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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Enza Ferreri: No More Immigration and Islamisation, Vote Liberty GB


Liberty GB, for which I am a candidate, is a new patriotic, conservative party contesting the 2014 European Parliament Elections in the South-East constituency on the 22nd of May.

People sometimes ask us why they should vote for us and not UKIP, adding that a vote for Liberty GB will be a wasted vote.

Let me answer those questions.

I want to start with the BBC’s Question Time programme in Barking of the 6th of March. People’s worries about the alien invasion that part of East London has been subjected to were motivated by “personal perceptions” not corresponding to reality, said Leftist journalist David Aaronovitch.

These days the objective “reality” can only be established by costly studies commissioned by the government or a Leftist university institute. When people hear the words “study”, “report” or “research” they automatically assume that it’s conducted according to scientific principles of investigation.

That unfortunately is not necessarily the case. Many studies are flawed in various ways, especially when they try to arrive at a conclusion which suits the researcher’s ideology or that of the provider of his funds. Take the research done to establish whether immigration affects British housing and employment. These are problems deeply felt in the South East. The question can be answered with a simple arithmetic calculation coupled with a basic knowledge of how the market law of supply and demand works.

Researchers should answer this question instead: how is it possible that huge numbers of new additions to a population in a short time can NOT affect things like housing and employment?

It’s as simple as 2 plus 2 equals to 4. You have, say, an area with accommodation for 1,000 households. In this area live 950 families. Relatively suddenly there’s an influx of other 200 families. Now there are 1,150 households but still 1,000 homes. Demand will far exceed supply, which in turn will drive up prices and increase homelessness.

The only research that is needed is finding out the size of population and the available housing: the rest is deductive logic. Certain consequences are inevitable.

This is so true that even pro-immigration people keep calling for the building of new houses, therefore implicitly admitting that immigration does have an impact on lack of accommodation.

Similar scenario for employment. If, as a simple example, there are on average 100 job seekers for 1 vacancy, the outcome for job seekers will be greatly different than if there are 200. More people competing for the same jobs - same demand for labour force and more supply - means more unemployment and lower wages.

And again, the easy confirmation of this comes from the fact that employers are among the most ardent supporters of immigration, which provides them with ample – and therefore cheaper - workforce.

Of course things tend to be always a bit more complicated, but in this case the complications are small details in a very clear fundamental, overall picture.

During the same Question Time programme, David Aaronovitch called a man we at Liberty GB have christened “the homeless patriot” racist without using the actual word, when he asked him how seeing black faces in the street makes them not your streets any more. Incidentally, the homeless patriot had never uttered the word “black”.

What would Aaronovitch say about the fact that you can walk and use public transport anywhere in London for hours and hardly ever hear a voice speaking English? Does that qualify for those no longer being your streets? I get annoyed by that and I’m not even English-born, I’m Italian – although I’ve lived in London 30 years -, I can imagine what it must feel for English people.

In addition to the number, we have the question of the kind of immigrants. Many of them are Muslim. Most Westerners don’t really know what Islam is and, hearing that it’s a religion, make the natural assumption that it’s something similar to our own experience of a religion: Christianity. They think it’s basically the same thing, just replacing the Bible with the Quran, God with Allah, Jesus with Muhammad.

The reality is very different. Islam is not so much a religion as a political doctrine and system of law and government. Islamic law, sharia, doesn’t constitute just moral commandments as in Christianity but laws of the state.

Divine laws, according to Islam, should replace human, imperfect laws. Everywhere. All over the world. How? By Muslims’ assuming power and domination over the various countries and peoples of the earth. Peacefully if possible, but using force and violence if necessary.

When Muslim leaders and representatives say that Islam is a religion of peace, what they actually mean is that, once all the world is united under Muslim rule, there will be peace. They equivocate, knowing that Western people ignore that.

It doesn’t take much to understand that there is a big difference between self-described followers of a religion – Christianity - committing acts of violence that go against the core precepts of that religion and self-described followers of another religion – Islam - committing acts of violence that they are ordered to perpetrate by that religion.

Britain, when Muslims reach a certain number, will follow the same fate as all other places where they try to impose sharia. And we already see the first signs now.

This takes us back to the original question. What’s wrong with UKIP? UKIP understands the problems of immigration, but doesn’t deal with them effectively. Freezing it for 5 years is not enough.

What about the immigrants already here and their successive generations? UKIP has no answer to that. Liberty GB will deport illegal immigrants, expel foreigners found guilty of imprisonable offences, examine the case of legal immigrants living in Britain since 1997, expel foreign imams and home-grown hate preachers, help repatriations, demand that immigrants assimilate into British life.

UKIP’s website has hardly any mention of Islam, and the party is hesitant in recognising that the problem of the Islamisation of Britain exists. Liberty GB clearly declares in its manifesto that Islam is incompatible with our democratic system, and has many policies dealing with its threat.

On same-sex marriage too, UKIP hasn’t been firm and uncompromising in its opposition as Liberty GB is.

