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Friday, 27 September 2013

Question Time: Insane People Denying the Obvious

What fun I had last night watching Question Time on the BBC.

Author Will Self (his name is oddly suited to him, but then everything about the man is weird) is always very entertaining. This time he surpassed himself, by denying that terrorism is a problem - especially, God (or rather Allah) forbid, Islamic terrorism.

This pearl of wisdom came in answer to a question from the audience about the risk of a terror attack in Britain after what happened in Kenya.

We are living in constant anxiety about something that doesn't exist, he pronounced referring to terrorism, just ten minutes before expounding, during a discussion on the HS2 high-speed rail project,  his various conspiracy theories about the government being in the pocket of road lobbyists and similar sinister people.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate and Daily Express journalist Patrick O'Flynn dared defy this usual, BBC-chosen, Leftist audience by mentioning that multiculturalism has a responsibility for the terrorist threat in Britain.

A not so good - in the usual sense of difficult to answer - question, rhetorically and rebukingly intended, came from a woman in the public, who asked something to this effect: why do we always associate terrorism with Islam?

The answer could certainly have occurred to even the most brainwashed, or rather braindead, politically correct Marxist Islamophile on the globe, and was promptly provided by O'Flynn himself. Because we are talking about an Islamist terror group committing an atrocity in Kenya, was his self-evident reply.

He could easily have added the Muslim attacks on churches in Pakistan, the daily Islamic suicide bombers in Iraq, the violence spread by Muslims in Borneo and in the Philippines. These are just a few of the many Islamic accomplishments of the past week or so, the results of a few good days' work.

To his credit, the UKIP man was the only one to mention the constant, relentless persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries. Well done to him for reminding - or informing? - people of a subject that almost nobody would touch with a barge pole.

Of all those parties represented on the panel, UKIP is certainly the least bad. Nevertheless, O'Flynn didn't attract public attention to the fact that the profound link between Islam and terrorism - and not just terrorism, but indeed all violence against non-Muslims - goes well beyond the recent events in Kenya.

This is what my party, the newest and most honest British party, Liberty GB, would have done, if one of us had been sitting at that desk.

I missed some of the first part of the programme, in which they discussed Labour's energy price freeze policy. Considering that Labour is almost single-handedly responsible for the skyrocketing utility bills of recent years - that created Britain's new fuel poverty - due to the previous government's senseless subsidy of wind power and other "renewables", that discussion would have been amusing to see.

Watching Question Time is always a comical experience. When you see it you have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh.


  1. If the BBC did their job the way they were intended to, the uninformed brainwashed idiots who always dominate the panel, as well as the audience, they would be aware that there have been 21,647 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. (Source: Religion of Peace Website)

    Raymond Ibrahim, who produces a monthly account of the major incidents of Islamic Persecution of Christians, has also written an article in The Commentator about the dhimmi world ignoring the recent suicide (sewerside) terrorist attack in Pakistan.
    Jihadi slaughter; that was last weekend. This?
    Amid Nairobi it was very easy to miss last weekend's slaughter of Christians elsewhere.
    Pray for this weekend, and for all subsequent ones, because it seems that no-one on Earth cares

    Even Archbishop Welby's response was to pray for those committing these atrocities. He's interpreted 'turning the other cheek', much like his predecessor, as sticking his bum up in the air.

  2. Salve Enza, è da un po' che seguo i tuoi post, ti ho "scoperta" grazie al sito di Paul Weston, come mai non ho mai sentito parlare di una grande donna come te nei nostri media nazionali? c'è bisogno di gente come te qui da noi, sarebbe bello se facessi anche dei post sull'Italia, così tanto per avere una prospettiva nazionalista dall'estero!

    1. Grazie, Italian guy. Scrivo anche sull'Italia. Fra i miei ultimi post sul nostro Paese ci sono: