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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

When Progressives Consider Child-Rape Defensible

Five men jailed for sexual offences against underage girls in Rotherham in 2010

Published on FrontPage Magazine

By Enza Ferreri

The umpteenth case of child sex abuse in Britain perpetrated by Muslims, the Rotherham abuse, has understandably left the self-proclaimed “progressives” and multiculturalists in disarray. The Leftist media outlets are on the defensive but still trying to maintain their ground.

Their best weapons are to distract public attention by diverting it to whatever has not been committed by Muslims, and the use of double standards, of which the most shocking example is the differential treatment of Muslims versus the Catholic Church.

The same people, assorted Leftists and secularists, who immediately jumped to the conclusion that all Catholic clergymen are either directly involved in paedophile abuse or in its cover-up are now bending over backwards to deny any connection between the Muslim grooming and sex-slavery gangs and Islam.

An article in The Guardian by Slovenian Marxist psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek, included by Foreign Policy in its 2012 list of Top 100 Global Thinkers (no less), seems to condemn but in fact displays this behaviour. Deceitfully entitled “Rotherham child sex abuse: it is our duty to ask difficult questions”, it covers just about everything but Rotherham – and generally Muslim - child sex abuse.

The word “Muslim” appears twice, “Islam” once, “Islamophobic” once, “Catholic” three times (the same number as “priests” and “racism”), plus assorted “Christian” and “Christianity”.

It doesn’t talk about Islam at all, except to briefly mention women’s second place within it, but immediately preventing the reader from dwelling on the subject too much: “Without blaming Islam as such (which is in itself no more misogynistic than Christianity)…”.

The most ironic part of the piece is where Žižek blames his comrades for doing the same he does:
The left exhibited the worst of political correctness, mostly via generalisations: perpetrators were vaguely designated as “Asians”, claims were made that it was not about ethnicity and religion but about the domination of men over women, plus who are we – with our church paedophilia and Jimmy Savile – to adopt a high moral ground against a victimised minority.
The double standard in this kind of coverage and comment is so gigantic that it’s better described as a total reversal of the truth.

We have on one hand Muslim paedophile and sex-slave gangs who act in total accordance with Islam on many levels. To begin with, Muhammad, the model man for all Muslims worthy of the name, gave the good example by marrying a 6-year-old, Aisha, and consummating their marriage when she was 9. He also owned sex slaves. Both sex with underage, even pre-menstruating, girls and sex slavery – both relevant to the Rotherham case - are permissible in Islamic Scriptures and law. Even today, child marriage is commonly practised in the Muslim world.

In fact, in Pakistan – the country of origin of most of the UK child groomers or their families –,
according to UNICEF, child marriages accounted for 32 per cent of all marriages in the country from 1987 to 2005…

Around 100 million girls are expected to enter into child marriage in the next decade. [Emphasis added]
Pakistan has or has had the world record for paedophilia-related internet searches, such as "child sex video". Child molestation in Punjab, a region of Pakistan where 97.21% of the population is Muslim, has reached alarming levels, and “68 percent [of] girls and 32 percent [of] boys have been the victims of paedophilia.”

Add to all this the contempt which Muslims have for white women, considered as “easy meat” due to the way they dress and their drinking habits, and you can easily see that the disproportionate representation of Muslims among those convicted for child rape, grooming of girls for sex, and child prostitution in the UK – 91%, while Muslims are 4-5% of the total population – is not coincidental.

The arguments for linking the epidemic of paedophile rings in Britain with its Muslim immigrant population are strong, solidly founded and well-reasoned. The bias and distortion of the facts are on the part of those who deny them, contrary to all evidence.

We then have on the other hand an extensive media treatment, that lasted for a very long time, of the Catholic Church as a hotbed of paedophilia, vigorously connecting it to its preaching, including chastity, whereas in fact the overwhelming majority of sex offenders have wives or girlfriends.

In reality, research on the subject shows exactly the opposite. These are the main findings in the USA: Catholic priests who ever abused minors are less than 2%, the same figure for Protestant clergy is 2-3%, and most of the abusers are not clergy or staff, but Church volunteers; the figure for rabbis within organised Judaism is 2-3%.

In secular institutions the abuse is even more widespread.

The most reasonable conclusion is that the Catholic Church, far from being especially connected to paedophilia – which it condemns -, has itself partly succumbed to the ethos of our age, although greatly less than other institutions dealing with children.

