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Monday, 11 February 2013

Alex Jones Confronts Piers Morgan Backstage on Gun Control - Video

Video of radio host Alex Jones confronting Piers Morgan a few days ago in a protest against gun control last night, before Morgan broadcast his show from Texas, in a repetition of the explosive debate between the two on television last month.

The CNN host's decision to record his show live from a gun store in Katy, Texas, was seen as a provocation and an assault on the second amendment by Jones, who asked Morgan if he would have him back on the show for another debate, to which Morgan replied: “Well I don’t want to promote you that much, Alex.”

At that point CNN directors ordered Jones and his cameraman to leave the shooting range area while they were taping. “I understand, this is like Obama shooting the shotgun, now you’re going to make everybody think you’re pro-gun – you’re scared to have me back on”, said Jones.

The radio host then led a pro-second amendment protest outside the building, leading Morgan to tweet: “Rather large protest growing outside this Houston gun store now. Feels slightly tyrannical, ironically”.

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