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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Polled Muslims Support Unstunned Halal

Is your food halal?

The Facebook Muslim page Salaam News, describing itself as "The social home of progressive news relevant to Muslims, globally", has held an opinion poll on halal.

It asks: "Where do you stand on this issue? Is it ok to consume halal meats that have been pre-stunned or does the stunning render the meat impermissible for consumption? Is it something that matters to you?"

The choice given to respondents is whether they want their meat to come from stunned or unstunned animals.

The result: Stunned = 278 votes; Unstunned = 8636 votes.

And these are "progressive" Muslims. I dread to think what regressive Muslims support.


  1. 3%.....that'll be the moderates then!!

  2. Uggggggh, they're such savages, have no compassion whatsoever.