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Saturday, 6 July 2013

In the USA Blacks Can Get Away with Murder

Black Skin Privilege by David Horowitz and John Perazzo

In the trial of George Zimmerman the prosecution has finished and the defence has begun its case.

George Zimmerman was a white-Hispanic (with an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather) neighbourhood watch volunteer patrolling a white gated community where there had been a spat of recent break-ins and burglaries committed by blacks.

He shot dead, claiming in self-defence, Trayvon Martin, a black 17-year-old who had entered the area and was acting in a way that arose Zimmerman's suspicions. There was an altercation seen by a witness, who said he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman bashing his head, confirming the latter's testimony, also confirmed by his injuries.

In addition, Martin had injuries to his knuckles, in conformity with the idea that he had hit someone's head hard.

There seems to be at the very least reasonable doubt for acquittal. But the black community is asking for blood, and there are fears that, in case of discharge, black riots may erupt.

In the meantime, African Americans have already taken their "revenge" on European Americans but very few people take any notice. From FrontPage Magazine:
The trial of George Zimmerman is winding down with a meltdown of the prosecution’s case and lurid predictions of riots if a “politically correct” decision is not reached. Why is it in America today that racial issues like this one so resemble the Wonderland world where, as the Red Queen famously says, “first the sentence, then the evidence”? Why is it that Americans consider blacks to be much more racist on the whole than whites, yet the latter is exclusively singled out for scorn? David Horowitz and John Perazzo provide answers in their pamphlet Black Skin Privilege, written not long after Zimmerman was arrested in connection with the Trayvon Martin death. Here’s what Horowitz and Perazzo say:
In America today, blacks generally can conduct racist assaults on whites and count on “civil rights” activists and the media not to notice. In the two months following Trayvon Martin’s death, black assailants carried out at least 14 fourteen known attacks against white victims with the idea of “avenging” the fallen youth. In East Toledo, six juveniles beat a 78-year-old white man, shouting: “This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]!” In Gainesville, five blacks shouting “Trayvon!” beat a 27-year-old white man, leaving his face permanently disfigured. In another Gainesville incident, a black crowd shouting “Trayvon!” assaulted and stomped on a white man who was trying to recover his female companion’s purse from the hands of a black thief. In Chicago, two black teenagers beat and robbed a 19-year-old white man because, as one of the attackers explained, they were angry about Trayvon Martin. In Baltimore, a group of blacks beat and robbed a white man, stripping him naked, then posted a video of the assault online with the caption: “me an my boys helped get justice fore trayvon.” In Mobile, a white man named Matthew Owens was brutalized by twenty African Americans armed with brass knuckles, bricks, chairs, bats and steel pipes after he asked them to stop playing basketball in the street directly in front of his home. As the assailants left the scene, one of them looked back at the victim, who was bleeding profusely, and shouted,: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!” It is unlikely that many Americans have heard of these racial attacks, because the perpetrators are protected by a media that does not want to notice that the racists are black, and their victims are white.
The same as in Britain, actually.
Within weeks of the Trayvon Martin shooting, a parallel killing occurred with the skin colors reversed at a Taco Bell restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. A 22-year-old black motorist got into an altercation with Daniel Adkins, a 29-year-old, mentally disabled “white Hispanic” who was walking by. When the argument grew heated, the motorist drew a gun and killed Adkins. When police arrived at the scene, the black shooter claimed that Adkins had swung a bat or metal pipe at him, although no such items were found at the scene. Arizona, like Florida, has a “Stand Your Ground” law that allows a person to use deadly force to protect himself when faced with a life-or-death confrontation. A protective media withheld the shooter’s name, and there was no racial mob calling for his head. Unlike George Zimmerman, the gunman was not arrested nor charged with a crime. Call that black skin privilege.

If you’re black and possibly guilty but a white person is involved, the media will actively volunteer to be your advocate…. In the Trayvon Martin case, the media withheld details of the crime that were damaging to Trayvon in order to protect him and indict Zimmerman — that the mainly white community he had entered at night had been the target of a rash of recent break-ins and burglaries by young African -American men; that the hoodie Trayvon was [sic] wore was a uniform for burglars; and that Trayvon had been suspended from school after burglary tools were discovered on his person along with unaccounted-for jewelry.
There were several other media "mistakes" and convenient omissions. One was this: the TV channel ABC News obtained a surveillance video of Zimmerman and said that no abrasions or blood could be seen in the video. The conservative media outlet The Daily Caller disputed this claim, and posted a still from the same ABC video showing the injury on the back of Zimmerman's head.
At the same time, the press flooded the airwaves and front pages with sentimental photos of Trayvon as an innocent adolescent, while withholding others of the six-foot-two, 17-year-old who beat the smaller Zimmerman to the ground, smashing his head on the concrete and causing him to scream repeatedly for his life before he fired his gun in self-defense.

