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Friday, 17 April 2015

Italy Is Losing to Illegal Migration

African migrants to Italy

In February, the people smugglers who constantly ferry African immigrants to Italy fired on a patrol boat of the Italian Coast Guard because they wanted to take back the small vessel which had just transported hundreds of illegal immigrants.

On Tuesday, it was instead a patrol boat of the Libyan Coast Guard, paid by the traffickers, that fired shots in the air to speed up the transfer of 250 immigrants to the Italian tugboat Asso 21, with the aim, once again, to get their hands on the wooden boat that had carried them, an old tub which will soon be seen again in the waters of the Strait of Sicily with a cargo of Africans bound for Italy, with the complicity of Italy's fleet and that of the European "Triton" mission.

Asso 21 is an Italian private tugboat. Its owner, Mario Mattioli, said: "Our tug was called to carry out this rescue operation of 250 migrants. The smugglers fired in the air and not at our crew or the migrants. They did so to speed up the transfer operation, as if to tell the migrants to hurry up."

Mattioli explained that "the incident occurred in international waters," arguing that a response from the tug's crew was impossible.

He went on: "We are civilians, with only 12 people aboard. We answer these rescue calls primarily to save lives in danger. Theoretically, I do not mean that we should not save them, it might seem like a terrible statement, but as an Italian citizen I'm saying that this migration flow cannot be solved through the use of civilian vessels. Imagine 12 crew members having to handle 250 migrants, many of whom sick, and we certainly have no doctor on board."

With the wooden boat in tow, the Libyan patrol boat sailed back home, guarded by an Italian Navy helicopter the and the "Bergamini" missile frigate, a technological jewel worth half a billion euros but powerless in the face of the mockery made ​​by the small Libyan unit which justified its behavior with the necessity not to leave in the sea an abandoned boat, dangerous for navigation.

But certainly the Asso 21 could have also towed the boat to Italy, where it would have been seized and destroyed. The point, however, is that, if the Libyan soldiers were even prepared to fire in the air to take possession of it, it means that for them it was a rich booty. Given the shortage of boats suffered by the Libyan smugglers and the fact that a boat with 250 seats can earn over half a million euros for a trip, it's easy to understand "the sense of duty" that motivated the Libyan crew.

Less easy to understand is the way Italy surrendered. Italy never uses force to respond to threats, attacks and terrorism, thus risking encouraging traffickers, militants and terrorists representing a constant threat to Italian soldiers and civilians operating close to the Libyan coast.

Of course, according to international law, if the Bergamini frigate had blocked the Libyan patrol boat, it would have committed an act of war. But war against whom? The Libyan state does not exist and that Coast Guard patrol boat responds to a Libyan "government" not recognised by the international community, and chock-full of Islamist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis supported by Qatar and Turkey.

In fact, with a little more courage, Italy could have done more to prevent yet another mockery. But, in order to do that, the military should be given more aggressive rules of engagement, which obviously the current government, like its predecessors, would not have the political capacity to authorise.

Moreover, Italy's "Mare Sicuro" (Safe Sea) operation (another misnomer which is likely to be ridiculed even more than the previous operation called "Mare Nostrum" or Our Sea, the Roman name for the Mediterranean) has shown with this episode not to be a credible deterrent against the Libyan gangs.

The assistance given to 10,000 illegal immigrants brought to Italy just in the recent few days makes everyone think that the Italian ships and the few European ships of the EU-wide Triton operation actually do nothing but continue the work of humanitarian welcoming carried out by Mare Nostrum.

Two days ago, Italy's deputy foreign minister, Lapo Pistelli, condemned Triton without appeal, stating that "the system is not sufficient. In 90 days it has saved 1,700 people, while over the same period our Coast Guard has saved 17,000, 10 times more."

The problem that seems to escape even an intelligent politician like Pistelli is that, in the race to bring more immigrants to Italian shores, the only loser is Italy because, if Italy doesn't refuse to take in more immigrants, their flow will never end, and because the country is not capable in social and financial terms of accommodating these masses.

No-one has ever seen a state so clearly helping criminals and terrorists to enrich themselves, well knowing who profits from the trafficking of human beings.

Illegal immigration flows could be even more intense if the traffickers owned a sufficient number of boats. A great increase in thefts of vessels in all the ports of southern and eastern Mediterranean has been reported.

Theses crimes feed the needs of people smugglers. There are also rumors of a frenetic activity taking place in the small shipyards on the Tunisian coast which have changed their production and now build as quickly as possible rudimentary boats commissioned by Libyan gangs.


  1. The really baffling part is that everyone keeps pretending that Italy can take in a limitless number of people

    1. the really baffling part is the Italian people can see that their elected rulers will take no action to defend them from this migrant invasion, The failure to not being seen to set about returning all these people swiftly to their original points of origin will be seen on social media. People will know via the internet in these African states that Italy is a soft touch, Where 10,000 have come, will come 100,000

    2. Not baffling, there are strict racial vilifciation codes in place in Italy (legge Mancino) that the organized Jewish comunity has had erected (it was Modigliani the prime-mover, not Mancino in enacting the legislation). This has tended to muffle those nationalists who might otherwise have pointed out Jewish agency in the demographic shift.

