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Friday, 5 July 2013

UK TV Broadcasting Muslim Call to Prayer Each Morning during Ramadan

Here in Albion, we are getting every day closer to becoming a fully-implemented Sharia state.

Ralph Lee, boss of the British TV Channel 4, must find the destruction of the West and Christianity, starting with the UK, amusing.
He said it will screen a Muslim call to prayer every day during Ramadan — because it is more relevant than the Diamond Jubilee.

Boss Ralph Lee claimed the fact that 2.8 million UK Muslims will celebrate the holy month from next week put last year’s Royal celebrations in the shade.

He added: “Nearly five per cent of the country will actively engage in Ramadan".
And there lies a huge problem, Ralph. You should mourn it, although you probably "celebrate diversity".

We now have home-grown cells of al-Qaeda in Britain, as well as terrorist "lone wolves". What more diversity than that do you want?

Ralph went on to say: “I want to set out to provoke people to think about Islam in ways that aren’t associated with terrorism”.

So, he now wants people to associate Islam with cacophony, horrendous sounds. Better than murder and mayhem, I suppose, but do we need it?
Channel 4 will screen a full three-minute chant by Hassen Rasool, a muezzin or prayer call leader, from the start of Ramadan next Tuesday. It will then break into its regular schedule to mark the first prayer of each day at 3am.

On the first day Channel 4 will also air 20-second bursts of the chant at four other prayer times — 1.11pm, 5.26pm, 9.20pm and 10.49pm..”
This will do wonders for Channel 4's ratings, I'm sure.
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary, accused of encouraging terrorism, said he welcomed any move to promote Islam.

He added: “Islam is the fastest growing ideology in this country — by some accounts Britain could be a Muslim country by 2015.”
Abu Zakariyya, of the radical Islamic Emergency Defence group, added: “We want to see Sharia law in the UK and only God knows if this could be a step towards it.”
You're in good company, Ralph. Anjem Choudary and Abu Zakariyya approve of your decision and see it as a means to achieving their ends. If you wanted to win friends among the "radical Muslim community", you got it right. But if you wanted to create nice associations with Islam in people's minds, away from terrorism, hand-amputation and lack of aesthetic sense in music, you're not on the right track. Mind you, I've no idea of what you could have chosen instead, though.

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  1. I dont think the British people will accept or abide by sharia law - ever. We still have a sense of national pride (albeit it is being supressed by governments,etc.,) No sharia law for me, I will be a fully fledged law breaker as I only intend to ever abide by the British Justice System.