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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hijra, Immigration Jihad of Taking over Other Cultures and Countries

A young Muslim protesting against a film

This is the third and final part of a 3-part article by our new guest writer, Stephen St. George, a Catholic born in Iraq who now lives in the United States. The first part, in which he describes his early experiences in Iraq, is here: Let’s Throw Pebbles in the Ocean!. The second part is here: How to Answer Muslim and Liberal Untruths .


Around the world, we have situations and events that as a whole resemble an “ocean” of crooked laws, injustices, oppression, greed, lies, killings, and all sorts of evils that man is capable of perpetrating on his fellow men. Some of these events are violent and shocking attacks on innocent people, like the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Beslan school hostage crisis, the Boston Marathon bombing, Kenya’s Westgate Mall terror attack, and other terrorist attacks in London, Spain, India, etc. Yet, other attacks come slowly and methodically, like creeping shariah, imposition of the will of minority immigrants over the will and way of life of the host country, footbaths, halal meat, burning the flag of the host country, protesting in the streets and displaying signs like “Europe, Your 9/11 is Coming”, and “Behead Those Who Insult islam”!!

Westerners, born and raised in a democratic society, enjoy freedom of speech, and are brought up to respect and tolerate other people’s views, opinions and religions. Muslims, on the other hand, live by teachings given to them in their Quran and reinforced by their upbringing. They are taught to hate anyone who does not believe in their god, period! Calling everyone else (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and so on) infidels, kafirs, non-believers, pigs, apes, and unclean.

While Muslims are accusing everyone else of being unclean, immoral, or just being your basic unbeliever, they are busy praying five times a day, in public, for all to see! They demand footbaths in universities and airports. How does washing one’s feet before prayer cleanse the heart, or make one more worthy of praying to his or her god? I would rather have dirty feet, but pray to God to help me love my neighbor and not kill him if he doesn’t believe what I believe!

If you think that I am a racist, or a bigot, or that the things I mentioned above are not dangerous to Western society, then do all of us and yourself a favor, and read about what happened to the Hindus in India, the Zoroastrians in pre-Iran Persia, the Armenian Christians, and the Christians and Jews in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, etc.

Liberals tell the rest of us that we are intolerant and hateful when we comment on the creeping danger that Islam poses, a danger that is by no means fabricated by us “racists and bigots”, but even broadcast by Muslims and their clerics themselves for the whole world to hear and read in sermons, lectures, writings and street protests! Liberals push the notion that most Muslims are moderate and pose no danger at all to our Western way of life and our belief system. To the contrary, it is a well-established fact that when Muslims are a small minority in a foreign country, they are “peaceful and moderate”. Once their numbers increase, then their demands go up, their voices get louder, and the host country is all of a sudden embroiled in more protests, increased numbers of crimes like rape and murder, and the occasional riots, car burnings and vandalism! Remember what happened in France in 2005? Look it up!

Most people are busy being good citizens, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, and overall productive members of society. They are caught up in the struggles of earning money to raise a family, save for retirement, a little vacation now and then, maybe even save for some extra luxuries, or to start a small business.

That’s why most Westerners are not out in the streets protesting or demanding things. They not only work for a living, but also try to build a future for themselves and their children. Another thing they do is vote! They vote for politicians who they hope would represent them and act on their behalf to ensure basic conditions like:

1. Safety, both from national threats and local crime.
2. Freedom. To be left alone to live, worship, and be happy, provided they don’t encroach on the freedoms of others.

Unfortunately, many politicians in the West (both left and right, with the exception of very few), would not stand a chance to be voted into office by law-abiding, hard-working, God-fearing citizens, so what do they do in order to ensure a cushy job and a secure retirement for themselves? They divide society into groups and promise them special handouts if they help elect them. Therefore, it is in the politicians’ best interest (not the country’s) to cultivate groups of voting blocs made up of people who are dependent on government handouts. Such handouts can only come from the ever-rising taxes on hard-working citizens, knowing full well that these citizens would not leave their daily jobs and take to the streets in protest! But, after the politicians ran out of voting blocs to cultivate large enough majorities, they started encouraging whole-sale, open-door immigration from all parts of the world. When people come to the West not able to speak the native language of the host country, they naturally find it difficult to blend in, find jobs, and become productive members of society! Never fear, for here come the politicians with their promises of welfare, free housing, food stamps, free tuition, and even social-security benefits (in the US) for people who had not put a penny into the system.

What I’ve outlined above are old tactics (for over 100 years) used by politicians, especially liberals, who couldn’t win elections fair and square and on merit! The only difference, and the bigger danger in the present, is that Muslims migrating to the West not only benefit financially as outlined above, but find out very quickly that they can use our democracy, freedom of speech, and tolerance of other religions against us in order to fulfill their Quran’s Hijra (immigration) jihad of slowly taking over other cultures. (Again, don’t just take my word for this, do some research on the violence of Islam from its inception. This is not a new problem!)  As their numbers increase, and more importantly because they refuse to assimilate into our culture and accept our laws, Muslims drive many of the host-country’s citizens out of a town and form their own separatist enclaves that even the police dare not enter!

Keep in mind that tolerance of other religions is almost non-existent in many countries in the Middle East. So while Europe and the USA are brimming with more and more mosques, there isn’t a single Christian Church in Saudi Arabia and those that exist in Egypt, Syria, or Iraq, to name a few countries, are constantly being attacked, vandalized, or burned to the ground. When was the last time you heard or read of Christians attacking a mosque, climbing on its walls and destroying religious relics? If that ever happened, the whole Christian community would be torched and many killed. You don’t think that would happen? Well it happened in Pakistan after a Christian was accused of blasphemy against Islam! Look it up, it happened around March 9th, 2013.

I am not advocating hatred or intolerance of anyone who genuinely comes to our Western countries seeking freedom from brutal regimes, depressed economies (although they have all the money in the world from oil, it seems that only the ruling class gets to enjoy those riches), and brutality of rape, murder, stoning, “honor” killings, etc., etc. All I ask is that when you come here, you don’t turn around and spit in our faces and tell us that we are infidels, and that you want to overturn our democratic system to replace it by the very system (shariah or Islamic law) that is brutalizing so many back in your country!!

May God bless and guide all of us to His truth!

Photo Muslim Protesting by ChrisPearce (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0).


  1. Dear Enza
    I'm portuguese, i've read a lot on islam, the Quran and History of Jhiad. I wish to congratulate you on your articles exposing the Islamist threat, particularly in Europe. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.
    Luis C.

    P. S. If yo're not married, marry soon and have several children.

  2. Dear Enza
    I'm Indian.I read your post. they seemed to be true.The same is happening here due to lot of illegal Bangladesh immigrants.They are attacking our brothers-Bodos of Assam and they are making shit of our country.But nothing is gonna happen to hindus here.