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Saturday, 16 February 2013

California: the Islamic Supremacists Next Door

This is the plight of an American family living in a California apartment complex. The father has written to me asking for his difficult situation to be made known, adding that they had a rousing support from Australia and the UK and less from USA, hence the wish for more exposure of their case.

The family's Muslim neighbours have made their life very difficult, with invasions of privacy, bullying of their children by the Muslim kids and several rows.

Eventually the family has contacted the apartment complex's Management, which has responded by accusing them of being “racist” and committing “hate crimes”. The father wrote that the Management even went as far as "pursuing a case of defamation and malicious prosecution of our family in spite of significant evidence to deny the validity of their claim".

This is an excerpt from the letter the father had sent to Jihad Watch, which posted it under the headline "The Islamic supremacists next door". The excerpt gives you a flavour of the situation this family found themselves in:
We took the opportunity to communicate the bullying behavior of her oldest daughter Soumaya (8 years old) toward our daughter Emma (5 years old), exposing Emma to the horrors of Hell as described in the Koran. We witnessed the children talking in the playground and Emma coming in running and crying, explaining that Soumaya (quoting passages from the Koran) had told her that she was "going to burn in boiling oil in Hell, having layers of her skin peeling off while being burnt alive for not being Muslim, and Santa Claus is not real and your parents lie." At this point we confronted Aisha with the bullying situation and she smiled in reply to the story saying, "That's because Soumaya has started studying the Koran."


  1. Thank you Enza, the updated link was taken down by Robert Spencer. The original link without personal names (actual names) used is still viewable, but without the updates. The updates: DA no action on lies told in court (provable), HUD "Freedom of Speech to tell my daughter she'll burn in Hell for not being Muslim, CA Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing: Freedom of Religion to tell my son he has to go through the back door of our apartment when the Muslim girls next door are playing on our front porch because our son is not Muslim....and he's a boy (sexist?) well, where are the liberals? They're all over this town afraid to say anything because the race card has been played and as an attorney told me: "Obviously the management considers evicting the Muslim neighbors to be a greater liability than to evict your (white, European - Irish/Catalan) family....." So that's the state of things here in the land of the free and the home of the brave...... we were served with Court Summons to Evict today at 2pm. No lawyer yet, requesting aid and prayer. Yours, Matt Hamilton

    Here's a link to the original, with names changed to protect the guilty.... and us, the guilty until proven innocent.

  2. Incredible, Kafkaesque situation, Matt.