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Friday, 17 July 2015

Worst Ever Migrant Crisis as 10 Million British Holidaymakers Head for Calais

Calais migrants breaking into lorries

Published on The Latest News

by Enza Ferreri

It won’t surprise people who have long been aware that unregulated, unrestricted immigration from the Third World to Western countries, far from being the much-trumpeted solution to global poverty or – according to what source you’re hearing – the panacea for rich, ageing countries in need of new workforce, is in fact the recipe for cultural and social chaos.

UK newspapers are announcing that British holidaymakers must prepare for the “worst ever Calais migrant crisis” this summer, and that one Calais immigrant every three minutes is caught trying to sneak into Britain illegally.

While police reported a spike in the number of illegal immigrants found in the UK in the wake of the Calais crisis, it’s been discovered that migrants evade “100 per cent” of government's security checks on lorries at the UK border.

I don’t want to dazzle you with statistics and superlatives, but there’s more to come: the illegal immigrants caught at the UK border more than doubled last year; 11,300 stowaways were captured in France in a three-week period from June 21; during June and the first week of July Kent Police found 405 illegal immigrants who had reached the UK hiding in vehicles or trains (81 a week on average), compared with just 26 (one a week) during the first five months of this year; 35,000 illegal immigrants were discovered trying to breach security measures at Calais to reach Britain in the last six months; the UK government’s existing security budget for the Calais migrant crisis is £12 million, on top of which a new secure zone in the port, announced yesterday by Theresa May, will cost £1.4 million; over a three-week period during French ferry workers’ strikes, numbers rocketed to at least 540 a day (23 an hour) attempting to break through fences or stow away in lorries.
Finally, the chief constable of Kent warned there has been an 80-fold increase in the number of illegal immigrants actually reaching British soil, adding that the French government should put more resources on the ground: if not the police, then the military.

It’s not an excessive request. Richard Burnett, head of the Road Haulage Association, said that British lorry drivers face “civil war” conditions as they try to pass through Calais.

20-strong gangs of migrants are threatening drivers with bars and knives, and in one case with a gun. The French ferry workers’ strike caused miles-long queues, giving migrants opportunities to break into the stationary lorries trapped in the endless queues. And dock workers have threatened further industrial action over the summer.

There are now 5,000 migrants who have set up camp near the port in Calais, up from 3,000 last month and around 600 at the beginning of the year. That increase is continuing apace.

As if this were not enough, the school holidays start this weekend, and 10 million British people heading for Europe will go through the port of Calais. The Foreign Office has warned holidaymakers to “keep vehicle doors locked in slow moving traffic and secure your vehicle when unattended”.

Eurotunnel fears migrants could now start targeting ordinary vehicles as well. And the slower the traffic, the more opportunity for migrants to jump on to vehicles. It’s already happened that car owners found illegal immigrants hidden in their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the British government unrealistically tried to reassure the public that chaotic scenes in Calais would not lead to a flood of illegal immigrants on this side of the Channel.

Is that likely? Illegal immigrants have found an easy way to get in and, even if arrested, they can claim asylum and remain in the UK indefinitely.

Home Secretary Theresa May promised the creation of a new migrant-exclusion zone at the port of Calais for UK-bound lorries, providing a secure waiting area for 230 vehicles, “removing them from the open road where they can become targets for migrants attempting to board their vehicles."

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, for once was right when he warned that this measure was “not going to solve the problem” because hundreds more migrants are arriving at Calais every week. He said: “The migrants do not see a fence and say, ‘Oh, here is a fence’. They try to get into the vehicles before they get into the fenced area. The problem is just moved somewhere else.”

John Keefe of Eurotunnel commented: “We have never seen numbers like this before and we have not in the past seen the degree of organisation that goes with the numbers either. It is an absolutely unprecedented situation in international transport.” He raised doubts about the potential impact of the announcement of a new secure area, saying: "As soon as you remove one opportunity, the organised criminals managing the migrant attacks are moving to the next weak spot."

He added that many of those arrested were repeat offenders, as French police release them after each arrest, so it’s regularly the same people coming back again and again and again, sometimes several times in a night. It’s the 5,000 population simply rotating around.

It’s not just a question of numbers, though. Who are these illegal immigrants whose very first act in coming to Britain is the perpetration of a crime? What kind of people are going to live among us, in our streets?

If we look at those who are smuggled on boats across the Mediterranean into Italy, from where they travel all over Europe, we see the Muslim migrants who in April threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths because, when asking God for help when their dinghy suffered a puncture, these Christians refused to pray to Allah.

Among the migrants are the terrorists and militants that the Islamic State controlling the Libyan coast on the other side of the Mediterranean smuggles into Europe.

And, judging from the behaviour of three Sudanese men who arrived at a Holiday Inn hotel in Flore, Northants, on Wednesday asking to claim asylum, they don’t appear to be very bright either.

