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Friday, 11 July 2014

Leninist Scotland Can Go Its Own way

The Wallace monument, honouring Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace

Watching last night's Question Time, which was in Scotland and devoted half of its time to the question of Scottish independence - it was also the last QT before the September referendum -, confirmed and strengthened my opinion that England would be far better off without Scotland.

We are used to seeing on that BBC panel show constant displays of the worst that British Marxism-Leninism has to offer, but last night's programme really took the biscuit.

The discussion consisted in a non-stop talk of equality and increasing gap between social classes. A chap in the audience, with his face contorted by hatred, expressed the view that it's disgusting that rich people exist. No doubt, if he had half a chance, he would make sure that none are left, by robbing them blind if not by bloodier means.

Such unadulterated class hatred and communism will guarantee the economic collapse of an independent Scotland, as the history of all attempts to run a socialist economy will attest.

Hearing these people talk, you would have thought that they've never seen a history book, never heard of Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro and what they did to their countries.

The discussion sounded surreal. There was no public debt - mostly created by their favourite party, Labour -, money was found on trees or fell from the sky like a Biblical manna and it was endless, always there to prevent food banks and maintain people happy and free to pursuit their favourite activity, doing nothing, and choose their preferred lifestyle, idleness.

When the subject became public health, more scorn was poured on Westminster and England - where cuts and food banks reigned supreme - for not spending enough money on the NHS, which in England was practically being taken to pieces.

Not in Scotland, oh no. There, more and more funding will be made available to the NHS. Where the money will come from nobody even thought of asking, it's such a non-compassionate question.

By the way, "compassion" was the most frequently uttered word of the night.

In this context, it wouldn't surprise me - but it would rather be totally consistent with the whole picture - what one of the panelists highlighted: that the SNP has devoted only one page out of the 650 of its manifesto to the subject of economic policy. The panelist in question was Alan Savage - not coincidentally a businessman -, the only sensible person participating in the debate, who was totally isolated the whole evening and at times mocked.

I don't know where the prevailing Scottish acidic and vitriolic political views - also evident in the voting patterns of that land - come from, but they have all the appearance of inevitably leading, if the vote to the referendum is Yes, to the establishment of the Soviet Republic of Scotland.

The prospect of a Yes vote looks increasingly likely, as the gap between the groups of people declaring themselves for a Yes or No vote in opinion polls narrows. The latest survey, carried out today by Survation, gives this result: Yes - 41%; No - 46%; Don't know - 13%.

In early January of this year the corresponding figures were: Yes - 28-29%; No - 42%; Undecided - 29-30%.

Let's hope Scotland goes its own way and take all its poisonous Leninism with it.

I end quoting from a piece in The Spectator, whose title, "Vote yes, Scots – and set the English free", sums up my feelings:
When we weigh such considerations, we start to realise some of the practical benefits to England of Scotland voting yes. Mr Salmond claims Scotland is self-supporting. This is true in the same way that grown-up children who live with their parents are self-supporting. The higher per capita spending that flows north of the border would stay in the English Treasury. Just think what the English (and Welsh, and Northern Irish) could do with it. Scotland has a culture of welfarism: England is seeking to rid itself of one. Separation means one nation no longer has to accommodate these damaging differences. The area north of Leeds and Manchester that Mr Miliband has this week complained is economically underperforming could become home to businesses fleeing what may well have to become a penal taxation regime in Scotland. Indeed, Mr Osborne should stand by to grant special tax status to Carlisle and Newcastle to make them the Cayman Islands of the north. [Emphases added]


  1. Cultural Suicide, how many Muslims are in Scotland? How great are the Scots, mean, dumb louts that they have become?. What would Wallace think of the modern tribe? But the Brits aren't a lot different. Will England survive with having all the Muslims there?
    Of course, the USA is lucky in that we have The OBAMA leading(from behind) us to Hell in a hand basket. He said he will fundamentally change the USA. He didn't say it would be for the better.

  2. I wonder if Scotland's entrepreneurial classes simply don't live in Scotland anymore. Either migrated south to London for the big money, or else through the centuries left for the colonies. Eg.. there is no shortage of hardcore Scottish capitalists in America.

    The remainder population might be mainly the Romneyesque 47% er's, who see themselves as life's victims. (that someone else should pay to make up for the unfairness the victims have faced in life).

    To believe in a free society and economy, you have to believe that you have something of value to offer to other people. Or at least you have the ability if the opportunity was available to build up expertise.

  3. i hope for the good of England that Scotland departs the Union. It was a Scottish dominated labour party which out of malice opened England up to mass -immigration. Few of the millions of migrants have settled in the Highlands. England has more people per square than most places in the world including India and China. It now has an ethnic population larger than the population of Scotland . The term British is generic and is used to describe anyone living in the UK. English means an English person .

  4. Frankly I'm surprised that Ms Ferreri fell for this progressive leftist propaganda piece arranged and stage managed by the BBC, itself the most Marxist Leninist institution in Britain today in order to scare the 13% don't know's into voting no in September in order to preserve a union long past it's sell by date.
    Scotland has seen it's heavy industries exterminated over the last century as has the north of England, Wales and northern Ireland.
    Could the Titanic be built in Belfast today? Could the new Forth bridge be built from Scottish steel? To say our ships were Clyde built was once a sign of pride, not only in Scotland but in Britain and it's empire, an empire which had Scots in every part.
    But that's all in the past. Britain has been decimated by London-centric governments since the 1950's. The Titanic and her sisters could not be built in Belfast today because there is no British steel industry to supply the steel because there is no British coal industry to support the steel industry. The Forth bridge will be built from Chinese steel, why? For exactly the same reasons! Westminster reacts the way any business reacts when time's are hard and austerity bites, the branch offices are the first to close. All well and good, but when the branch offices are the life blood of the nation there must be an alternative to closure.
    Scotland's alternative is independence, perhaps the north of England, northern Ireland and Wales should come with us?

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