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Monday, 6 October 2014

YouTube without PC Censorship

LivingScoop website

I want to tell you about a free-speech answer to YouTube: it's called LivingScoop.

The people behind it have contacted me asking me to spread the news of its existence and its need of promotion and financial support.

LivingScoop declares to be "the first and only video sharing site with unlimited free speech and freedom of all expressions".

The problem with YouTube is that it is relatively easy to violate its terms of service. How many times have we clicked on a link to a YouTube video and found that it had been taken down? Counterjihad and other politically-incorrect clips are particularly vulnerable to this fate.

It seems that many videos violating YouTube's guidelines can remain on the website without any trouble, as long as no-one complaints. But, if there is a sufficient number of complaints about a video, it will be removed until it's reviewed by YouTube's staff. And we know how good Muslims and Leftists are at acting in concert to get what they want (just look at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in the United Nations).

Besides, YouTube is owned by Google, which is itself an ideologically Left-of-centre company, a fact that shouldn't inspire total trust.

LivingScoop is different. The LivingScoop management has sent me this message, which I reproduce faithfully:
Livingscoop is one of the key front line Websites in the fight against Islamization of Western countries. Very big blogs like PI-News in Germany use Livingscoop to host their videos safely, and Livingscoop was also notably used to host video interviews with Robert Spencer or with Wafa Sultan.

Meanwhile, these days Livingscoop needs support over the short term in order to face costs, and provide support for necessary technical improvements on the mid-term.

Please, donate to Livingscoop to help us develop and add technical improvements, such as a new own video player, a general HTML5 video format working better with iOS devices, and an upgraded great version of our â "Live Reporter" real time streaming app, etc.

>>> Use the Paypal "Donate" button visible on all pages of Livingscoop. <<<

Feel free to pass on this message to your friends, relatives, networks.

The more support Livingscoop gets, the more sustainable and efficient it is to provide everyone's daily freedom of expression and to offer a strong, safe and reliable platform for anti-jihad videos.



  1. Have you written a post about this?

    I find it hard to search for posts/articles within blogspot.

    I was looking for a non-machine translation.

    Bandito il bikini... offende i musulmani

  2. Thank you much for this news, Enza. I've already broadcast the news to my many contacts.

  3. I will look for Livingscoop. Thanks.

  4. LiveLeak is also pretty good, within reason.

  5. Mind you, you blog on Blogspot another Google owned product. Amazed when I look on my phone and not my AdBlockPlussed Firefox PC, how much advertising they cram in a page. We need to encourage the Libertarian billionaires out there to support libertarian content vehicles, rather than having ideological ghettos, that are avoided by those not supportive of similar ideological themes. Then their size can act as a challenge to the likes of Google and the principle of nonviolent free speech be widely upheld.