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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pope Canonizes Otranto Christian Martyrs Murdered by Muslim Turks

Pope Benedetto XVI announced that he will leave his ministry at 8pm on February 28.

He made this announcement during a consistory for the canonization of the martyrs of Otranto beheaded one by one by the Ottoman Turks.

Antonio Primaldo and his companions, 800 Christians, were murdered for hatred of their faith by Muslims during the Turkish siege of the town of Otranto, in South-East Italy, on August 13, 1480.

As the Qur'an commands, these infidels were offered the choice to convert to Islam or be killed. When they refused to convert, the martyrs of Otranto were massacred.

The Qur'an is obeyed and applied in the same way now as it was in 1480. The only difference between now and then is in the power and military force Muslim armies had then but now now. Let's make sure that it remains this way in the West.

In other parts of the world, Christians are still massacred by Muslims for their faith. Nothing has changed in Islamic doctrine, only the relationship of strength can be a defence for whomever Muslims consider their enemies.

An observation about the different use of the word "martyr": in Christianity, unlike in Islam, martyrs do not kill.


  1. The Church holds up the saints as inspiration for faith in God during hard times. The Church is holding up these martyrs for the Faith at a time when a global jihad threatens the whole world with an eventual convert to Islam or die ultimatum. We can either fast, pray, and obtain the grace to fight back like Esther, refuse to deny Christ at the moment of truth like these martyrs, or give in and sell out and be dhimmis. May we not give in to diabolical hatred and deny God.

  2. I'm not catholic but I did a search for Vatican News and could not find anything about this on the pages I found.

    1. All you had to do was click on the line in the story above where it says: "consistory for the canonization of the martyrs of Otranto." That would take you to the: "News. VA" and "VA" as in Vatican Archives. The story was taken from the vatican website. Look no further.



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