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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Londoners Sign Petition for Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation

Shocking but revealing.

Leyla Hussein, a Somali woman living in London who was subjected to female genital mutilation when she was seven in Somalia, has tried a macabre experiment to test how far the political correctness of the public in the British capital would go.

She asked shoppers to sign a petition supporting FGM, telling them she wanted to protect her “culture, traditions and rights”.

Ms Hussein astonishingly found that only one person out of 20 refused to sign her petition.

She said to the London Evening Standard:
“I kept using the word ‘it’s just mutilation’. They were like ‘yes, you are right’. How can anyone think that’s okay?”

...[P]ublic health minister Jane Ellison warned that vulnerable girls were being failed because people do not want to be seen as “culturally insensitive”.
This reminds me a bit of that notorious psychology experiment in which subjects were asked to administer electric shocks to other persons by someone whom they believed to be a scientist. Under test was the willingness of ordinary people, not particularly sadistic or cruel, to go along with the infliction of even severe pain on innocent human beings if the command was imparted by a figure in authority in a white coat if they thought that this could benefit science.

The pain was imaginary, no electric shocks were really given, but the subjects did not know that. Mostly, they obeyed the order to administer progressively stronger electric shocks, and continued even when the presumed victims, whom they could not directly see, were screaming.

Two are the great gods of our world, to whom everything must be sacrificed, as in the ancient pagan rites of human and animal sacrifices: science and political correctness.

Photo by Jonathon Narvey (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0).


  1. Leyla asked people to sign telling them she wanted to protect her “culture, traditions and rights”.

    The people signed because they wanted to SUPPORT Muslim culture. When people know that something is wrong and hurts innocents but SUPPORT that wrong, it is very dangerous for society.

    Britain is a non-Muslim CHRISTIAN country. Muslims can keep their culture, traditions and rights in their OWN 56 Muslim countries.

    The signers are the result of years of brainwashing against British culture, traditions and rights for Britons.

    I’m extremely PROUD of BRITISH culture. I’m extremely PROUD of Western civilization which is based on the Ten Commandments, the Torah and the Golden Rule stated by Jesus in the Bible:

    Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

    We must protect our beautiful Western culture and superior, merciful Western civilization.

  2. There is seemingly no limit to peoples' stupidity: Somewhere on YouTube is a video of a young man in America getting female 'college students' to sign a petition calling for the end of women's suffrage. Out of the scores of females he approached only one refused to sign, if I recall correctly.

  3. The Jews and their ritual mutilation of male infants created this climate for acceptance of barabaric cultural norms in England...No one is petitioning whether Jews should be able to continue their practice for fear that they would be jailed for incitement.

  4. What do you expect when you have people with a medieval mindset living in a 21st century western world. Why don't they take their barbaric culture back to the countries that tolerate them and wait a few centuries for their humanity to evolve, before leaving again.

  5. To the commenter, Anonymous:
    Circumcision is a Biblical command from God for Jewish males. It is radically different than the shocking and utterly EVIL mutilation of the female. God made the female perfect. Who will dare to DESTROY what God created? God made the male perfect. In America, Jews are a tiny minority but it is unthinkable to most parents to not circumcise their baby boys. Circumcision for baby boys is very strongly believed in, in America.
    Physical Aspects of Law of Circumcision

    In today�s world of science and technology, the laws of the Almighty are often ridiculed and maligned. Dr. S. I. McMillen, in his book, None of These Diseases, pages 85-96, demonstrates the wisdom of the Almighty in His laws of health, particularly circumcision. Circumcision among Israel did not derive from tribal taboos of a primitive and ignorant culture. Circumcision is a divinely revealed law of health. Dr. McMillen cites exhaustive scientific studies proving that God knew what He was talking about by requiring eight day old boys to be circumcised.
    Squamous-cell carcinoma (cancer of the penis) is almost unknown among males who have been circumcised. Female uterine cervix cancer has been linked to sexual relations with uncircumcised males. "Most experts," McMillen states, "feel that these cancers are caused by smegma, a filthy and foul-smelling paste of bacteria and dead cells trapped under the foreskin," (page 89).

    But why the eighth day? Did God know what He was doing? He sure did! After years of research, scientists have finally discovered that the age of eight days is the safest and best time to circumcise a male.

    At birth a baby�s intestines contain no bacteria. Between the fifth to seventh day of life, these bacteria begin to proliferate and produce the important vitamin K. This vitamin goes to the liver where it plays an important part in forming four different clotting proteins. If any one of these proteins is missing, serious bleeding may result . . . . One of the proteins dependent on vitamin K is called pro-thrombin . . . An average eight-day-old baby has more available prothrombin than on any other day of his life (McMillen, page 92)

    This is not a coincidence. It is proof of the validity of the Almighty�s laws. Even the manner of circumcision prescribed by God, flint knives (Joshua 5:2, margin), demonstrates the physical concern of our loving Creator for cleanliness. Such newly sharpened knives are practically sterile.