While police talk about more personnel, sniffer dog teams, extra fences, Steven Woolfe, UKIP's migration spokesman, said in response to the Home Secretary’s statement in the House of Commons: “At last the government seems to be waking up to the crisis in the Port of Calais that is affecting not only food imports into the UK but also major road arteries in Kent and beyond.”

But, he continued:

“the government needs to negotiate with the French authorities a scheme to ensure the immediate return of illegals to France when they are found on UK Lorries coming from there once in the UK. This one prioritised step will send the word out to those waiting to make their attempts in Jungle camps in Calais that even if you make it to the UK your illegal efforts will not be rewarded. In addition the UK government should not accept any political asylum cases of those who illegally enter the UK from Calais as those cases should have been dealt with in France or in the first European country in which they landed.

“The people of the UK want timely action not mere words. The Home Secretary has taken far too long to recognise this worsening crisis in one of the most important entry points to the UK and is now offering so-called solutions which will make little difference to attempts to enter our country illegally.”
To the depressing figures of this whole disaster we have to add £1 billion, the annual cost of loads of products being written off because of contamination fears when migrants hide on lorries. Full loads are being destroyed.

As an apt conclusion, a British lorry driver in Calais said: “I question whether it is worth doing this job.”


  1. Cameron and his government do not really care about the migrant invasion of England. Calais is just a diversion as most are arriving at airports. All he and his pals care about are the concerns of the upper class while the so called party of working people care nothing for the English working/middle class whose lives and future is being destroyed by mass immigration.
    It was Cameron who by overthrowing Gaddafi aided ISIS and wanted to aid them takeover Syria. As a result of his intervention in Libya the Tunisia gunmen used it as a base.
    More importantly tens of thousands of mainly male and Muslim Africans are in Libya waiting to cross into Europe and eventually France and the green hills of England.
    What has happened with the African boat people heading for Italy have they stopped coming or is it just the reporting of it which has stopped?

  2. The effect of Muslim mass immigration and what will, and should, happen: and

    1. Not all goyim are so stupid as to fall for the neocon propaganda (counterjihad). Sure, the Mohammedans - and Third Worlders in general - have no legitimate place in Europe and create social problems for the native populations, but it's Organized Jewry the architect of this Tower of Babel. Divide and rule. Never Forget! is the bludgel of choice to smash European nationalism so that Isaiah's prophecy might be realized.

    2. "cudget", one Lavazza coming up!

  3. Now the rot has really set in, the Alain Finkielkrauts will surely multiply to boast of their Eurocentric credentials. That today's protectors of Europe were her ravagers of yesterday will be obscured by media obfuscation, omissions and lies. No whiter white than the Jewish white. They'll be storyboarding this tale right now.

  4. The "worst ever migrant crisis" is courtesy of peter Sutherland, who is working day and night to push for ever increasing numbers of invaders towards Europe:

    According to many sources he is one of the so-called "best" negotiator of the financial elites, rising negotiations to new levels (translation: this guy is bribing entire governments, and entire political parties + the opposition, all political groups, to this guy are long gone the days when he used to just buy individual politicians):
    "Sutherland “employed tactics the likes of which had never been seen before in GATT…he worked to create the sense of unstoppable momentum” by mobilising the press and media and instigating “a more aggressive public relations than the staid GATT had ever before seen” (from wiki)

    He was appointed as refugee asylum representative to the UN an he is also non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

    "He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group,[17] he is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (2010 -), he was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) (2001–2010)[18] and was vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (2006–2009)" (wiki)

    He is a fierce "multiculturalist", proposing to destroy the European nations, stating that “the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine” any “sense of our homogeneity and difference from others”

  5. If he's not a crypto-Jew, he's a Shabbos goy.

  6. Infomative, insightful as always. The comments are from those of us who are educated and who are capable of seeing through the false reality of our political leaders and the media. I went to the hesperado website. Are many of you aware what was written in the blog posts on that web have been prophesised by christian saints and stigmata? La Sallette, Marie Julie Jahenny, Blessed Sister Elena Aiello. Finally. Zuhdi Jasper of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy said the nuc deal with Iran is an invitation to WW 3 bc the mullahs believe we are in the end times when islam will conquer the world. According to him the jihadist mentality is all about reacing paradise. How awful and scary. Odumba gave them what they wanted. Sick.

    1. The mullahs can think whatever they like, but so far they've given plenty of proof that the Jews are infinitely smarter and easily able to topple regimes in their quest for Eretz Yisrael, if not directly then by proxy using the Western nations' military might.

  7. We only know about the migrants who having made it to the UK are detected and detained by the police.before being released. The true figure is much higher.Prime Minister Cameron is taking three holiday trips this summer with his family.He and is government do not really care how many migrants come in as it drives down the wages and pushes up rents. Which is what their rich pals want.