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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

1968 Greens, Reds, Pinks and the Normalisation of Paedophilia

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

The Left, red or green (it's usually both), tends to have no moral objection to the normalisation of paedophilia, the next step after the normalisation of homosexuality.

People on the Left, which includes "gay" activists, have in recent years kept this issue quiet without wishing to disclose their real intentions to the public to avoid the probable risk of jeopardizing their goal of normalising homosexuality, but, now that they have won that battle after achieving homomarriage, that acceptance of paedophilia is part of their agenda will become increasingly explicit.

I want to clarify that I am totally for protecting the environment, but not environmentalism, an offshoot of socio-communism that has hijacked the conservation cause for the Left.

Just before the German elections, a Pedophilia Scandal: Old Document Haunts Green Party Candidate:
Leading Green Party candidate Jürgen Trittin is under heavy scrutiny this week after researchers found his name on a decades-old paper supporting pedophiles.

With the general election only days away, the Green Party's top candidate Jürgen Trittin is under fire over a document more than 30 years old. The party manifesto, which he approved, advocated legalizing sex with minors.

The latest politician to be dragged into the Green Party's pedophilia scandal is Jürgen Trittin, the party's top candidate in the upcoming federal election. He was responsible for a 1981 election platform that included a call for the decriminalization of sex between children and adults.

The platform belonged to the Göttingen branch of the Alternative Green Initiative List (AGIL), a forerunner of the current Green Party, and was uncovered by political scientists Franz Walter and Stephan Klecha of the Göttingen Institute for the Study of Democracy. The organization was hired by the Green Party in May to investigate the party's affiliations with pedophile activists in the 1980s.

In an essay for the left-leaning Die Tageszeitung newspaper on Monday, Walter wrote that Trittin, at the time a student who was running for city council, was one of five members of an editorial board that signed off on the election manifesto. The document called for sex between children and adults to be made exempt from punishment, so long as it involved neither violence nor the threat of violence.

As Walter explains, it was not uncommon for the AGIL to take over the platforms of minority interest groups [like homosexuals and paedophiles].

Jürgen Trittin told Die Tageszeitung that the researchers' findings were correct. "It was simply taken for granted that we adopted one-to-one the demands of various fringe initiatives, such as those of the 'Homosexual Action Göttingen,'" Trittin said. "The responsibility was mine and it's a mistake I regret."...

The Green Party is spending more than €200,000 ($267,000) on the study to investigate its past history of support for pedophiles. The price tag is a handsome sum, considering the party's annual budget of €5 million, and suggests the party is eager to clarify and resolve the murky chapter in its history.

That history caught up with the party earlier this year, when comments on children's sexuality in the 1975 autobiography of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Green Party representative in the European Parliament, resurfaced in the media.

The most recent revelation comes at an unfortunate time for the Green Party. With less than a week to go before Germany's general election, Trittin's political opponents have already begun to exploit the issue to discredit his campaign.

"Trittin needs to consider whether he really is the right man to be fronting the Greens," said Philipp Missfelder of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Alexander Dobrindt, general secretary of the conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), told the website of the magazine Focus that Trittin should withdraw from his position as the Green Party's leading candidate in the election.
Regarding 1968 revolts' hero, revolutionary and anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Wikipedia writes:
In 1978 an edition of Pflasterstrand, an alternative magazine Cohn-Bendit edited, described being seduced by a 6-year old girl as one of the most beautiful experiences the author had ever had...

Cohn-Bendit published a number of provocative statements regarding "sex with children" in the 1970s and early 1980s, notably in his 1975 book "The Great Bazaar" where he describes erotic encounters with five-year-olds in his time as a teacher in an anti-authoritarian kindergarten. He has been accused as advocating pedophilia since at least 2001. This controversy re-erupted in 2013; as Cohn-Bendit received the Theodor Heuss Prize, there was a rally by anti-pedophilia activists. The affair triggered wider research into the pro-pedophilia activism which prevailed in the German Green Party (without direct involvement on the part of Cohn-Bendit) well into the 1980s. An article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung uncovered numerous "repulsive" passages (abstoßende Texte) in Pflasterstrand, a leftist magazine which appeared under the editorship of Cohn-Bendit, and cited a 1978 defense of Cohn-Bedit's of this editorial practice, as well as an appearance of Cohn-Bendit in a French television talkshow in 1982 where he described being erotically undressed by a five-year-old. Cohn-Bendit reacted to these allegations by claiming that his descriptions of erotic encounters with pre-pubescent girls were not based on true events but were merely intended as what he today calls "obnoxious provocation" aimed at questioning sexual morals at the time that "shouldn't have been written that way."
Cohn-Bendit is accused of endorsing sex with children and may even have practiced it.