In the past, voting for UKIP was also considered a wasted vote, but it turned out to put pressure on the Tories about leaving the EU. Now, voting for Liberty GB may put pressure on UKIP about immigration and Islam, making its positions more straightforward.

To know more about our policies, visit

Please support, join, donate to, and most importantly vote Liberty GB. My name is Enza Ferreri. Thank you.


  1. "You can walk and use public transport anywhere in London for hours and hardly ever hear a voice speaking English"

    It is the STEALING of Britain by excessively wicked ruling elites who ruthlessly colonized our nation with millions of muslims who openly declare their goal is our conquest and enslavement under vile, woman-hater, barbaric

    Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers"

    What a huge muslim military attack against Britain (and Europe) could never achieve is being achieved by our evil rulers who sold their souls and sold out our cherished little nation to the world's muslims. Wicked British and European leaders are criminals who have broken international law! Population replacement is FORBIDDEN by international law!

    Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

    Unless muslim immigration is permanently ended and reversed, Britain's (and Europe's) future is one of great horror and terror. We will become a second Pakistan, a second Lebanon, a second Syria, thanks to our evil leaders.

    Islam's cruel, violent god is the total opposite of the HOLY ONE, our Precious, Beautiful, Awesome, Glorious, Merciful, Magnificent, Majestic Creator. Islam's laws call for the MASSIVE breaking of God's eternal Laws given to His faithful, Jewish Hebrew servant, Moses.

    Welfare benefits were created ONLY for our indigenous people and only in time of great need. Our wicked rulers have given away what belongs only to indigenous Britons - welfare benefits and social housing to millions of immigrants!

    9,000 homeless vets and other desperate homeless Britons live on the streets, DENIED HELP! Immigrants who have never worked and have no loyalty to Britain are top of the list for social housing and given everything free!

    Immediately end all benefits and social housing to immigrants and to muslim males and their harems of multiple wives and huge numbers of children! End all benefits and social housing to immigrants who became citizens and never worked or who hardly worked!

    Muslims must go to land wealthy, oil-wealthy BLACK GOLD Saudi arabia and Qatar! Wealthy Muslim nations have a MORAL responsibility to support their own muslim people! Britain is BANKRUPT!

    Paul Weston: Why Is this not Treason?
    The recent Labour government might not have been operating in a hot-war theatre, but they certainly carried out a warm-war against the British (principally the English) via mass immigration from one of the most hostile and anti-Western countries in the world, Pakistan.

    Consider some of the following statistics:

    Only 19 percent of Pakistanis have a negative view of al-Qaeda and by default the Taliban, whilst 75 percent wish to see Sharia law implemented. British-born Muslims make an estimated four hundred thousand trips a year to Pakistan, where as many as thirty threats against Britain are being monitored at any given time.

    33 percent of Muslim students in Britain think killing in the name of Islam is permissible. Only 37 percent oppose the introduction of Sharia law and only 25 percent oppose the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate.

  2. Great speech, Enza!

    I hope the Liberty GB team will be able to pass out more flyers!

  3. Thank you, Linda.

    We will if people help us to raise the money.

    I put a donation button on the top right of this blog for that very purpose!

  4. Good luck from across the pond. A critical failure of logic has been the notion of voting for the lesser or two evils, because you fear the really bad party.This always results in the victory of an evil. Simple logic. The U.S. system fosters a face off between two large parties; this has gone from a good idea to the playground of the wealthy who easily control both parties. Political views are secondary as long as they have high walls. Religions and individual freedom have been pushed aside, but the unintended consequences are unfolding. We are for a terrible struggle; Europe seems lost from my view.

  5. I just donated again five minutes to midnight your time.

    This comment is meant to be DELETED AFTER you pass on my comment to Liberty GB leaders. I'm extremely annoyed with the article Psychoanalyzing Nations by John K. Press. What has this silly article about a sex-obsessed woman got to do with our fight for freedom and Christian civilisation - our very survival, against barbaric Islam? The pic of the woman makes me sick. She's naked from the waist down. The pic DEGRADES women and makes women look cheap - yes, infidel women made to look like a CHEAP, worthless piece of trash! We already know that's how muslims think about infidel women!

    When visitors go to Lib GB facebook page and to Lib GB site, what are they going to think? It's certainly not going to inspire them to join Lib GB or donate! And it's going to extremely disappoint many Lib GB members/supporters/donaters.

    Lib GB generally has truly fantastic articles. Lib GB must be seen as a party that is one hundred percent dedicated all of the time to fighting for our freedom and Christian civilisation. Every article should reflect that. Every pic should reflect that.

    I was very delighted Tim Burton won. I think it would be nice if you now replace that big pic on facebook with a pic that shows something about Briton's fighting spirit!

    I've mentioned this before. Can you get a lot of petitions on Lib GB?

    Paul Weston quoting Winston Churchill was fantastic! God bless him and have him win his case!!! Unfortunately, this has still not attracted the members and donors Liberty GB desperately needs. I definitely believe that Lib GB needs to do more public things. For example, protesting with signs and making speeches outside a British infidel fast food chain that sells halal and video taping the whole thing and getting this on youtube and the Lib GB site.

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