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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

An Islamic Symbol on the Australian Flag?

I've found the above picture on Facebook, posted by an Australian FB page called "Preserving Islamic Rights on the Gold Coast - PIRGC", self-described as "the righteous and proud voice of the Islamic community within the Gold Coast [a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia] and surrounding areas".

The message in the graphic is so preposterous that it's hard to judge if it's genuine or fake. The least credible part is:
We do not ask that Christmas be cancelled as we are not one to ruin peoples fun, however the word "Christ" must be removed from all shopping centres and Christmas icons, we hereby declare that from this day the Christmas tree shall be known as the Wintertree.
A website claims that PIRGC is a hoax, which has posted other outrageous demands:
[PIRGC] has demanded that the Gold Coast mayor incorporate Islamic prayers into the Anzac Day Dawn service to 'honour fallen Islamic diggers'. It also proposes that an Islamic symbol be included on a newly designed Australian flag. It even suggests that an entire Islamic suburb to be called 'New Palestine' and complete with a 'Refugee Ferry Port and Processing Facility is to be built in the area.
According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the PIRGC page may be part of a campaign to stop the building of a local mosque at Currumbin Waters, on the southern Gold Coast.

This is the real good news of the story: the Gold Coast City Council has received about 2,200 objections to the plans for the mosque, a record number. Over 4,000 people have also signed a petition ­opposing the mosque. Opponents have campaigned against it on social media and built a fighting fund.

Area city councillor Chris Robbins said that the PIRGC page is bogus and not set up by the Islamic community, adding that she contacted Facebook to have remarks ­attributed to her removed from it, which was done.

The truth, though, is that we can't be sure one way or the other. Reading the posts on the Preserving Islamic Rights on the Gold Coast Facebook page, it does have all the appearance of a fake, a creation by non-Muslims to ridicule Islamic demands on Western societies.

But, at the same time, similarly ludicrous requests have been made by Muslim groups and individuals living in the West. So, it's really difficult to make one's mind up. It could be the case of art imitating reality - a politically-motivated joke - or reality imitating art - Western Muslims reaching surreal and unbelievable levels of arrogance encouraged by the appeasingly weak response of the indigenous infidels.

For instance, the Hoax-Slayer site that claims to have "debunked" this page gives reasons that are far from conclusive, as they could as well apply to an authentic page established by Muslims.

For example: "The claims in the Page's posts are nonsense.", "Its ridiculous claims clearly indicate that it is a troll page", "The false and inflammatory material published by the page". All these are activities that real Muslims are perfectly capable of.

This site clearly doesn't know if we are in the presence of a troll page. It may be the case, but it may not. Hoax-Slayer just tries to protect the followers of Muhammad from "anti-Muslim hysteria" and to prevent "inciting hatred and bigotry and damaging relationships between Muslim groups and the wider Gold Coast community".

Is calling Christmas tree "Wintertree" absurd? Yes, it is, but eerily similar things have already been done. When we can't tell fact from fiction to this extent, it says a lot about the degree of multicultural drivel and Islamisation we have reached.


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