  2. Immigrants are immigrants, they are neither illegal or legal. Why complain when it’s the British who first migrated into other lands enslaving those people? When it is a question on immigration, the feelings are so strong. I wonder why. Serves you right! Britain! When the British colonised the world, it was ok. But now when people from the former colonies and from other countries come to Britain, its not ok? Look into history and then you can cry because what goes around comes around. Don't see why people have such a problem with mass immigration? It enriches our culture and boosts the economy! We have to stop looking at these people as immigrants and think of them as human beings. The immigrants are not to blame because they were invited and welcomed here by our successive government. We have quite large Spanish , French and Italian communities in Brighton and I believe it really enhances the place and adds to diversity of the City. Globalisation is here to stay. Britain colonised & some would say civilised half the world. It's called Karma. Not so long ago British people colonized Asia, living like kings while locals suffering to no end. At least, these migrants do not enslave the Britons, so stop whining please.

    1. One wrong - colonializaton - doesn't legitimize its converse.

  3. Keep in mind no other country in the modern world people fled from their county and colonized more of the world than the Brits. So when some folks come to England for a similar reasons, you guys should be a bit more tolerant. They are not declaring that your land is now there's as your forebears did all over the world and put up with no shenanigans with the indigenous folks who said what the hell are you dudes doing here anyway. You guys were a wee-bit over aggressive when it came to claiming all parts of the world because you sent a couple of wobbly ships and a handful of people thousand of miles from your own country and stating this is now ours not yours. If I were you I would do so much complaining when some folks come to Merry Old England looking to wait on tables or do some house keeping.

    English people also go everywhere. And not all of them are trustworthy! Here in Portugal they are a mess! tongue emoticon. Nothing more idiotic than chasing immigrants! How about making immigration legal for everyone then there is no one to chase! Stop this campaign of hate against immigrants. The word here is WORKING, they are not on government assistance. Get over yourselves and your moral high horses . When the British COLONIZED other Countries, did they have the LEGAL IMMIGRATION STATUS to enter, take over those Countries and plunge their resources. Stop selling arms and discussion for peace same time. Stop creating Israeli Hell in Palestinian's land, stop your double standard hypothetical attitudes, world will be peaceful so no foreigner needs to find another secure place to survive. Stop your aggression n inversions into foreign countries, let them deal with their own matters.

  4. There will never be an end to immigration, because of aging population and low birth rate. Without migration, European society and economy would bleed to death. There is no end to migration in the near future. The overall problem when dealing with immigration, is the need to first ascertain where these people have come from:- If they are from Commonwealth Countries (most likely not Australia, Canada, or New Zealand - there the immigration goes the other way), this can be seen as 200 years of imperialism coming back to bite us. If they are from Eastern Europe, this can be seen as 20 years of moronic EU policy coming back to bite us. If they come from the Middle East, this can be seen as 100 years of never ending scheming and meddling in that particular region coming back to bite us.

    It is easy to say" Go back to where you came from", but do not forget that British Muslims are actually born and educated here. They are in the unenviable position of trying to combine two different worlds. That is no easy. We do not want to change you lot but we would like to see our children getting balanced Islamic education along with National Curriculum. We would like our children to learn and be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time we would like our children to learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. Bilingualism is an asset but British schooling regards it as a problem.

  5. Here's a new idea - get the f**k out of every Muslim country, stop killing Muslims with your bombs, soldiers, funding and discriminatory policy and let the Muslims sort out their own affairs without Western interference. Then the flow of refugees will stop... Terrorism and fight for freedom has always been there too. Unfair to single out Muslims. Germany, we Muslims will not forgive you for selling nuclear weapon submarines to Israel and giving that racist country a second nuclear strike capability. If you like Jews so much, give a piece of your own country to them as a homeland. The more Muslim countries are attacked, the more you can expect more asylum seekers to come to white countries. You only have yourself to blame.

    The crusades, colonisation of every brown and black people, slavery, the holocaust, making indigenous populations disappear ( USA CANADA AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND), the small box genocide on native Indian in north America. Tasmania is Australia has no native population because they were wiped out 200 years ago. 1 million people died in Iraq since 1990(yeah you liberated us from saddam) 500 thousand in Afghanistan dead since 2001 stealing resource from colonies( east India company any one and many more). I gosh I could remember the whole list. Such nice white Christian people eh.

    1. i agree that the US aided by UK should not have invaded Iraq, Libya and attempt to remove Assad in Syria, see comments by Michael Isola on
      these states where artificial constructs held together by despots. They where also secular bulwarks against fanatics.The consequence has been 2 million dead 15 million displaced people and the evil of ISIS. Plus huge debt on the American people. The proof of the corruption of the American political establishment is that they intentionally want mass immigration from Mexico as a source of cheap labor for big corporations.
      However Europe is small it can not absorb the huge increase in the African population. Italy had a deal with Gaddafi to stop this migration.
      Japan has a low birthrate but operates with near zero immigration. Are you saying that Western Europe should admit tens of millions of people from Africa . Who would soon outnumber us just because long ago we colonised some other lands. The places we took over had no means to stop us. You now want western countries to commit suicide by mass immigration ?

