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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Is Britain a Democracy or a Totalitarian State?

The incredible thing about the events in Walthamstow is that, although you may have heard on the TV that the English Defence League is made up of violent, anti-democratic, racist thugs, what happened at this rally organized by the EDL shows a very different reality.

The Muslims and the leftists there didn't act as if they believed in democracy and human rights,nor did the police who didn't protect the right to free speech of the EDL from those who attacked them with bottles and bricks.
The only people who acted in true observance of human rights and democracy were the EDL, who didn't retaliate and acted lawfully, peacefully exercising their right to free speech.

Unite Against Fascism, on the other hand, despite their name behaved like fascists in their attempt to stop a peaceful demonstration.

Another thing that may strike you as odd is that there is so much talk about hate and hate crime. Some people would say that the English Defence League, for example, is full of hate.

In fact this overused word is never employed in cases when it would be appropriate, like in relation to the blasphemy law in Pakistan where it has been used to threaten the life of a Christian young girl possibly with Down's Syndrome only a few days ago. Or as in the case of this episode, in which true hate was shown towards some people simply because they had different ideas and they dared express them.

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