Looking at the Martin case, black skin privilege means you can form a lynch mob if the target is a “white” man and the press will overlook it; you can demand a judgment in advance of the facts, and can conclude his guilt in advance of a trial. You can even take “justice” into your own hands by threatening his life as the Black Panthers did to George Zimmerman or twittering his home address like vigilante filmmaker Spike Lee and comedienne Roseanne Barr did in the hope that someone might go after him. If this isn’t a rebirth of the cracker mentality of the segregated South, it is hard to know what would be…
The pamphlet Black Skin Privilege by David Horowitz and John Perazzo derives its name from the expression "white skin privilege", first made popular during the 1960s by the Weatherman terrorists as they launched their bombing run against America. The rest of the Weatherman's ideas were rejected by the dominant culture, but their views on race were not.
From the introduction to the pamphlet:
Black skin privilege means the press will fail to report an epidemic of race riots targeting whites for beatings, shooting and other violence in major American cities over the last several years. Black sin privilege has created an optical illusion in the liberal culture that white on black attack are commonplace events when in fact there are five times as many black attacks on whites as the reverse. As Horowitz and Perazzo note, in 2010, blacks committed more than 25 times the number of acts of interracvial [sic] violence than whites did.


  1. Ciao Enza,

    Condivido le tue opinioni, non e che devi condividere le mie, ma non si sa mai. Sono albanese cristiano ortodosso. Ho vissuto 9 anni in Italia e ho fatto il dottorato in matematica a Pisa. Adesso sono cittadino USA e sto finendo la mia seconda laurea in ingegneria aerospaziale. Ho insegnato vari anni in USA in varie università. A Northeastern a Boston mi licenziarono perché sono islamofobo.

    Ho vissuto in Francia nel 2005. Cio che ho visto mi ha spaventato incredibilmente. Gli arabi te lo dicono in faccia "chacun son territoire et n'ya pas de probleme". Ma come si fa svegliare questa gente? Hanno deciso di sterminarsi da soli senza disturbare la pace pubblica?

    Non ho un blog mio ma commento qui e la. Le mie ultime opinioni le puoi vedere in questo link cercando il mio nome, ILIA TOLI. Spero che le mie opinioni ti piacciano.

    1. Ciao Ilia. Le tue opinioni mi piacciono, eccome.

      L'idea che hanno deciso di sterminarsi da soli senza disturbare la pace pubblica e' buffa e al tempo stesso, purtroppo, sembra serissima. A volte viene fatto di pensare che possa essere cosi', una sorta di masochismo collettivo o sindrome di Stoccolma di massa.

      Seguiro' con interesse i tuoi commenti, e saro' felice se ti tieni in contatto con me e il mio blog.


    2. Commenti da quello link sopra:

      I haven't actually read the article because I have an exam on Wednesday. Nonetheless, I do know why the left is so blinkered to Islamic extremism. It is because Marxism is the sociopath philosophy and islam the sociopath religion. Sociopaths of a feather plunder together.

      The left thinks muslims are doing their bid in undoing the western civilization in order to bring about the historic inevitability of the proletarian revolution. Yes, they are this stupid.

      Muslims think Allah has duped the infidels into this alliance in order to pave the way for their divine loot.
      Also, the propensity of the left for splinter groups is explained very well through their BPD = borderline personality disorder. That's what predator animals do: once that they subdue the prey, they fight among each other for the game.

      Same for muslims. That's why they are so loosely associated with each other with greatest allegiance going to their endogamous minuscule tribes.

      Obama has never worked, this is the hallmark of the sociopath. He triples down with his fascination for Marxism and islam. Marxism and islam have many contradictions yet they get along so well. That's because of their deeper affinity: sociopathy.

      Marx never worked either. Look at the profile of the typical leftist. They loathe work altogether, and believe themselves divinely ordained by the natural selection.

