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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pakistan Protest against St Valentines

Pakistan demonstration against St Valentine's Day, or when people prefer hatred to love.

The student movement of Pakistan's main religious party has organized a protest against the festivity which, according to them, propagates "indecency in the world."

Obviously Christians who have the terrible misfortune of living in Pakistan cannot celebrate St Valentine's either.

There have been threats: "We will not allow the holding of any celebration of Valentine's Day," said the leader of the student movement, Shahzad Ahmed. "Either the authorities prohibit them. Or we will stop them way."


  1. LMAO because the Paki's are against love, ST Valentine, and the holy bond of marriage?

  2. i guess thats one way of getting out of takin your girl out to dinner and buying her a gift lol

  3. this comes from people whose idea of a relationship is called rape in the first world-they rape each other as homosexual boys(and pretend they don't) and have 'arranged' marriages-which again is clearly rape as the only consideration is money. Wife beating is de rigeur in islam-the koran tells how.
    Considering they are as attractive as a dose of genital herpes,rape is the only way they know how to breed more of their vileness- their infernal misery and terror is like a cancer or an addiction like heroin(which they peddle to idiots). They will never know real joy,and of course will not go to heaven as there are no gods,but if there were this filth would be flushed down god's toilet and used by the devil to wipe his backside with! But we stop believing this shit when we are 9,and grow up.