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Thursday 1 August 2013

Islamic "Science" and Other Nonsense

Above is the video of a BBC lynch mob against Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, during the programme called - a misnomer - FreeSpeech on BBC3. It is not free speech if you verbally abuse and even incite to murder someone for exercising his right to free speech, as it happens in this "debate".

Interestingly, the comments to the video on YouTube reveal how the audience was cherry-picked by the BBC to fit its political bent and in no way represents the British general public. That's reassuring, because a country whose population the studio crowd faithfully represented would be a cross between the Soviet Union and Pakistan.

Horrendous ganging up against one person by clueless people - or worse - is a more apt description of the situation. A bloke in the video, apparently a "musician" I'd never heard of called Akala, who talks about Islamic culture pioneering mathematics and science, must have been listening to Obama instead of going to school. Has he ever heard of Euclid, the father of geometry, and Pythagoras? Muslims did not pioneer anything. All they did was translate intellectual treasures from the original Greek into Arabic. The numbers we use and call "Arabic" were actually developed in India and translated from Sanskrit into Arabic, hence their name.

Islamophile Barack Hussein Obama has been big on the subject of "Islam Has Contributed To The Character Of Our Country" in his celebration of Ramadan, recently but not for the first time. He also mentions "Muslims who helped unlock the secrets of our universe", whose names he must have been hard pressed to find because he didn't say them.

In reality, science and Islam are fundamentally incompatible, which is why, despite the propaganda, there are no Muslim scientists in the history of the Islamic world. The only rational thinkers of some influence that world has produced, Averroes and Avicenna, were not real Muslims, but apostates. Avicenna (980-1037) was an Aristotelian who tried to reconcile formal logic with Islam and failed. Averroes (1126-1198), also influenced by Aristotle, had his works burnt and his disciples persecuted.

The very notion of God in Islam, a being whose power is so absolute that cannot be limited by reason, logic or the laws of nature, and who can at any moment change the order of the universe at his will - if Allah arbitrarily so commands, tomorrow the sun will not rise - makes it impossible to have a Muslim science. Science, a systematic method of looking at things combining empiricism and logic, developed only in Christianity.

Even putting aside this little faux pas, that mercifully for Akala - who is a writer, artist and entrepreneur, no less - nobody disputed (another indication, if necessary, of the lacklustre intellectual standard of this audience), it was evident that Robinson's opponents, namely the whole studio, couldn't stand up to him.

Siara Khan never defined "racism" and how opposition to Islam could be racist. Muslims can be of all races.

The tone of the debate and the level of the participants are demonstrated to be low by the fact that, while all the "debate" - which mainly consists in hurling abuse of "racist" at Tommy Robinson - revolves around racism, you have right from the start something contradicting that premise: a white Muslim. Racism is unjust discrimination on the basis of race. If you "discriminate" against all races, whites included, you discriminate against no race, ergo you are not racist.


  1. Nonsense is right. The myth of a golden age of Islamic science and mathematics has been thoroughly debunked by a number of Orientalists--I use that deliciously politically incorrect term advisedly--Bernard Lewis probably being the best known among them to the general reading public.

    Thank you very much for your brave, intelligent, and (hopefully) effective defense of Western Civilization and its achievements.

  2. May I respectfully object to the statement "Science... developed only in Christianity". Judaism as well as Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists have been busy and productive in many disciplines, long before Christianity came about. Otherwise couldn't agree more.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Answering it required a new article:

  3. All this nonsense has it's roots in a book written by Philip K Hitti, first published in 1937, in which is claimed every single human endeavour and innovation as arabic. When Obama speaks of arabic accomplishments, he's simply repeating the contents of 'History of the Arabs'

    From the back cover of the 10th Edition:

    Philip K Hitti was born in Lebanon in 1886 and lived in the USA for the most part since 1913, teaching first at Columbia and later at Princeton, from which he retired in 1954 as Professor of Semitic Literature and Chairman of the Department of Oriental Languages. The author of many works on Oriental subjects, Professor Hitti has been active in numerous roles related to the study of Near East languages and politics, and to the promotion of international cultural organisations.


