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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

White Colonialism and Predation? Not So Fast

'The black race is responsible for most crimes committed by humanity. Blacks have committed the overwhelming majority of moral atrocities in history'.

If anybody said the above, you would think that this is racist.

Yet many hold this view, with the replacement of 'black' with 'white'.

That white people are responsible for slavery, colonialism, imperialism, the oppression of women, sexism, racism, the destruction of the environment, the exploitation of the Third World and a long list of other calamities and cruelties is so much the received wisdom that large numbers of otherwise intelligent people believe it without questioning it.

History has been rewritten, in pure Orwell's 1984 style, in order to fit this politically and ideologically-driven description.

But history very unequivocally shows that reality is a lot different.

It seems prima facie absurd that a single human race can be so uniquely evil, while all the others are nice and peaceful, lovely to other human beings and in harmony with nature.

Well it seems absurd because it is absurd.

Take a look at some historical sources.

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