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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Muslims Attack Christian School over Charlie Hebdo

Where has all the Christian-Muslim interfaith dialogue gone? Or maybe it has just been a monologue, with only the Christians doing the talking and no-one on the other side listening?

That this is the case has been dramatically brought home by yesterday's events in Pakistan, where, amid countrywide protests and demonstrations, hundreds of Muslim students protesting against Charlie Hebdo's cartoons stormed a Christian high school for boys in the city of Bannu, in the country's northwest, and demanded its closure.

Four students were injured. According to witnesses, the protesters opened its gates, entered the school and vandalised it, destroying objects and windows. Some of them were carrying guns.
Last month 150 people, mostly students, were killed when Taliban gunmen attacked an army-run school in the provincial capital Peshawar. Charlie Hebdo caricatures have triggered massive protests in Pakistan. On January 16, at least three people were injured when protesters and police clashed at an anti-Charlie Hebdo stir outside the French consulate in Karachi.

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  1. The fact that millions of adult humans are offended by a cartoon is beyond insane. White children understand by 6 years old that 'sticks and stones...'