    To read Hitti, one would need to believe that that arabs invented EVERYTHING. It's probably the most puke-worthy 757 pages I have ever forced myself to read.

  4. Excellent article, Enza.
    Re-posted far and wide.

  5. Thank you for your passionate and illuminating comment. We need people like you, with first-hand experience of what Islam really is when it is in a position of power, to inform Westerners who still don't know.

    Would you like to, for example, write something about your experience for the counter-jihad party Liberty GB, my party, or do something else?

    My email is enza76a at gmail dot com.

  6. Hi Enza, I sent the email. Please tell if it fell through the cracks and I'll re-send.

  7. Correction: The Muslims did not preserve anything in the Library of Alexandria.

    Rather, according to some sources, they burnt it down... acting on the infamous alleged words of Caliph Omar: "If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them."

    Nothing definite is in fact known about when or by whom the library was finally destroyed. There are various theories. But at the very latest it happened with the Muslim conquest in 642 AD.

    More here:

    What Muslims did do in the manner of 'preserving' ancient Greek texts was - some centuries later - to pay to have them translated into Arabic (usually by Christian scholars in their employment who knew both languages) and then destroying the originals, since Arabic was presumably the most perfect of languages - so the Greek was now considered obsolete... Because of this procedure several works by Aristotle and others are only to be had in translation. Sigh. Better than nothing, of course. Still it does not show the proper scientific spirit.

    1. Thank you. Just after writing that I realized it was an error, which I have now corrected.

  8. Everyone's human tho innit. So it's everyone's history.

  9. If this was a published article i would write a intellectual rational response including creditable knowledge but since it is a blog it is not worth my time.

  10. If you don't want to accept the truth you don't have to deny and change it. Arabs really did make great improvements to science so instead of denying that and just write articles about insulting Muslims and saying that their science is "nonsense",why don't you write good articles :)

  11. You should look up Akala if you don't know who he is before making comments on him. The guy knows what he is talking about

  12. Your father Richard Dawkins mentioned the Muslims who made many advancements in his interview on the BBC, I believe. These facts are advertently omitted from the school curriculum because it doesn't conform to the sentiment that non-whites are savages who have contributed nothing. The white supposedly civilised the 'savages' through colonisation, slavery, genocide, pillage, decimation.

    I found it hilarious how you first purported Islam and science being incompatible and then repudiated that one Islamic philosopher and scientist (who's considered the most influential Islamic scientist and did philosopher) wasn't a Muslim but an apostate. What kind of cognitive dissonance? Confirmation bias? You mentioned Christianity and logic in the same sentence. Really? Christianity and logic in the same sentence? The religion that mentions a 'God' who impregnated his creation, a women, with himself and was born as a human to understand human suffering, and was killed by crucifixion by his creation. He's God, no wait, he's actually the son of God. Wait, I mean he's both. Don't forget he died for our sins because he loves us, so we should drink his blood and feast on his flesh.

    There's many Muslim scientists. Your downright dismissal of this fact — including the many others throughout your nonsensical post — makes it evident that you heavily incorporated sentimentalism rather than fact and reason into your idiotic post. It sounds like the ramblings of an imbecile.

    The point about racism and Muslims is that Muslims are treated as though they are a race, despite being of all races, as you said.

    Akala is actually very intelligent. He recently gave a presentation and had a Q&A at the Oxford Union. I would strongly recommend watching it. It's very insightful. Maybe broaden your small mind?

    Also, what's with the arbitrary usage of hyphens throughout your parody of a post?

    You refer to Akala in a disparaging manner. I guess none of that matters and we should agree with a self-proclaimed journalist with an impoverished style and blog with a free domain name.



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