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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Some Sobering Facts about Women's Vote for Obama

More women voted for Obama than Romney in the last presidential election.

This fact has always been announced by the media as a sign of distinction for Obama.

On the night of the election, for example, during one of the many discussions that punctuated the BBC's all-night coverage, the assertion that people who voted for Romney were predominantly men, white, on average older and richer was always uttered in a way that implied contempt, if not disgust.

Women, minorities, low-income and young people are cool in the semi-open, obfuscated eyes of the media.

But are they in reality?

Let's see what more women than men believe.

Many more women than men, not just in America, believe in astrology, witches, that houses can be haunted and in supernatural communication with the dead.

These Gallup poll results are also confirmed by everyday observations and the fact that horoscopes are more likely to be found in publications aimed at women than men.

More women than men are attracted to alternative medicine.

Only 13 percent of readers of The Economist news magazine are women.

Many more men than women read the news online.

Could it be that women were more likely to vote for Obama has to do with the fact that they are less informed and more suggestionable?

1 comment:

  1. So women are superstitious and men are just idiots. I think women voted against Mitt the right wing nutjob who claimed he was speaking to gods or something. I believe he is both mormon and moron-another American phony,so why not vote for Obama? It really was not much of a choice-a slippery lawyer or an imbecile.
    Don't blame women blame the system for allowing such folk to reach positions of power.
    When Romney grows up I hope he gets a name, Mitt is either a noun or a German adverb.