In his 1975 book "The Great Bazaar" he wrote: "It happened several times, that a few children would open the fly of my pants and begin to stroke me. That represented a problem."

These leading figures are only a side of the problem. When the German Green Party was founded in 1980, paedophiles were part of it. Some documents show that the influence of paedophiles on the party was much stronger than previously thought.

At the first party convention the platform was shared by "Urban Indians," who wanted the "legalization of all affectionate sexual relations between adults and children." In the early years there were in the German Green Party groups which advocated the liberalisation and decriminalisation of sex with children, among which was the "Working Group on Gays and Pederasts."

From Spiegel:
He is a boy, roughly 10 years old, with a pretty face, full lips, a straight nose and shoulder-length hair. The wings of an angel protrude from his narrow back, and a penis is drawn with thin lines on the front of his body.

The 1986 image was printed in the newsletter of the Green Party's national working group on "Gays, Pederasts and Transsexuals," abbreviated as "BAG SchwuP." It wasn't just sent to a few scattered party members, but was addressed to Green Party members of the German parliament, as well as the party's headquarters in Bonn...

No political group in Germany promoted the interests of men with pedophile tendencies as staunchly as the environmental party. For a period of time in the mid-1980s, it practically served as the parliamentary arm of the pedophile movement.

A look at its archives reveals numerous traces of the pedophiles' flirtation with the Green Party. They appear in motions, party resolutions, memos and even reports by the party treasurer. That is because at times the party not only supported its now forgotten fellow campaigners politically, but also more tangibly, in the form of financial support...

[P]edophiles, noisy and wearing colorful body paint, were often a visible part of Green Party gatherings.


  1. 1) Yes, Cohn-Bendit is a pervert and should be arrested. This comes up habitually in the European PArliament when they want to strip one of the Le Pens or another National Front member of his/her immunity so he/she can be charged with racist language in France. They point out in turn that Cohn-Bendit is a pædo and walks free, retaining his immunity. The chair won't hear it...

    2) However, these people protecting Cohn-Bendit are not communists, these are the Christian Democrats, Liberals, and Social Democrats who run the European Parliament. They are the agents of finance capital for which interest the European Union was created.

    3) The origins of the Greens are complicated, but in any case they do not come from the main Socialist/Communist movements of the time. The Germans Greens originally began with real pacifist activists and rural conservative agrarians. Then they became a magnet for all the small 70s cultural and political protest movements. That is how they attracted some of their political leadership from ultra-left Maoist and anarchist groups (but never from orthodox Marxist-Leninist parties) as well as apolitical cultural deviants like pædos.
    Until the early 90s, the Greens were at odds with the SPD as the latter was very pro-industrial and anti-Green, though with sympathetic New Leftish factions. Communist groups in Europe usually condemned green politics as reactionary until fairly recently (though some still do).

    4) As for Cohn-Bendit's history, his supporters in France in the 60s were mainly anarchists. The French Communist Party (PCF) famously hated him. The anarchists claim that the PCF undermined the 68 revolution and supported De Gaulle. The true story is more complicated but in any case the real Communists did not want to give any power to this man. Even today as a French Green MEP he advocates the whole pro-globalist deregulation agenda - he is a very pro-capitalist Green.

    But still a pædo.

    1. Your defence of communists is probably suspect and certainly misguided.

      The environmentalist movement, like the feminist, the "antiracist", the "gay rights" ones and others, are all part of the great "march through the institutions" advocated by Gramsci and practised by modern cultural Marxist.

      The well known phrase "Environmentalists are like watermelons, green outside and red inside" is totally true.

    2. You only have to consider the environmentalists (like Al Gore, a Democrat and a Leftist) and communists like Maurice Strong, who are behind the climate change propaganda of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with the clear aim of establishing a world governance under the pretext of a "global problem" which they made up. No deregulation here, you can be sure.

      It's irrelevant whether the socialists and communists got on the bandwagon later rather than earlier. Your history of the origins is neither here nor there. What matters is that, as I said in my previous comment, the Cultural Marxism of today is provided with many different tentacles to achieve its infernal agenda. And succeeding.

  2. And you're mistaken, Anonymous, in making a big deal of the distinction between communists and anarchists.

    Marx and Bakunin totally agreed on their goals, and their disagreements during the First International only pertained to the means to achieve them.

    It's no coincidence that anarchism is also called "libertarian communism".