While the Left was caught unaware, the British political Right and its warnings about the dangers of Islam have been vindicated by the Rotherham outrage. The UK public, in the middle, may be – ever so slightly – waking up to the reality of the “religion of peace”.

The BBC says:
Islamic State extremism and the Rotherham abuse scandal are fuelling a far-right backlash in the UK, one of the Home Office's most senior advisers on right-wing extremism has said…

But the Institute for Strategic Dialogue claims the government must engage more with the far right.
After what former Rotherham MP Denis MacShane admitted:
Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard…

[I] should have done more to investigate child abuse…
maybe “liberal leftie”, “Guardian reader” and “multiculturalist” should finally become dirty words, insults of the same grade as “fascist”?

Saturday 20th September the English Defence League (EDL) held a demonstration in Downing Street in front of the Prime Minister’s residence over this scandal, which I attended.

I had never been to an EDL demo before. Yes, they are working class, heavily tattooed, and - with their flag waving, slogan chanting and raucous singing - closely resembling beer-drinking football fans in appearance and behaviour. But they are decent folks doing their bit in a legal and peaceful way for their own country and all ours, for the survival of Western civilisation. Their courage and commitment are unfortunately not widely matched in the general population.

The EDL's bad reputation in the public perception is largely due to the kind of media reporting we are well used to. In the same way as Christians being slaughtered all over the Islamic world is for the media equally-balanced "sectarian violence", and Israel's reaction to Hamas rockets is "indiscriminate bombing of civilians", so the throwing of stones and bottles at EDL crowds by the Leftist thugs of UAF (Unite Against Fascism, an offshoot of the Socialist Workers Party) becomes for the BBC and mainstream press "clashes between the UAF and the English Defence League".

Just witness this ABC News report in which the “hate next door” in the title incongruously doesn’t refer to radical Islam, but to the EDL that tries to protect us from it.

The leader of my party Liberty GB, Paul Weston, looking at some litter from the food and drinks consumed by the 400-500 people attending the demonstration, tidily kept in a corner, pointed out to me how you never see that at events organised by the “liberals”, where garbage is left all over the place.

Liberty GB is considering fielding as a candidate in Rotherham at the 2015 British Parliament elections a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

Paul Weston gave a brilliant, passionate speech in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, culminating in “Cameron, you're a liar and you're a traitor!”

From the pen (a cage would have been better) in which the police wisely kept them, the only contribution to the subject of the Rotherham child-grooming gangs coming from the “counterdemonstration” of the UAF was "Nazi scum!", which is more or less their only "argument" against the critics of Islam.


  1. please have a candidate in rotherham

  2. Every day I am grieved and angry that UK ruling elites for decades ALLOWED dirty, demonic, inhuman, savage, violent gang raping, sex-slaver muslim monsters - the Spawn of Satan to gang rape, torture and force into prostitution and sex-slavery Britain's white infidel little girls. Desperate child sex-slave victims begged the authorities for help and were ignored.

    Every society, every nation protects their women and children, but not British and European leaders who for many years have allowed muslims - the Sons of the Devil to wage a massive Rape War against Britain and Europe's females. Mass rape of a nation's females is perpetrated by vicious enemy invaders who have conquered a country. Nations who have suffered a massive military defeat by deadly enemies are tragically unable to stop this terrible evil against God and defenseless females.

    Although it appears to be the case, Britain and Europe have not been conquered by muslim military armies. EVIL British and European leaders DELIBERATELY colonised each one of our tiny nations enabling muslims to OBEY the quran and physically and sexually attack our females. The quran instructs muslims that raping and mass sex-slave taking of infidel females is what should be done to non-muslim females.

    Ethical leaders would drive out muslims back to their countries, but not our evil leaders. They continually import massive numbers of muslims so that muslims can rape a lot more of our women and children. Along with the muslim sex-slavers, our leaders are also monsters and barbarians. They are the most evil people who ever walked God's earth.

  3. Very strong words.... but unfortunately you are correct

  4. It is time for every individual who values their freedom and their individual rights to stand up and take responsibility for their own lives by abandoning all outside "authorities" and begin to think for themselves. Until we become self leaders, we will always depend on others to do our thinking for us and to provide for us and this is the basis for the authoritarian control so loved by the engineers of all the doomed social experiments, together with their "Robin Hood" dynamics.