberty GB at the European Elections of May 22.
Change will not be immediate, but will start gradually and then gather momentum, in the same way as an initial decline has slowly turned into a fall into the precipice under our own eyes.

If damage has effectively been done, it can just as effectively be undone.

You need a party to represent you. Spontaneous protests, as we have seen, may attract headlines but don't produce results.

On the other hand, mainstream parties – and that includes UKIP – are too comfortable to want and enact real change, they need the votes of immigrants and Muslims to continue in their cushy jobs.

But in Liberty GB we are not career politicians, we're in politics because we can't stand what's going on any longer.

We have in our manifesto policies that will stop this madness. There is a domino effect in social politics, a vicious circle that multiplies the negative effects of wrong policies; but similarly, the right policies can produce a positive chain reaction, a virtuous circle.

Check out our manifesto – at – to see the measures we want to introduce.

Support us, join us or simply donate money to us. And, more importantly, please vote Liberty GB at the European Elections in May. My name is Enza Ferreri, and I am a candidate. Thank you.

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