      Most of these guys get caught before they inevitably cause too much misery. Some of them make it big. This is Obama. If he has his way all the way long, he inadvertently would make everybody die in shit. They pretty much end up in misery, like Madoff, but they can't help it. It is like in the scorpion and frog tale: It's a scorpion thing, you wouldn't understand.

      These guys have a very high opinion of themselves. They think we're stupid because it never crosses our mind to do those things that they do, because of our morality. They don't have it. Any time they trick us, their opinion of us sinks deeper.
      "Rich get richer and poor get poorer". If the second part were true, poor are getting poorer since Marx' time, mean they are poorer now than then. How evidently stupid.

      If one compares writings of Marx with Engels it is very evident who of the two has never worked and favors population control, and who leads several factories and has faith in science.
      The Ignoble Qurap says everything and its contrary, whatever works for the moment for MooHamMad. This behavior is typical of the Borderline Personality Disorder. They lie and cheat as needed.

      Sociopaths exist all over. The message of MooHamMad stuck so well with Arabs because they were desert thugs who lived on loot. Even so many of their tales speak of treasure found in a trove. That's actually loot, rationalized. Spanish took it from their muslim masters.

      Both Christ and MooHamMad wanted to become kings, that's obvious. Christ was a urban hippie philosopher, MooHamMad was a desert thug. One of the two managed to become king, and it wasn't the philosopher. Once that MooHamMad became king, he changed his ways completely.

  2. There happen so many crimes every day. Only this got attention because Sharpton thought it as a good blackmail case because of the Zimmerman second name. They hoped he was white, and are doing a great disservice to blacks by stocking black-latino animosity. Do they care?

    As a professor in Florida, the most feared thing is being blackmailed by students on charges of racism. It has happened to me. A white girl called me in the middle of the class "are you racist?" Like this, because she can. How do you answer in such a lose-lose situation? What did I do? Deflect the discussion to whatever else, and then stand up for myself. She regrets it, but this is indicator of where we are now.

  3. I was for a short period with a white girl from Tampa. She has a PhD in... cultural anthropology and had served time in... Gaza. Anytime that she was in trouble she didn't call good proletarian Hamas police in Gaza, she called evil police of occupying Zionist entity. Who caused her troubles all the time? Well, comrades Arabs did.

    The topmost annoying thing with her was how much she hated... white people. She used to say "evil white people" all the time. I could not possibly understand why she was looking for a white boyfriend. To make some more evil white people? Or to make some nice black people with an evil white boyfriend? Whatever the case.

    Anytime that we were in restaurants and the waiter was non-white she harassed me to give huge tips to the waiter because they have babies to rear. Don't white people also have babies to rear? I certainly gave what I must: 15% if I am happy with the service.

    1. Interesting first-hand information and comments.

  4. Hello Enza, What do you think of Louis Armstrong and so many other black artists that have contributed to enrich our white culture?

    1. Hello Anonymous.
      Some I like some I don't, but I don't see how this relates to my article.

    2. its not about how many blacks lead the world to their culture it is about blacks getting away with murder because the liberal media wants to portray that every white person owned slaves and so they are entitled to attack any other race especially white skinned people as far as Louis Armstrong take a look at kanye west there is no contest to see which race can improve mankind because if you are saying blacks made all the advancements or even 1 % I would strongly disagree with you .blacks cling to all the bad things that happened to their race when in fact if they weren't brought out of Africa into slavery they wouldn't be in America today so the hardships the slaves had to endure were the price that paid for you to be abled to use a computer today. blacks are allowed to get away with violent hate crimes because society allows it

  5. I really just wanted to confirm whether you had something against all black people. Perhaps not. But, more relevant to your article, do you have any evidence that, on average, blacks get away with murder more than whites? I have heard the opposite: that blacks are far more likely to face the death penalty for murder than whites.

    1. Blacks face the death penalty much more because they commit disproportionately many more crimes, including capital ones. I don't have anything against black people, I just want to face the truth rather than hide it.

      In fact denying the facts hurts minorities as well. For statistics, read the book and for a broader picture:

    2. you get all your sources from front page magazine...blacks do not commit more capital crimes...that's a lie and manipulation. try using a source that isn't biased like front page mag.

