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Friday, 27 March 2015

"Liberals" Are the Most Totalitarian People

Unite Against Fascism supporters at the same Birmingham demonstration shown above

An intolerable double standard is this. Whereas people with - for want of a better word - "Right-wing" ideas are constantly demonised by casually throwing slurs at them and calling them "fascist", "Nazi", "racist", "anti-Semite", "homophobe", "Islamophobe", "bigot" (in short, what today are considered the most despicable characterisations, possibly even worse than murderer, rapist and paedophile) just for the crime of questioning, say, the wisdom of unrestricted immigration from the Third World to Europe or the advisability of same-sex marriage, people on the "Left" end of the political spectrum are treated with kid gloves.

For example, Leftists are allowed to get away with calling themselves - and being called by others - "liberals".

This is a misnomer, like the insults listed above, but in the inverse sense. Whereas the use of "bigot" for many traditionalist thinkers is a defamatory statement, treating a person worse than he deserves, the use of "liberal" for a Leftist is an equally undeserved praise, since this word - rightly or wrongly - has come to acquire positive connotations, like love of freedom, open mindedness, generosity, tolerance, enlightenment, indulgence and, most important of all in the modern world, lack of prejudice.

In reality, whereas Right-wing people not necessarily are supporters of fascism or hold National Socialist views and more often than not are opposed to dictatorship and totalitarianism, Left-wingers tend to fall into one of three categories: socialists, communists and "useful idiots", the appellative given by Lenin to those naive individuals who were helping the Bolsheviks without realising what these communists really were doing and wanted to achieve, and now used in a more general sense for those who help socio-communists with the same somnambulism as their predecessors.

Far from loving freedom and tolerance, the so-called "liberals" are usually the most totalitarian, dictatorship-loving suppressors of others' opinions and expression.

An even cursory glance at the websites of the self-proclaimed "anti-fascist" groups shows what sort of autocratic, despotic way of thinking they share with their intellectual ancestors Marx and Lenin. The group behind the British magazine Searchlight, "opposing racism and fascism in Britain and abroad", is a classical example.

Of Searchlight's founder and publisher Gerry Gable Wikipedia says:
The son of a Jewish woman and a nominally Church of England father, Gable grew up in post-war east London considering himself Jewish.[1] As a youth, Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain, and worked as a runner on the Communist Party's Daily Worker newspaper, leaving after a year to become a Communist Party trade union organizer. He stood unsuccessfully for the Communist Party on 10 May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London.[2] He finally quit the communist party because of their Anti-Israel policy and because "first and foremost [he has] always been a Jewish trade unionist".[1]

Joined by other Jews and anti-fascists, many ex-serviceman and members of the (Spanish) International Brigades the militant anti-fascist organisation 62 Group was formed, to confront fascists organising on the streets.
I'm not giving any link to them, but this is what is found on their website:
While we would generally support antifascist efforts to ban public fascist meetings...

Our volunteers who attend these [private] meetings and report back to us on the proceedings are carrying out an important task at some personal risk.
The risk, even physical, is in reality for the people they are stalking, harassing and persecuting just for having different ideas from their own. Respect of privacy doesn't mean anything to these "liberals", and that's only the smallest of the problems their unfortunate targets encounter at their hands:
...we still obtain detailed and accurate reports, to their [the supposed "fascists'"] great annoyance.
That's how they describe themselves:
Searchlight exposes the fascists and racists’ activities and alerts the antifascist community to our opponents’ intentions, plans and trends...

Searchlight is the first port of call for activists, journalists, politicians and academics seeking information on organised racism in Britain.
In other words, their only purpose is to spy and publicly inform on people with the excuse that the latter are "fascist". You never see in their writings, or in the slogans such groups shout at their counter-demonstrations, any shred of thought, idea, vision of the future or proposal to solve any country's problems.

Hatred and witch hunt seem to form their only motivation and activitity, respectively.

"Bigotry" is defined in dictionaries as "intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself."

Well, then, who is the bigot here, and uses the vilest means to give vent to his prejudiced feelings?


  1. The English people live in a liberal totalitarianism state , It pretends free speech but all the forces of the state make sure that people would never talk about mass immigration in any kind of public place say sitting down in a pub in a none ethnic area. We do not yet have secret police spies but the state has made people fearful.
    Say the wrong thing about an liberal creed and you risk losing your job . The state propaganda broadcaster the BBC has made shows in which people even police man have been secretly filmed expressing private non PC thoughts.
    People have there lives ruined such as the case of Emma West you can find all the info on this on than there is the case of Tony Robinson just put his name and EDL persecution into google.


      EDL: the finest reactionary force money can buy.

    2. I agree with what you say, David.

      About the EDL, I think they've done some good but also some bad.

    3. My view is much darker. These top-down reactionary movements financed by Jewish activists serve to focus public disquiet exclusively on Muslims, not on non-European migrants per se. So Gypsies, for example, are fine, as are African Christians, Chinese as so forth. I warrant that if these Muslms were Swedes rather than Pakistanis then the scales would drop from people's eyes.

      If a doctor wilfully ignores the cause of a malady and chooses instead to alleviate symptoms then great harm must result. The temporary relief offers false hope and allows the primary pathology to grow unchecked, its severity masked by the palliative.

    4. The BBC's blatent hostility towards indigenous Britons is understandable when the ethnicity of its editorial staff is considered.

    5. I think the EDL's has been conceived as a pressure-valve; its originators diffident towards and fearful of the indigenous Britons. Any good flowing to the latter must be incidental or insignificant compared to the bad given this premise.


    Robison, persecution...yeah, I see what you mean.


    The money trail behind the rhetoric.

  4. Liberals are against free speech