    2. You savage arabs have attacked Europe since the beginning of recorded history. Arabs, blacks, and mestizos are the enforcers for the law of the jungle. Whites have to take control of the world or the world will forever find itself plagued by the law of the jungle.

      Third world races simply cannot live peacefully. You idiots kill each other hand over fist whether or not whites intervene. Whites have to keep you morons corralled in your own countries so you don't blight the rest of the world.

      All races have made war on every other race many times in history. The only race that ever fights to end the blight of the law of the jungle is the white race. The relative peace and prosperity of the world is owed 99% to whites.

    3. I've rarely seen a mature debate about immigration, I think the media have allowed biased neoliberal voices to shout down any positive immigration fact from being discussed or of the right-wing figures to be debunked, which the likes of Jonathon Portes have attempted to educate us with. Most of the issues around immigration are relatively minor, and every independent piece of evidence proves what the trouble is, that this subject is surrounded with masses of hyperbole and exaggeration, which is leading to actual racism.

      When does an 'immigrant' become a 'native'?? All of us were immigrants at one time in the recent or distant past. Especially all white Americans, South Americans, Africans, Australians. How does their immigration policy sit with the fact that they just waltzed in and took over?

      Europe is dying its natural death. It needs more and more immigrants to keep their societies alive. Without migration, European societies and economies would bleed to death.

      The shocking level of targeting of the Muslim community of Birmingham is indicative of the normalisation of the dehumanisation of the Muslims of Britain. Under the pretext of "extremism", criminal undemocratic and unethical abuse of public institutions and the Muslims of the UK can occur without much accountability. This pervasive attitude, especially amongst officials like Michael Gove needs to change. Our schools are truly trying to develop our children to do well at schools so later in life they are able to stand on their own two feet, but if we stop our schools from doing this than our country will have up rise of unemployment, benefit issues, crime levels high, I think its time for you apologize and allow practitioners to do their job right.

    4. Crime rates are related to serum testosterone, the popolation averages of which vary from race to race. The Japanese have less violent crime than the English, but the English less than the Pakistanis, in turn less crime-prone than the Africans.

      These evolutionary differences can't be educated away, nor are they condemnatory in a moral sense. Bull terriers are no better or worse than poodles, just different and not suited for cohabitation.

    5. I disagree with Mr.Ahmed on all points bar the most salient one. The West has no business meddling in Muslim countries. Good fences make for good neighbours.

  6. Most of these New Europeans will migrate north to more generous welfare regimes like those of Germany. The Kalergi plan is so far going brilliantly and Gianantonio Valli says to reverse multiculturalism will involve such enormous social upheaval as to be almost apocalyptic in dimension.

  7. This madness will have only one outcome the destruction of indigenous traditional European countries. Italy could use their navy to end this invasion once and for all; remove immigrants from boats, return immigrants to point of origin in Africa, and sink the traffickers boats. European governments should announce all illegal immigrants will be repatriated, removing the incentive for the poor immigrants and the evil people smugglers!

    I guess common sense doesn't matter when the kosher powers that be have planned this immigrant invasion all along!

    I feel sorry for poor immigrants wanting a better life but this situation can't continue if Europe is to be saved!

    Who decided bombing Gaddaffi's Libya into the Stone Age was a good idea, oh the same neo-liberal Zionist interests encouraging mass immigration into the West!

    1. Bernard-Henri Lévy. A round of rowdy applause for the nation-wrecker.


  9. re my mention of Gaddafi Daily Mail 31/08/2010 he said " we do not know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion.We have to imagine that this could happen before it does we need to work together."


    Khalid Chaouki has succeeded in the first phase of a major programme to instill giult in those horrible Italians, guilty of having stood idly by whilst Mussolini enacted race laws and deported a small number of Jews to Germany. Prepare for major brainwashing and spirit-breaking from the media and the pals in the administration.

  11. http://identità.com/blog/2015/04/19/le-vedove-affrante-dellinvasione/

    Single men, primarily, other family members at home. Not characteristic of refugee phenomena.

  12. As an Italian American I feel sorry for how this invasion is changing Italy. My neighbors from Italy told me the crime rate from these "asylum seekers" is extremely high. One told me his aunt was awoken in the middle of the night to find one in her bedroom going through her draws for jewelry and money. I think the EU needs to follow Australia's lead. Start sending them back and demanding they provide documentation about who they are because how can you verify their claims of persecution if you don't know who they are or where they are really coming from. These migrants appear to be from sub-saharan Africa not from the middle east or north Africa. Also, from what I understand many have been caught lying about their ages and places of origin. I read that Norway checked into all the "children/minor" immigrants and found out the overwhelming majority of them were over 18 and claiming to be under age so they could get more from the system.