    3. My anonymous friend, nice try! Are the official statistics of the US Department of Justice good enough for you, or do you think that they are also biased if they don't come up with the figures that your ideology commands?

      Read here:

  6. We hard working people are so tired of all the suckers preying on us. Thank you for your efforts to speak the truth. Do not let me influence your faith with my forthcoming comment. I am afraid the truth means nothing in our Country now. I am 55 and I have been alive long enough to see the truth and the lies, and it seems most people want the lies. I want out of society now. I want to live in reality and honesty. Wish I knew where to go.

  7. WOW! What a brave woman to publish this blog!
    In the USA many, many websites have been created to show the extent of black HATE & violence against innocent white people. I've been on many forums warning white people that BULLIES don't simply go away because you ignore them. Blacks in America have gown accustomed to attacking white people, many times simply for the shear joy of it (not kidding). Clearly, black BULLIES have counted on the liberal allies in gov''t, media and their white liberal advocates of white victimization against blacks (a myth), to not face any serious charges for their hate attacks. Never is there a HATE crime filed by the DA when a black attacks a white person. White people no darn well if it was the other way around...

    In Britain, I was under the belief that blacks have an even greater level of protection from gov't media, white liberals. If I were the author of this blog, and knowing the level of protection from critical comments blacks have regarding their behavior, I wouldn't have the nerve to publish this blog.

    As for Zimmerman, it was HIS neighborhood. Trayvon Martin did not live there (he was visiting). Zimmerman was doing his job. He spotted what he believed was a suspicious teen. That teen turned out to be black male BULLY Trayvon Martin. It was Martin who uttered the only racial slur. It was 17-year-old Martin that charged up to Zimmerman and socked him (a 28-year-old adult) in the face 9believing he was white guy). The, as BULLY Martin was raining blows down on the face of Zimmerman and telling him "you gonna die tonight", Zimmerman pulled his gun and fired. I would have done exactly the same thing.

  8. There were eyewitness who saw Daniel Adkins attack the black guy. Just letting you know that. But nice try. "and there was no racial mob calling for his head" Yes there were. Search it up yourself.

    1. There was a petition by a member of his family, there were commentators asking for justice for Daniel Adkins, but that is not even remotely comparable to the black racist mobs we saw after Martin's killing.These are civilised responses, the difference is easy for anyone to see.

      Of course there were also decent black people who were outraged at the disparity of treatment received by Cornell Jude, the killer of mentally-disabled Hispanic man Adkins, and Zimmerman.

      Whether Adkins swung at Jude - who almost run him over with his car - has not been verified (the "witnesses" are his girlfriend) but, even if he had, shooting him was not an act of self-defence but wanton violence.

      "But Jude also told police he didn’t believe that Adkins would have killed both of them if he had not been shot. Neither did police find evidence of a bat or any other object on the scene. When they questioned Jude and his girlfriend about it, they said Adkins might have been waving his arms, or that they could have mistaken the dog leash for a bat...

      "Daniel’s father doesn’t think race played a role in the shooting. Jude is African-American and Adkins is Hispanic. Still, he doesn’t understand why his son’s case didn’t raise the uproar that Martin’s did in Florida.

      "Hurtado said it’s a combination of politics and timing. He believes prosecutors are afraid of instigating a backlash from the African-American community that was already up in arms about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Cobb denied any political motivations being behind the handling of the case.

      "“They don’t want what happened in Sanford to happen in Phoenix,” said Hurtado."


      In the US, black mob rules.

  9. why was a black reporter laughing and jokeing with other reports while the bodys of children lay dead and nothing is said about it????

  10. Everything on this page is bull shit, fake bull shit at that. I can't believe your journalists and like you know anything about being black in America during these present times where being black can get you kill for being in the wrong place at the wrong time(your only excuse). Where being white means you have the right to kill 32 innocent people and injure 50 others and only be given life imprisonment with no parole.where being black means that cops have the right to shoot you because you ran away rather than staying. Sorry but if you thinks blacks in America can get away with murder than you most believe whites get away with genocide.

  11. How many of the blacks that commited these crimes and were caught did not go to Jail? I'm pretty sure 0%. Getting away with murder is standing trial and not being indicted. This is just a case of ignorant you using a just cause to commit crimes they would normaly commit anyway.

  12. we black are going to rape n kill all you old crackers and eat your children .

  13. Well all of us old crackers are scared to death.


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