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Friday 28 September 2012

Never Say Muslim Paedophile in Rochdale on the BBC

Last night I watched on the BBC the political debate programme Question Time. One of the questions from the studio audience to the panel of politicians, media people and other commentators was about the scandal provoked by the sexual abuse of white underage girls by Muslim men in Rochdale, Northern England.

Everyone in the programme uttered the usual platitudes and was ready to condemn the local police and social services for failing to act, but everything that was said, without exception, points to this: all the people participating in the debate are conniving with the cover-up, by sharing the very same ideology and fear - call it political correctness if you like - that caused it in the first place and, if they had been in the same position of responsibility as those police and social services, they would have done exactly the same.

How do I know that? Because, during the whole discussion, the words "Muslim" or "Islam" were not uttered even once. It must have been a feat.This is the final total score of expressions used in reference to the perpetrators or in association with what they did:

Asian males: 1

Catholic Church: 1

Catholicism: 1

Church: 1

People involved in this case: 1

People: 1

The accused involved: 1

Islam: 0

Muslims: 0

If you looked at those numbers without knowing what happened, you would guess that it was something to do with the Catholic Church - which obviously had nothing to do with it, but the mainstream media are always happy to drag it into any scandal, true, partially true, false, imagined, dreamed at night, it doesn't matter.

Labour Party's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman was particularly pathetic in her use of the most tortuous arguments to deny that the police had fear of accusations of racism or Islamophobia with consequent possible punishments as their motivation not to investigate and prosecute.

Buffoon, sorry, comedian Steve Coogan made a display of periphrases and circumlocutions, and every few words stopped in his tracks. Here is what he said when asked to explain the police's behaviour, complete with ums, pauses and hesitations:

"I think that that there's there's um... um... one thing that... We don't know the full facts, so we don't know. There's the inference that um... has been made in some quarters that it may be about the um... um... um... the religious dimension um... to this of the accused involved um... and whether um... because of sort of religious sensivitives um.. there may have been recalcitrance on the part of the police. Now, that's always a political hot potato, everyone you know wants to talk about is the perception of mysogyny in certain religions, and I'd say that that is true um... of certain aspects or certain people within Catholicism and um.. and also you know um... other religions, I don't think that any religion has a monopoly on this."

If these people couldn't even bring themselves to say the word "Islam" or "Muslim", so paralyzing is the taboo of accusing this doctrine or its followers in their mind, imagine whether, had they been in the shoes of those services whose duty was to investigate someone they can't even name, the outcome could conceivably have been different.

The show was a cover-up pointing the finger at another cover-up.


  1. You may have also noticed the woman in the audience sitting in the front row who was called to speak during this discussion.

    She expressed the opinion that the reason the police did not respond sooner was because of 'cuts', and was allowed to continue this theme for quite a while.

    Had to be a BBC plant.

  2. Very good remark.
    Yes, I noticed her, and she was the most surreal part of the programme.

  3. British Hindus and Sikhs are slandered every time these cowards use the word 'Asian' instead of 'Muslim'

  4. Sadly the british so called intelligensia are so fearful of islam that I am pretty sure if a muslim looked at them they would wet themselves for fear of being called racist. These so called leaders are paralysed by fear. I couldn't bring myself to hear the whole liberal lies. To be frank I have become so ashamed and angry with this type of clown I can not bring myself to talk or listen to them any longer. The uk will turn into lebanon if the politicians do not address the seriousness of immigration- muslim immigration- soon.

  5. Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:

  6. I stopped watching Question Time a long time ago. It is a left wing propaganda machine that aims to delude the masses (and works). Eventually though, the powder keg will go off.

    1. Yeah I did too! The years that has been on every week and the country just gets worse. Politicians who used to stutter and get embarrassed more easily, now get lessons on how to lie more smoothly and as for that Dimbleby, well what a sell out merchant he is. The whole show is a staged con.

  7. Re: Charlie Hebdo - no need to say more!


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