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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Immigrants Commit Ten Times More Rapes than Italians

South American immigrants to Italy

Ah, the joys of mass immigration and multiculturalism! From La Repubblica, latest news from Rome:
Rome police have intensified their controls to stop pickpocketing in the areas surrounding the Vatican and the historic centre, that in the last several days have been frequented by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

The carabinieri in a few hours arrested 14 pickpockets involved in stealing from the pockets and backpacks of tourists who have arrived in the capital from all over the world.

The plainclothes police are still used on buses, metro trains, near crowded squares and monuments, to ensure the safety of visitors.

The thieves, aged between 15 and 46 years, are all foreigners, mostly nomads.

All the stolen goods, cameras, smart phones, wallets containing cash and credit cards, were returned to the victims. Those arrested, charged with aggravated theft, will be tried straight away.
Only a month ago a 46-year-old Chinese man was caught thanks to a CCTV camera and arrested for stealing the faithful's offerings from a church's collection boxes near Verona on at least three separate occasions.

Official statistics released in 2009 by the Italian Interior Ministry show that 60 percent of all rapes in Italy are committed by immigrants, who therefore, being only 6-7 percent of the country's population, commit rape 10 times more than Italians.

Among immigrant groups, the nationalities committing most rapes are, in order, Romanians, Moroccans, Albanians.

In Italy immigrants commit such a disproportionate number of crimes, ranging from petty thieving to assault, rape and murder, that an Italian website entirely devoted to this issue has been created, Tutti i Crimini degli Immigrati (All the Immigrants' Crimes). Its tagline is "The others talk about integration, we are just showing it to you".

The site is a catalogue of daily horrors, from filthy Chinese restaurants that seriously jeopardize the health of their customers to a drunk Moroccan, unemployed and without fixed abode, who Thursday evening smashed the window of a crowded Milanese restaurant shouting: "I want to eat for free".

One crime that I found particularly cowardly, cruel and repulsive is that reported by the Italian news agency ANSA about the arrest yesterday of 75 South American immigrants who used large-size breeds of dogs, like St. Bernard, Great Dane, Dog de ​​Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiff and Labrador, as drug carriers.

The animals were subjected to surgery and their entrails were filled with pure cocaine to be exported. The drug was wrapped in layers of different substances impenetrable to X-rays. Upon arrival at the destination the dogs were killed and cut up to retrieve the cocaine.

The estimate is that 50 dogs have been used this way, and only one was saved.

The so-called pandillas, organized violent gangs of Latinos who are involved not only in common crimes but also in international drug trafficking in northern Italy, have in recent years become an increasingly worrying phenomenon in Italy.

This new police investigation has for the first time demonstrated the existence of a link between the pandillas and the emissaries of the South American cartels with whom the pandillas were in direct contact to procure large quantities of cocaine.

Why we leave our borders open to this scum is beyond comprehension.


  1. What a wonderful picture of a group of outstanding citizens.
    in 2009 the City of Bootle, population 80,000, on Merseyside, had more violent crime than the entire country of England, 53 million, in 1960. What wonders has "diversity" wrought.
    Here in the US it is the same story, Mexico is now pretty much a full blown narco-state. Black and hispanic gangs infest our cities, third world immigrants land here by the thousand and immediately go on benefit.
    You have commented before on your experience in West London, do you think London has improved since you moved there?
    incidentally I am not against immi/emigration, you are an example of bringing great value to the community you live in.
    roger in florida

  2. Thank you Roger. And no, London has definitely not improved, has got much worse.

  3. If the Italian police were serious about stopping this, they could easily work with decoys who have items with tracking devices. I'm sure they could use modern technology to find not only individuals, but enter nests of vipers, and the those fencing these goods. The technology exists all you need is the will.

    But from what I've heard about Italy is that the police gave up long ago.